First trimester weight gain

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Honey bee
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Your weight will fluctuate, just listen to your body. The first trimester made me so exhausted also, and I felt nauseous for most of it. The second trimester was amazing, I had so much energy, went on long walks, etc. You’ll get your groove back and will be able to do some kind of exercise when you’re feeling better. Don’t feel guilty about eating more or the 7 pounds. If youre really concerned about your eating habits then speak with your obgyn and perhaps schedule a visit with a nutritionist to help you gage proper eating while pregnant. Congrats!!!

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Helper bee

I’m 11 weeks and have gained 10lbs. I went from working out 3-5 days a week to 0-2 a week out of sheer exhaustion. I haven’t had much nausea either, so I’ve packed on the pounds and feel huge already! Saw my Dr. Last week and she’s not concerned. She thinks in the next few weeks my energy levels should increase and I’ll be more inclined to be more active. Congrats BTW! 

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I can’t remember exactly, but I think I gained 15 pounds in the first 15 weeks. But I only ended up gained 33 total. I worried about my weight gain the whole time, but I think all you can do is eat healthfully, stay active, and trust your body. 

Also, I just wanted to note that running won’t hurt your baby if you’re conditioned for it from before you were pregnant and you have no other health issues. Obviously talk to your doctor, but exercise is extremely good for both mom and baby during a healthy pregnancy. 

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You’re quite thin…. gaining weight is an important part of growing a baby, especially for people with an underweight BMI! They’ll want you to gain 28-40 pounds. Hopefully you can come to terms with that. If not, think about seeing a counselor to discuss it. 

Running is just fine for the baby if you’re feeling up to it! I did for the first 5 1/2 months or so, then suddenly it killed my bladder!

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I am nine weeks pregnant and I have already gained nine pounds. I’m not concerned at all, all I want is a healthy baby. My activity level is not what it used to be but we still go for walks three to four times a week if I don’t feel exhausted but I still eu to go for a short fifteen minute walk everyday for my lunch

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I gained almost 40lbs while pregnant. I lost the weight within the first month with no extra effort (having a baby is exhausting enough!!) so don’t sweat it. Just make healthy choices and don’t eat for two cos it’s not needed. 

My baby was 7.8lbs at birth. 


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I gained 50 lbs with my first and am trying not to go that route again. So personally I’m trying to keep my weight a little more in check this time.

That being said since you were underweight it’s normal to gain weight to support the pregnancy.

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i gained 1lb with my 1st and lost 1lb with my 2nd in the first tri.

listen to your body.  continue to eat healthy and move as much as you can.

i swam a lot when i was pregnant with my first.  my exercise for #2 was running after a toddler.

btw, running isn’t going to harm the baby.

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Busy bee
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Hey OP, have you talked to your doctor? As a general rule I think continuing exercise that you did regularly prior to getting pregnant is OK as long as you don’t go crazy. It isn’t surprising to me to see that weight gain in someone who has greatly reduced their exercise and started eating more…and like you said you’re in a normal range for someone who isn’t pregnant. I do think you should talk to your doctor and find exercises you’re both comfortable with for the duration of your pregnancy though!

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Sugar bee
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zebra10 :  I gained loads in my first pregancy because I was basically on bed rest from 27 weeks and craved chocolate oranges. It took me ages to lose the weight after (was almost there and got pregnant again)

This time I have not been able to exercise beyond gentle walking but I am returning to my yoga class this week (I am 20 weeks)

The general rule is if you could do it before you can do it while, especaially for things like running or swimming. As you move through your pregnancy you might find you can’t do as much. You will get more breathless as baby grows (normal as your internal organs shift to make way for baby) and you need to be careful of sprains and strains with things like yoga due to the relaxin. When you get much further along you might find running becomes uncomfortable as baby put pressure on your pelvis or bladder.

But as it is – just do what you feel able to do.

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I did the whole “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” thing my entire pregnancy. Unfortunately my version consisted of gas station hot dogs for breakfast and chicken fried steak for dinner. 3 months PP kiiiiiinnnda wish I would have maybe tried to be just a smidgen more healthy during pregnancy. But alas, I fell into the trap of “What I’m doing is working and baby is healthy! Let’s not stop just in case.”

But I was also at my biggest when I got pregnant. If I was your size I would have been downing shots of crisco.

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zebra10 :  you are going to be winded during workouts or shit even just a regular walk across the room because the space for your lungs to expand keeps getting smaller so no, don’t follow that rule because it honestly doesn’t apply to you. Just workout as long as you feel up to it, if something doesn’t feel right then stop; for instance I was doing leg presses with a supervised trainer and I had to stop and I felt way too much pressure on my cervix. He modified my training sessions going forward to not include squatting very low and I had no other issues after that. I worked out till I was 35 weeks in the gym and then only walked because my body couldn’t handle the gym anymore. 

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Buzzing bee

If your dr isn’t concerned, then there’s not reason to be concerned. I have been sensitive about my weight gain and body image during my pregnancy and my dr just suggested walking 30-45min 5x a week until the end of pregnancy or until he tells me to stop, which I’ve been doing and just ignoring any negative comments that people love to throw out there to pregnant women.

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