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Busy bee
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I didn’t gain much in my first trimester with any of my kids!  I had morning sickness with all of them and had to really work on eating!  Like you, I was afraid they weren’t getting enough because I was constantly vomiting the 1st tri., but they all came out healthy between 3 to 3.5 kilos.  Also, during the first tri., you have a lot of bloat! 

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It really won’t matter too much at this point. I had so much nausea with my second, that I like you was constantly snacking.Make sure you let your doctor know how you’ve been feeling and it really won’t be a big deal.Just make sure you are making your snacks as healthy as you can. I did a lot of crackers and cheese and fruit. Everything usually evens out in the end, some people gain in the begining and some gain in the end. With my first I gained over 30 pounds, and the second when I was eating all the time I gained 20 pounds, so don’t worry about it too much.

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 DON’T worry about weight gain! If you started out at a healthy BMI then your body already knows what its doing. Your weight is going to be a yo-yo from now till delivery. My first pregnancy I lost 10 in the first, gained 20 in the second and about 10 up until delivery. As long as your eating right then your body will automatically do what it needs to for the baby and yourself. Your starting to retain water, nutrients and other fats for your baby. NOT you! The only reason why alot of woman don’t gain in the first trimester is because of morning sickness. If your not having any yet then soak up this time!!! Lucky you! I had it horrible!

 Your fine, your growing a baby! Congrats!!! Its a wonderful time! You have your whole life as a woman to worry about weight. Let this be your worryless time and keep eating healthy!! =)

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Busy bee
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My OB told me that ideal weight gain during the first tri is about 3 to 5 pounds and then about a pound a week starting with the second tri.  I ended up losing about 10 pounds the first tri and gaining about 15 pounds the second tri (third tri starts next week).  Basically, your body will do its thing without too much effort from you.  Take your prenatal, make sound food choices (you only need like an extra 300 calories for baby’s development), and you’ll be just fine.  Everyone’s weight gain/loss is different.  Don’t stress out about it.

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As long as you are eating healthy and getting an appropriate intake of calories, you don’t want to worry about it. It was hard for me because I felt like I was gaining in the 1st timester too, and I had to work to overcome my desire to cut back and “diet”. For someone with weight issues, it’s hard to let go and let your body do what it needs to, but that is really just what you have to do. A few pounds in the 1st trimester will probably even out in the end.

I don’t weigh myself normally, but between my 1st and 2nd apts (about 9 wks and 13 wks) they thought I gained 13 pounds. They mentioned it during the appointment and the midwife checked in with me about my diet, exercise and morning sickness. It ended up being mostly clothing weight (it had turned to fall and I didn’t take off my shoes for the 2nd apt like I did at the first), and at my 3rd appointment my weight gain overall was only 4-5 pounds.

Just talk to your ob, try to make healthy food choices, and try to stay in a healthy zone for calorie intake each day. Don’t try to diet or cut back without talking to your ob, unless you are eating junk food and taking in way too many calories daily.

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I get very nauseous if I don’t eat – like panicky, nauseous get-out-of-my-way-I-must-eat!

And sometimes when I get like that I can only eat certain things – sometimes not the best things for me but I figure it’s better to eat something – anything! – at times like that.

Other than getting nauseous from NOT eating I haven’t been having morning sickness either.  I think it’s best to eat what you can keep down, make it nutritious as much as possible and stay hydrated.  Like others have said don’t worry too much about the weight gain.  I was overweight before I got pregnant, I’m 13 weeks tomorrow (with twins!) and still wearing all my regular clothes so I’m hoping my first trimester has been a good start!

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I gained 30 pounds in 3 months the first time I was pregnant (I ended up miscarrying). It was pretty awful. I wanted to puke at the thought of anything except carbs, and I always had to be eating or again, wanted to puke. So I ate carbs constantly for 3 months straight. I called to ask my doctor about it b/c they say don’t gain too much weight, and I didn’t know what to do about it, but she said not to worry and just try to eat healthy.


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Sugar bee

The first trimester seems like a roll of the dice.  I’ve heard everything from people losing weight to gaining lots.  

I was the same way as you and never got morning sickness but felt sick to my stomach if it was empty.  I didn’t gain anything my first two months and them bam in my third month gained 5 lbs.  

The doctor just told me everyone puts on weight differently and didn’t seem concerned at all about 5 lbs in one month.  Don’t worry about a few pounds, a lot of it might even be water weight, I felt so bloated my first couple months.

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Bumble bee

I gained 20 lbs my first trimester… NOT healthy. Don’t follow my lead, I gained 80 lbs total.

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Sugar bee
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I’ve gained 5 lbs. But I was also someone who would skip meals if I was busy or have a pop tart for lunch because it was in my desk drawer so I started eating more regular/healthy meals when I found out I was pregnant.

I think most of the weight gain is from eating more normally as it’s leveled off for the past few weeks. Also I’d get nauseated if I didn’t eat something so I ate more often and didn’t have the energy to work out like I used to, plus I probably gained 3 lbs of boobs!

I wouldn’t stress about it too much – I think the problem comes when women see pregnancy as a pass to eat whatever they want, especially unhealthy stuff. Plus starting body weight may have a lot to do with it, underweight women may gain a little more, while women who are overweight may not gain as much. Just keep in mind books are just compliations of the “average” experience – every woman is different – it’s best that you are healthy for YOU not for an average described in a book.

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I think all women are different.  Leah Remini from King of Queens gained about 80 lbs.  Do you remember her on that show.  And she is a tiny little thing.  I would just talk to your doctor about diet.  Diet is quailty of quantity sometimes.  If you eat quality then your body wont crave quantity. 

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I think I gained a couple of pounds the first trimester and I know I’ve been steadily climbing now in the second trimester because I feel heavier.  But you know what?  I don’t weigh myself, I just leave that to the nurses when I go in for my appointments.  I’ve come to learn that looking at the number going up and up will only stress me out, so I’m just letting my body what it needs to do and tell me what it needs.  So far evertime I go in for an appointment they tell me I’m right on track.  Everyone is different and the “average” weight gain is just that, an average.

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Busy bee
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I’m with Camrie, I think I gained about three pounds in my boobs alone.

My first pregnancy (which ended right around the end of the first trimester/ start of second trimester) I gained 10 lbs because I felt so sick I sat on the couch eating carbs as often as possible. This time, I think I only gained about 2 lbs first trimester since I was eating better and exercised regularly for about the first 10 weeks (then I got hit-by-a-truck tired again). My OB is basically of the “do whatever you need to to get through that first trimester” mindset (within reason)- if you need to eat carbs every two hours to stay sane and less sick, and so you end up gaining 5 or 10 lbs, who cares? Especially if you’re attentive to diet (not dieting, but just eating healthy) and exercise, you can level out later on in pregnancy.

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