(Closed) First trimester – what am I in for?

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Everyone has different experiences, but I currently work full-time and attend grad school full-time; I’m also 32 weeks pregnant with baby #2, and I have a toddler to chase around in the evenings/weekends.  🙂  I put in probably 15-20 hours of schoolwork during the week, doing most of that on the nights and weekends, and I haven’t found it too difficult, yet!

First trimester is definitely challenging, especially if you suffer a lot from morning sickness or exhaustion.  Generally, though, I’ve found that good time management skills and a supportive partner go a long way.  My husband does basically all of our household chores (although i usually cook dinner each night and try to do a load of dishes here and there).  He’s also in charge of getting our daughter ready before work in the morning and putting her to bed at night, which frees me up quite a bit.  Otherwise, I just try to stay focused on my goals, and I’m able to handle it ok. 

My best advice is to do as much work as you can, when you feel well.  Definitely there’s nights/weekends when I just want to lounge around and do nothing, but if I feel good, I force myself to do schoolwork.  That way, I can take a day off here and there when I really need it without getting behind.  All this to say, it’s totally possible, although not always easy!

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I think it completely depends on how your body reacts to pregnancy, and you won’t know that until you get pregnant. My first trimester was rough– I was constantly nauseous (to the point it was hard to concentrate), I was insanely exhausted and had a lot of bad headaches. But, that being said, I still worked a VERY full time job– not 9-5 office hours, but I worked until 7 pm at the earliest, usually 8 or 9 pm. And I also manage a volunteer program OUTSIDE of work, about 5 hours a week. There were times when I left the office at 8, and had to do more work from home. Was I tired? Absolutely. Did I sneak naps in my car in the middle of the day? Yes. Did I use the weekend to catch up on sleep? Yes– I was super busy on the weekends as well, but did manage to sleep in or squeeze in a nap.

So it was doable for me. And I know that people are MUCH busier than me, with an older child, or a second job or something else going on. 

You just never know how your body is going to handle pregnancy.

You could be the absolute opposite, where you sail through the first trimester with very few symptoms. 

I’m not sure that i would wait until NEXT July (July 2013) just because of this course. Because once you get through that, you will always have things that keep you busy. But that’s just my opinion. That’s a decision you will hve to make with your husband. Is there a way that he can help with more of the household chores or errands if you do get pregnant and don’t feel so hot? That might help as well. 

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As the other ladies said it’s different for everyone. 

I had a horrible first tri. I lost 25lbs from having all day sickness. I slept approx 14 hours per day. I own my business and had previously worked 70hours per week or so. I was unable to continue that schedule and had to rely on others in order to get things done. I also ended up on bed rest from pushing myself too hard, so that stunk.

As Mrs. Spring without my husband I don’t now what would have happened. He has cooked, cleaned, done all the laundry, etc. If he wasn’t so supportive our house would look like an atomic bomb hit it. It’s not perfect, but it’s not embarassing to have people stop by lol. 


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I worked full time (cafe manager) and was enrolled in school full time (final semester of my BA) during my first trimester. I was out of the house about 15 or 16 hours a day. It sucked, of course, but I knew that it would all be over with shortly. I slept A LOT during the weekends.

By 14 weeks I had ridiculously high blood pressure and was put on bed rest at 20 weeks.

I can’t say that the blood pressure was due to the high amount of stress I was under or if it was just genetics/my body.

I really think that you can do whatever you put your mind to. I had pretty bad nausea, but not bad enough that I would have to get up in the middle of class to puke. I made sure I always had snacks with me and I was constantly chewing papaya enzyme.


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Congratulations on the program, that sounds awesome. I think it’s great you are following your dream. I’d echo what the other ladies said, that it’s tough to know for certain until you’re pregnant, because everyone responds differently. I would honestly say the third trimester has been tougher for me than first, despite being nauseous 24/7 during the first. Sure, I was tired, but it was manageable. Now, I’m literally so uncomfortable and miserable I don’t know how I can get through these last 2 weeks of work… but, I will. And I’ve been working >40 hours/week and it’s all worked out. So personally I’d suggest not waiting if you want to have kids before a certain time. (You also never know how long it will take you to get pregnant). And if it doesn’t go well, or it’s not going well, you can then make decisions about putting things on hold. good luck!

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It’s so hard to know how you will feel!

I actually was one of the lucky ones who felt pretty good in the first trimester – I was never really nauseous and never had extreme fatigue.  I was more tired than usual, but it wasn’t bad.  The only annoying symptom that I had was extreme hunger – constantly.  I work full time+ – about 50-60 hours a week and I managed just fine. 

Good luck!

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You need to play it by ear and see how you feel as you go along…  most people dont feel that great in their 1st tri but some breeze through it easily.. so you never know

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