(Closed) FI's mates pranked him…now he has no hair! should I be mad? : /

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Bumble bee

Wow they seriously crossed a line. You don’t fuck with someone’s hair or face or whatever less then a month before the wedding.

I wouldn’t call peopl like that friends frankly.

The getting tied up and food thrown, not so bad. But leaving someone there for HOURS covered in DIESLE greese and with his pants down? Thats WAY over the line. Thats like assault vs a silly joke over the line.

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Honey bee
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You are entitled to feel however you want, but really, it’s your FI’s problem to rectify. If his friends crossed his boundaries, it’s his job to put those people in their place. They may take the message from him better than from you, considering they personally violated him, and left him out there for HOURS. You on the other hand, they may mistake your anger at them as being upset that he is missing hair, and it’s going to ruin your wedding photos. Know what I mean?

I’d be very irritated that they did that to my Fiance, and left him out unattended in the elements with junk on him, and half naked for hours. That can’t be healthy, and my poor husband is pale to the point where he burns in a matter of minutes. I understand how you’re feeling. But trust your Fiance to handle it properly amongst his “friends.”

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Busy Beekeeper
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I don’t think you can uninvite them, but that is NOT okay. They were obviously not thinking of the repercussions for your Fiance – like looking strange in his own wedding potentially. Darling Husband would have been furious and I probably would have given his friends a piece of my mind as well. Like WTF were you thinking? Ultimately it’d be his issue to handle though. His eyebrows, too? :/ 

And if someone so much as TRIED to screw with how I looked just three weeks until my wedding, you betcha I’d be a raging b*tch. Glad you weren’t there or this story could be even more horrifying.

P.S. That just sounds pretty gross. For HOURS? And diesel grease is nasty (obviously the other things are, too, but that one seems that skin sensitivity could come into play.)

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Bumble bee
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That totally sucks, and I am sorry that happened to you. It sounds like those guys went too far, and I definitely dont think you’re overreacting at all about the situation, it was rude for them to make a public display out if it.. for hours no-less. 


However, I dont know if I would uninvte them. Whether or not they meant to be aholes, it may have been a prank that just went too far and they didnt realize the severity of it until well.. mayb not even now. Why dont you try simple explaining to them that this is an important day for the both of you, for the rest of your lives and that their actions caused both of you distress and that youd like an apology. If theyre men theyll suck it up and apologize, otherwise you and your Fiance need to decide who you want to stay friends with (because if you uninvite people, you might lose the friendship.)


Again, im sorry. Keep your head up, most men look sexy with a shaved head anyways!

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Bumble bee
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You have every right to be pissed!

I’m afraid he’ll be rocking short hair for the wedding.  But with his eyebrows, rub rogaine on them.  It’ll come back in quick.

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Helper bee
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I’d be PISSED. You have every right to feel what you feel. This actually reminds me of a How I Met Your Mother wedding episode. But anyway, I definitely wouldn’t be happy either if I were in your shoes. They cannot come out and say that you’re a total bridezilla because of it. THEY are the ones that did that to your Fiance.

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Helper bee
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I would be livid! I’d also make sure everyone was giving them shit for it. Post your FI’s pic on facebook with the story, let their families, gf, etc give them hell. If it were my Fiance I’d just call his mom and gran upset and they would take care of it. They’d probably have the whole town at his friends doors with pitchforks within the hour lol.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@StuporDuck:  Agreed. They wronged him, so he should decide what happens. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Using grease was a stupid mistake. But leaving him for hours was more than a stupid mistake, it was irresponsble. I agree they crossed the line.

I agree uninviting is an appropriate response, but it’s got to come from Fiance. If he uninivtes them, I suspect he risks losing friends. So it’s a hard decision, I’m sorry this has happened but it’s up to him.

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Busy bee
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How horrible!  I agree with other bees that good natured pranking can be all in good fun, but that crossed the line.

Unfortuately the consquences with his “friends” are up to him, and best dealt with by him.  Although I can say without a doubt I’d be giving each one a very calm, rational, pointed piece of my mind!  “This X is what you did that was wrong, this Y is why it was wrong, and it’s caused us to worry about Z… how can you seriously think that was funny or good natured fun?”

HOURS tied and pants down… and the worst the grease… if I were Fiance I’d do the above and if they didn’t profusely apologize sincerely and act like they meant it… I’d tell them where to go on my wedding day!

At least 3 weeks hair doesn’t look horrible on most guys and hopefully his eyebrows will be back by then!  Good luck!  Let us know how it goes.

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Bumble bee
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Just leave them alone, his eyebrows will be back in three weeks (says the victim of an overzealous plucking accident.)

Why the hell was there diesel grease in his *eyebrows*? (Or anywhere on his body for that matter.) He’s lucky he’s not blind for his wedding. Those guys are jackholes. 

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