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Busy bee
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Honestly, I have eaten lots of deli meat throughout my pregnancy. During the first trimester I was quite diligent about making sure I cooked it first but now I have given up on that! There is so much that ‘they’ tell you not to eat and I think its rediculous! Yes, there is a chance of bacteria etc but I think the chance is small. Im sure the put it on the bad list just to be safe. In my opinion if you have any doubt then skip it. 

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Bumble bee
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@jholler25:  I am a vegetarian but I do eat fish. I guess that’s not a vegetarian I know there is another name for what I technically am but I never remember what it is. Anyways to my point I only eat fish as my source of meat and it has been really hard to keep it to 2x a week. My doctor told me I could eat it more then 2x a week as long as it has low mercury levels. She just said to be smart about it and use good judgement. Deli meat is fine to eat as long as it is warmed. I have stayed away from all fish with higher mercury levels.

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Helper bee
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I just chose to avoid deli meat. The thought of heating it up grosses me out to no end. I’d love a Cuban since we’ve got a lot of great Cuban restaurants in my area, but can wait a few more months to enjoy one. In terms of fish, I keep it to twice a week if that. I had a bite of swordfish which is an avoided fish for pregnancy. That’s about the biggest no no I’ve done since getting pregnant.

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Helper bee
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I’ve eaten (cold) deli meat throughout my entire pregnancy. My midwife actually made the recommendation that if it meant getting lean proteins into me, that I should go for it. If you’re getting quality deli meats, it’s not the meat itself that’s the problem. Its the potential for bacteria like listeria. If your meat is coming from a reputable source and it’s fresh, it’s likely fine. When you think of it, you run the risk of finding listeria in produce too (ex. that whole cantaloupe recall), yet we’re encouraged to eat all the fruits and veggies we can stomach.

I eat things like fish/seafood in moderation. I would have the Lobster. Then maybe the next week I would ease off a little.

I mean obviously listen to the advice of your health care provider, this is just my personal take on things. I personally feel there’s so much fear and guilt forced on pregnant women, but when you really look at the facts… a lot is unfounded or exagerated.

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Honey bee
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@jholler25:  I don’t eat enough fish to know, but with the deli meat the rule of thumb is to heat it until it’s steaming, so if it’s toasted, it should be just fine. And like LAGS said, trust your judgement, if it’s from a reputable source, it’s probably fine.

I’d go nuts if I followed every single rule to a T, I just do things in moderation. If I have to have a turkey sandwich, I do…and I don’t steam if first (because it grosses me out). Same with soft serve, or runny eggs, or good brie, or the occasional half glass of wine (like twice a month, maybe). I just have them every now and then. And I have a cup of coffee every morning. 

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Bee Keeper
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Everything in moderation. 2 servings is an average recommendation. Some weeks I get zero fish servings, when I was in Florida for a week-long vacation I ate fish (fish, shrimp, Florida lobster, clams/mussels, etc) almost every day. Just choose low mercury fish and you’ll be fine.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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You can have 6oz portion of lobster up to 6x per month on top of your 2 fish servings per week 🙂 

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Buzzing bee
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I have been totally staying away from deli meat…like someone else mentioned, the thought of steaming it first totally grosses me out.  Then what happens once it cools again?  I’d just rather avoid it all together.

As for the seafood, if you steer clear of the ones with high mercury levels, then I think you’re fine.  just (obviously) stay away from raw fish, too.

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Helper bee
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What about chicken that was probably frozen, such as in a salad at a restaurant like Panera or Subway?

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Bumble bee
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I always thought it was 2 servings/wk of higher mercury fish like canned tuna, etc.  And other whitefish I haven’t really worried about my intake so much.  Tilapia is super low mercury, so I’ll often have it or something similar 2-3 times per week along with some crab another night.  For me, getting the protein (and omegas) is way more important. 

As others have said, I just heat my lunchmeat in the microwave.  I have a turkey sandwhich maybe 2-3x/week for lunch.  Again, as long as it’s cooked, the protein is just too important to give up.

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Honey Beekeeper
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@MissMusic:  The chicken should be fully cooked before you eat it so I doubt that there is much of a risk.  Just make sure to cook chicken fully to avoid E coli.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Lunch meat needs to be heated up to a certain point because it can harbor bacteria that causes miscarriages. While you *probably* won’t be affected, it’s so easy to just not go there. If you’re thoroughly toasting the sandwich it should be ok.

The issue with fish is heavy metal accumulation. Most fish are very high in metals (bioaccumulated via pollution and some natural sources). That gets passed onto the fetus and through your breast milk (it is stored in your body fat that gets used in milk). Hence limiting it to twice per week. Eating it three times a week once in a while isn’t going to hurt much, just don’t make it a habit.


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Busy bee
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I eat lunch meat probably 3-4 times a week, and I don’t always heat it first. And I eat a dried fish in a sauce 4 times a week. My baby has been growing and developing on schedule, and I’m really not worried about it.

You have to do what you think is best. If eating the lobster is going to make you freak out for days to come, skip it. If it’s not a big deal in your mind, then I say go for it.

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