(Closed) Fishing for Compliments and I’m not Biting…(VENT)

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I’m guessing that it’s pretty intentional on her part.

Ex: You lose 23lbs so you say you lost 25. All the compliments would be soo motivating.

Like, “yay, 25lbs, that’s awesome!” Not that 23 isn’t, since it’s practically the same… 

But yeah, I think she’s in the “thriving off of positive feedback” stage. Posting on FB makes people compelled to comment, so she’s basically using it to her advantage. 

It’s attention seeking obviously and super annoying when you know it’s a load of BS (don’t worry, I’ve got people like that on FB too), so I’m not condoning it. I’m just inclined to think that’s probably why.


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@Treejewel19:  ahhhhhhhh…this is going to be such a fun ride for you!

I had a friend who lost 65lbs in one year!!!! It was awesome & great and she looked great but OMG I wanted to kill myself all year! All she ever did was “I lost XX lbs, I am practically a size 0 now…” Dude, you’re still a size 8 (which is wonderful). It drove me insane. Oh and I had to just stop reading her statuses on FB because they made her sound like a looney.

It even got to the point where she would ask to borrow my clothes (i’m a 0) and she would    not be able to fit them so she’d return them & say that they aren’t cute (why’d you borrow them then?). It got crazy…….but finally a year later she’s like a 2? and she finally feels good about herself and has STOPPED the INSANITY and fishing for compliments with lies….ahh

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These people need the attention and are never going to stop. My best friend is a size 0/2 and constantly makes comments like “Well I need to go to the gym and burn off all the crap I ate today or I’m gonna look even fatter” and “Omg look at all this skin I can grab (on her stomach, and it’s VERY little, mind you)”. She does it all the time just so we say “Shut up, you are soooo skinny!” I have stopped feeding into it and literally don’t say anything or change the subject because yes it is very annoying. Sadly, this lady sounds like she needs the attention and isn’t going to stop.

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Oy, what a piece of work!  I actually kind of feel sorry for her, though.  She’s so desperate for attention and validation that she’s resorted to making herself look ridiculous.  However, feeling sorry for her still wouldn’t stop me from wanting to hang myself everytime she starts in on her self-promotion parades.  What I do with people like this is I hit the “hide” button on the facebook newsfeed so I can’t see their updates anymore.  In person, when she starts up these conversations, just redirect the conversation to a different topic.  Good luck!  

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This reminds me of people who go into therapy and make progress–which is great for them–but then their therapy becomes essentially all they can talk about and they keep bringing it up in conversation because they want some sort of recognition for addressing their struggles. 

It’s like, “What do you want? A cookie?” 

Maybe you should smile at her, and say, “Congratulations on winning weight loss!!”

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Wow I got fat after college, and lost fifty pounds the last thing I was doing while trying to get the weight off was to put any more pressure on myself by sharing it with fb, some people. I bet she is combination of shameless and shameful it’s would be a hard charade to keep up and she probably is yo yoing at least that what I I think from what you said so far.

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Honestly, Ive told people that I find it uncomfortable when they talk about their diets around me. I dont wanna hear it. Being more healthy, sure. But not diets and how little they are eating etc.

I would just tell her that you dont want to hear it. It makes you uncomfortable.

Clearly she is insecure.

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It sounds like she has a problem, to be that obsessed with weight.  No matter what she was talking about, it would be annoying!  It sounds like her personality.

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annoying. I had a co worker like this and she drove me INSANE. 

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Annoying.  I had a girl from high school find me on FB and ask me how I was doing.  I responded with the requisite pleasantries and returned the question.  Her next question was.. “Notice anything different?!?! What do you think?!?!!?!?”

I seriously hadn’t said a word to this girl in 8 years, and we weren’t close in high school.  We played on the same softball team for middle school.  She had lost a lot of weight, but I was immediately turned off of congratulating her because of this. 

Don’t bite, and continue to support her efforts quietly.  She needs to find confidence in her own accomplishments, or that weight will come right back.

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