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I’m starting a private FB group of about 15 people for support and motivation.  I’d like to lose about 50lbs by August.  Message me if you’d like more details.  

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@StormAL:  I am beginning a healthy lifestyle journey for my wedding next year and I would love to be a member in the motivational/encouraging  messages if possible! πŸ™‚

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@StormAL:  I would very much like to join that group! I have been on a “Fat-to-Fit” misson for almost three years now and I am 20 lbs away from my goal!

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@BushelAndAPeck:  Do you have a gym membership? Or are you going to do this at home?

Here’s my honest-to-god recommendation since it’s the first time you’ve ever worked out: hire a personal trainer. Gyms are usually linked up with personal trainers; most personal trainers can work with even a small budget and can do a small group personal training session for cheap.

I do NOT want you to hurt yourself by doing an exercise incorrectly/ineffectively. It is worth it. 

I just trained a group of my girlfriends after last year, most of them had never worked out before. They were doing all of the exercises wrong, no one had ever shown them how to do the exercises they were trying to do correctly. Even the ones that had worked out, weren’t doing them right. It is worth it to have someone teach you how to do exercises right, until you have it down to correct muscle memory.

Pinterest is a ZOO of information for healthy food recipes, workout plans, etc. that I use to shake up my routines. 

Get rid of all the crap junk food, ice cream, chips, etc from the house. All of it. Only bring healthy food into your house. You can’t eat it if it’s not within easy reach! Easiest diet tip ever. 

Put whipped yogurt in the freezer, it tastes like ice cream when it’s frozen! Yum!

Drink a lot of water, it helps with the cravings.

Feel free to always ask me questions!


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Lift weights!!!!! If you have Instagram, look up all the fitness clean eaters and weight lifters on there – they have amazing before and after pictures, and some are just through lifting weights (no or limited cardio) but a mix of both is perfect πŸ˜€ it won’t make you bulky I promise! Clean eating and lifting seems to be the quickest and healthiest way at the mo πŸ™‚ goodluck!

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@BushelAndAPeck: Yay! I’m glad your mom’s gym has a free trainer! That will help out a lot.

If you like southern cooking, you can find a *healthier* version of pretty much every recipe on pinterest. I don’t have a clue about a website for grocery lists. I also subscribe to Cooking Light magazine, I’ve found some AWESOME recipes there that I would’ve never tried browsing the internet.

Every Sunday I get my computer out and cookbooks, and go through healthy recipes that my SO and I both will eat (he’s picky). Then I put my grocery list together based on that. That’s what works for us. We pretty much eat the exact same breakfast daily. I have yogurt and granola, he has scrambled eggs and toast.

Your plan of strength training/cardio 3 days, yoga 2 days sounds great! Have you taken a yoga class before where an instructor corrects your form? It’s worth it to take a few real life yoga classes to make sure you’re doing the stretches properly. 

Yoga is not going to burn a lot of calories. Pilates, on an intermediate level, will burn 180 calories in a half hour. Yoga (Hatha) will burn approximately 115 calories in a half hour. Grocery shopping for a half hour will burn 100 calories. Jogging at the level 6 (10 minute mile) on a treadmill for 30 minutes, will burn 300 calories.

Don’t get me wrong, yoga has great health benefits/stress reduction, for flexibility, and for stretching muscles on days when you’re sore. I just wouldn’t use it as the core to your workout regimen when you’re trying to lose weight. Use yoga as a supplement.

It’s all up to you, how fast you want to lose it and how much time you have/are willing to dedicate to fitness a week. 

This is pretty much the basics of healthy eating:


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I love My Fitness Pal to track calories and fitness. I also hear FitBits are awesome for tracking steps and calories. I just got a Bullet which makes smoothies with lots of recipes. There’s lots of exercise regimens on Pinterest, google, SparkPeople, etc. Good luck!

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P.S. Here’s some information to get you free smoking cessation patches and/or lozenges. I think you’re in Arkansas.


One of the most important calls a tobacco user can make is to the Arkansas Tobacco Quitline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669). It is confidential, and it is free.

When tobacco users call, they will receive:

  • Free, confidential, non-judgmental expert support from a Quit Coach® to help make a plan to quit tobacco.
  • Ongoing Quit Coach® support via phone or online, tailored to the specific needs of all tobacco users, including smokeless tobacco users. Women who are pregnant are eligible for a specialized cessation program with additional benefits.
  • Unlimited access to Web Coach™, an interactive, online community that offers tools to quit, social support and information about quitting.
  • Customized, motivational e-mails sent throughout the quitting process.
  • Help with identifying the best cessation aid, as well as dose and duration. Some aids can be mailed directly to the tobacco user’s home, including free patches and lozenges (while supplies last).
  • Referral to local community resources and/or benefits offered through employers or health plans.
  • Printed Quit Guides – a series of workbooks that offer guidance and support throughout the quitting process.

The Arkansas Tobacco Quitline is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. 

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@BushelAndAPeck:  First off, congratulations on quitting smoking – that’s a huge accomplishment! πŸ˜€

I need to get back on track too.  Last year I was pretty good about working out but because of some sad events I kind of lost motivation and stopped working out.  I also stopped eating as healthy as I used to. >.<

I used to be a cardio junkie – I’ve lost significant weight from doing lots of cardio alone.  But I’ve become burnt out and bored from that, so I’m starting to get into weight training.  My SO is all about lifting and has been encouraging me to do so for a while.  Focusing on strength is good because it increases your metabolism so that you can eat more and if, goodness forbid, you fall off track, you will have more leeway and regain weight more slowly.  Plus being strong = self sufficiency in real life, as I’ve read recently on Facebook.  So I’m planning to do strength training plus a little bit of cardio until I reach my fitness goals, and then after I’ll just focus more on strength.  Good luck! πŸ˜€

@StormAL:  I’d also love to join! πŸ˜€

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I use MyFitnessPal for calories.  I also have a Cooking Light subscription, which I love.

I would join a gym.  I don’t like to workout at home and though I love to do things outdoors (run, bike)…I can’t do those 5 days a week especially in the summer heat and winter when it’s dark at 5pm.  So having access to a gym is important to me.  I would set aside a time for it and make yourself go.  I know that I am going to workout at least 4 weekdays a week and I go right after work.  5:30pm-6:30pm is when I workout.  On the weekends I like going anytime from 8am to 2pm.  You have to make it a priority.  At least for one month, once you start seeing results it’s easier to keep going. 

Cardio is my favorite, so I do cardio every time I workout.  Then I do less of it and include strength training a few days a week.

Also I would try out different things to see what you enjoy the most.  No one wants to workout doing something they hate.  Try running, biking, hiking, elliptical, stairmaster, various classes, personal training, etc until you figure out what you like the best.  Also, a lot of gyms have random fitness magazines around…I used to read a lot of those when I first started.

If you don’t like traditional cadio, you might look into some more of the strength-based training programs (like crossfit).

Don’t buy junk food and cook your own meals at home.  If you don’t buy it, it’s not there for you to eat.

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I’m looking to lose 50# by May. I’m removing 2 meals a day (breakfast and dinner) and drinking a Shaklee 180 shake (protein and vitamin enriched) or eating a meal bar. I am eating a full, healthy lunch. The system ensures you’re getting your nutrition and isn’t just fillers. It’s sort of pricey, but w/ so much less $$ on food, it evens out. Comes with snack bars, energizing teas and vitamins.


I’ve also increased my water intake to 10 glasses a day and I’ve been going to the gym to do cardio and weights.


Most gyms offer a free one-time w/ a trainer so you can see how you like it (they are trying to get you to sign up with one). So, if you’re self motivated, you could just take notes and do the routine he shows you on your own for a little while. I’m going to get a trainer about 3 months prior to my wedding to finalize toning. I want to have lost most of the weight before paying a trainer. I need to get into a decent shape first so I can justify paying the trainer help me with the toning part…or I’d feel like I was wasting my money. 

BTW-Classes are great too! Did my first spinning (biking) class this morning at 5:45 and loved it! 

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i personally love taking group classes at the gym, but if i cant get to the gym or i dont feel like it, i use blogilates.com. i just discovered this website a few months ago and its AMAZING! she will send you workout schedules based on the numerous videos she has posted online. and it’s 100% FREE(!) which is the best part. she also posts tons of healthy and non-boring dishes that are cheap and easy to make. i highly recommend checking it out πŸ™‚

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