Fitness bees: have any of yall had a body fat test done?

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Certain body fat composition tests can have a really high margin of error sometimes (i.e. caliper test).

Do you have access to get a hydrostatic weighing test? They’re usually a lot more accurate, but can sometimes be difficult to access if you don’t have a lab nearby. Check out the kinesiology/human kinetics lab at your local university. But they usually have a cost with them as well. 

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I’ve heard that the taller you are (and 5’9” is fairly tall for a woman) the more inaccurate it is. I’m the same height as you and i’ve never not been overweight as an adult. Right now I’m actually overweight but even when I was very healthy/athletic/in shape, I was at a minimum overweight if not teetering into obese. Clearly you’re a healthy person, I wouldn’t put any stock into it!

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futuremrss17 :  in my experience, the best way to measure body fat is with calipers and it’s more about body composition versus body fat. A lot of body builders are obese by BMI which we all know is b.s. Some of the body fat scales are way off and if you are inconsistently measuring yourself with different scales/calipers you will get different readings.

And don’t forget about boob weight! I know it sounds silly but my body fat is around lets say 22% and I know a good chunk of that is boob fat because I have a 34D.

Remember ladies will always have more fat on them. 20% is EXCELLENT for your height and weight. Please don’t feel discouraged, you are doing great! This is coming from a student training for their NASM. You’re on the right track. A lot of people would be very happy with where you are, as regular peeps and fitness peeps. 

Keep smiling Bee!

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My trainer said those machines are inaccurate so don’t let that scare you. He was explaining how those machines lump both your nonessential and essential body fat into the calculation based on your weight so that the fat percentage is always higher. He is an athlete, used to be a cross country runner and now body builder, but those machines put him to obese level after he did it. I wouldn’t trust those machines’ result. 

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BMI or tests like that personally do me no good. I have had it taken so many ways such as hand held to standing on a scale that reads it accurately… to a chart on height and weight. All turn up saying essentially that I need to lose weight. 

And now, I do need to lose weight, but in the past I was in shape, thin as a rail, and not a thin “fat” and still was told to lose weight. So I would say, don’t feel down or discouraged. Especially if you feel good and feel like you look healthy. What is healthy (set BMIs) to a doctor is visually concerning to those around me. I look anorexic when I am within a “healthy” range. Which yes that is an offensive response… but its the response I get.

I guess my point is… even if it were “accurate” … doesn’t mean you are unhealthy… unless of course you ARE on a bunch of drugs for high blood pressure… diabetes.. etc. then yeah work on it. 

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i did the pod a few times.  i considered myself pretty fit when i did them. the first time, i did a lot more cardio.  when i incorporated a lot of weight/strength training, and then did it again, there was a difference.

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futuremrss17 :  you’re welcome! Yeah I would knock off a good amount for your blessings lol 

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futuremrss17 :  it sounds inaccurate based on the info you provided. Talk with your doctor if you are concerned about the readings. Only he or she is qualified to judge your health/numbers. Often times numbers don’t really tell us much because based on your height, weight, athletic habits, etc. you sound very healthy. Your doc will take more factors into consideration and tell you if you need to worry or not. 

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