(Closed) Fitness bees, what are your views on cheat meals?

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There’s a diet I’m trying to follow, called the cheat to lose, and it basically involves carb cycling. What it is is 2 days of week protein+ fat+ veggies only (no fruit) 2 days a week paleo + low glycemic carbs (fruit and beans), 2 days paleo+ high glycemic foods (ie oatmeal or potatoes), 1 cheat day (an entire DAY- three meals of cheating). And the guy who created this diet insists you need to cheat the entire day- he said people who were too afraid to use the whole day didn’t get as good of weight loss results as those who did.

The idea of an entire cheat day sounds pretty awesome but I fall off the wagon so much I’ve never gotten to it. I can’t get through the first two days. Believe me though, if I ever do, I have my entire cheat day planned out.

What I do instead is cheat a little each day. If I want chocolate, I’ll break a piece off this giant chocolate bar I have in the pantry (90% cocoa). It’s a little more bitter than regular chocolate, even dark, so about one tiny piece is really all I can take. I still eat cereal most mornings, just in small portions. I have pretty much given up on bread which was huge for me. I do have a handful of chips or crackers if I am absolutely craving them. Also, it was a birthday week at my office and I had a piece of chocolate cake and ice cream. Some people say cheating a little throws the rest of the day off track, but it’s how I do it. My weight loss has been slooooow (11 pounds in 5 months), but steady. I wish I could just quit everything at once, but I would be such a raging bitch it wouldn’t even be funny.

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I just have low calorie snacks that taste good to prevent me from having cravings. If I wait and have a cheat day, I go crazy, and sometimes eat way too much of something because I’ve been so “good”. I just like to do everything in moderation. But, I do track EVERYTHING, the good and the bad. I think you have to figure out what works for your body, and your mind! Whatever helps keep you motivated. I like to have chocolate 100 calorie snacks at my desk. They are prepackaged, so no temptation to binge, and I get my chocolate fix!

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I wouldn’t cut your cheat meal. Honestly it may be why you are losing so well. A cheat meal can keep your metabolism guessing a bit and help you not to plateau! Sounds like you are doing a great job, good luck! 

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I go by the 80/20 rule. I follow the Primal Blueprint eating philosophy 80% of the time, and allow myself freedom the other 20%. (I’m not trying to lose weight, I just follow Primal Blueprint because it’s a good solid health-eating plan.)

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@Jennawesbren:  That’s a good point, and I’ll start using it as my logic/excuse. 🙂

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@FutureMrs86:  I workout 4 days a week at a high intensity (Crossfit). Sundays, I have cheat days and I eat whatever I want.  I pretty much follow the Paleo diet the other 6 days, which is somewhat restrictive.  I have been doing it for a period of 2 months.  I was a size 12 and yesterday I fit into a size 10 pants. I make sure I drink my daily intake of water (8-10 glasses), even on cheat days. I think the quality of the foods you eat during the week matters to.   Cheat Days Rock!

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I used to have cheat meals once a week, but then I paid for it with bloating, heartburn, and overall heaviness. It wasn’t even a binge, just 2 slices of pizza or burger and fries and my stomach had trouble digesting all the extra crap. I decided that it’s not worth it and I pretty much lost the taste for junky food. Same with alcohol, even 1 drink and I feel sluggish the next day and can’t workout. So, I gave up drinking.

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There are a TON On articles and advice on cheat meals.  Cheat meals will actually help you with your dieting as it helps replenish whatever your body is lacking and makes it not get too used to your dieting style.  The important part is that ideally your cheat meal should replenish what you’re depriving it.  For example, if you’re doing a low carb/high protein diet your cheat meal shouldn’t be a steak but like a bowl of whole wheat pasta or soemthing.  Same thing for if its low fat do like homemade pizza or something.  The point is your cheat meal doesn’t have to be UNHEALTHY to address all the people who say they don’t feel good after it.  But it can be if its something you’re craving and will help you psychologically (i.e. stick to your diet and not binge).  I think overall cheat meals are good, and can be done properly for you.  

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