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Sugar bee
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It sounds to me like your protein and carb intake is not high enough. I’d try adding about 25 g of each per day into your diet. What are your daily meals like currently?

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Hmm, sometimes you need to shock your body, ie eating bad or a lot often speads up your metabolism so when you go back to eating good you loose weight, that is why they often suggest you have one cheat meal a week, if you are not loosing weight try to change somethng you are doing.

The amount of calories you are eating suggest you should be loosing weight, the fact that you are not is weird, if anything reduce your cals again or work out a bit more and see if you see a result.

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This isn’t uncommon – the 5 pounds are probably water weight.  When we work out hard and break muscles (weight training), our body has to repair the muscle back; well, it uses water to cushion the cells surrounding the muscle; so, there is a 2-1 water to muscle ratio when repairing cells.  When you go on vacation and don’t exercise, it allows your body to repair / rebuild the torn muscles and shed some of that water.  

It’s not a bad idea to periodize your training (3 week buildup in fitness/ intensity with 1 week mellow recovery focus).  You’ll almost always see your weight drop at the end of the mellow recovery week.  

The short story- If you are clearly losing fat but the scale isn’t dropping, some of that number will be the water needed to cushion muscle cells during repair.  

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I think you’re getting to little protein and too many carbs. It’s not just calories in versus calories out, it really does matter what those calories are made of.

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@nerdysarah:  THIS!

and your body can plateau, so as she said, taking a week “easy” will help your tired muscles fully recover ๐Ÿ™‚

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Helper bee

Also keep in mind that if you’re doing strenuous (sp?) activity and not eating enough calories (which, in my non-professional opinion sounds like might be the case) your body will stubbornly hold onto as much fat as possible.

When I started working out, I figured out my BMI on the internet and the added 300 calories to that thinking it would be enough. I remained the same weight for months and months even as my endurance and stregnth grew. I started thinking that I had some medical disorder that would prevent me from losing weight, but when I saw my Dr the first thing he told me was that I wasn’t eating enough. I added in another 400 calories and the weight literally melted off. Within 2 months I was UNDER my goal weight!

Just a thought.  I was also advised to eat mostly protein and veggies and not as many carbs.

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I agree that you might not be eating enough protein or food in general.  I don’t think your exercises only burn 250 calories, that seems like a really low estimate for intense exercise.


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You are probably not eating enough. Try to up your calories in lean protein (I’m also a vegetarian and use Field Roast profucts a lot to get protein) and vibrous vegetables. Avoid eating fat when the only other thing you are eating is carb-based. Pair the fat with a meal including protein. Don’t go crazy on the protein, though; most Americans, even vegetarians, eat too much protein, and too much won’t help either. I think 250 is a really low estimate for your calorie burn. I burn way more than that running 3 miles and I’m not that much heavier than you and I’ve got a ton of muscle mass.

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Honey bee
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MyFitnessPal is a great tool, but it’s got some funny ideas on things, including calorie counts in foods and calories burned during exercise. It might not be a bad idea to talk to a dietitian to get a more accurate count of your needs, and more scientific advice on food choices, then use MFP for only tracking calories consumed.

My dietitian made a big deal out of eating more carbs, not less. Beans, beans, beans! Totally against the conventional advice, but it’s made a huge difference!

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Sugar bee
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@abbyful:  +1, this would be my guess

It’s hard to say without seeing exactly what you do eat regularly versus what you ate on vacation

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Bumble Beekeeper
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You need more vegetables. By the time you get to dinner, you’ve usually only had some carrots. Get some green veggies in our diet. I often have a salad at breakfast. Some mixed greens, beets, and goat cheese is my favorite.

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@pfinarffle:  What did you eat on vacation, for comparison?

Honestly, I would never lose weight eating that many carbs & so few fats/proteins. Sure, you’re not gaining weight, because you’re consuming glucose & you’re running off glucose, but I still don’t find it’s optimal for weight loss. Also, soy milk affects hormone levels, and hormones are tied to weight gain/loss, particularly for women, so I really don’t think you’re doing yourself any favors, there. Have you considered switching to coconut milk (good for metabolism, high in healthy medium chain fatty acids) or almond milk? I also agree that more vegetables would be helpful…perhaps switching out some of your grain products for vegetables.

ETA: I am a big fan of Stevia, but Truvia (to my knowledge) is actually only part stevia, part sugar alcohol & anti caking agents. You’d get better results for stevia extract (or make your own!), although I don’t think Truvia is detrimental, just not optimal for the results you’re seeking.

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