(Closed) FLEAS!!!!!!! :'(

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EEK! Call your complex, explain what happened, and have them spray.

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We got fleas when we had two indoor cats!   I am convinced it was because we lived in an apartment building where a couple of dogs lived.  I was thinking they must have gotten on our feet in the hallway, and BAM all over our house!! 

Definitely get frontline for the cats.  I found the collars don’t work.  We kept the cats out of our bedroom & bed for a few weeks, and we also flea bombed the house.   

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It did, but I found the best thing was the frontline.  The fleas would jump onto the cats and then die.  (gross)   Also, make sure you vacuum your couch and stuff like that.   So sorry you are going through this.  Nothing worse than fleas!

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That is the worst.  When we had them DH kept talking about how many eggs they lay. Maybe you should take some benadryl!!  I think the bomb will work for you.  If you go to a pet store they might have more advice for you.  I know there are a lot of animal lovers here though, so hopefully they will chime in!  

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You basically have to treat EVERYTHING!

Remove the cats from the home and spray all the carpet with Raid flea killer, you will need several cans. Once the house is coated and fabric saturated you vaccuum it all up. You may want to treat again in a few days.

Wash everything again now that you have treated the carpet including anything that the cats touch. I would give the cats a flea dip if you want to be 100% safe (this kills eggs as well).

We had a neighbors dog run into our home and leave us the present of fleas and this is what we used to rid ourselves of them. It worked well. If you have any grassy areas in your yard you can also get a grass spray to kill fleas (not toxic after it dries) so that they cannot be brought in with you on accident. We spray our yardly monthly.

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Wow, that sucks. One of our pets had a few fleas… only a very few… and we refused to use any chemicals like frontline etc., so we put her in quarantine in one bathroom room and went into full “neurotic cleaning + stinky natural methods” attack. Thought it wouldn’t be so bad because the infestation was so small and we thought we were such careful cleaners and pet-bathers.

We were almost defeated, by this tiny battalion of fleas. It was horrific. I HATE HATE HATE fleas!!!

You just have to keep at it. One day when you’re just about ready to admit defeat, you’ll realize, they’re all gone. You’ll scarcely be able to believe it… but your horror story will be over.

Make a flea trap with shallow soapy water and a green light on top near to where they’re dropping their egg pods. They’ll jump right into that while you sleep and recover for your next neurotic cleaning attack.






 I really hate fleas.

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Honey bee

Raid Flea Carpet and Upholstery spray, use as directed. Vacuum every day for a month. Make sure you get all the corners and baseboards too.

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@Adams_bee:  We had this happen once and we have two indoor cats.

Did you go to a beach on your honeymoon?  

Our problem was that we unknowingly brought them home with us from a camping trip on the beach.  I bought a pet friendly spray from PetSmart.  It says you can spray it throughout the house as well as on your animals.  DO NOT SPRAY IT ON YOUR ANIMALS…one of our cats did fine with it, the other cat had a reaction and ended up with a bald spot on her back because the spray made her hair fall out.  However, it worked great to spray on the furniture and floors, and keep vacuuming.  Wash anything that can be washed in hot water.

Get you some Calamine lotion, or cortisone cream…it will help with itching.  

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You need to treat the entire house.  Also, take the flea collars off.  They’re not safe.  Frontline works great – just don’t wash the cats again, you’ll strip the coat of the oils that help the Frontline work.  Every single piece of fabric needs to be treated.  You also need to flea bomb the house.  And then wash every single glass, plate, food prep surface extremely well.  If you’re averse to flea bombing, you can try to find a company that will treat the carpets and couches with boric acid.  It’s a dessicant, and not toxic.  They use essentially a reverse vacuum cleaner to embed the crystals into the carpet fibers.  Wait a week, vacuum EVERYTHING.  You may need to repeat.

Keep in mind that Raid, bug bombs, etc. are extremely toxic to both animals and humans.  They’re serious insecticides.  Yay for neurotoxins.

Oh, and for the love of all that’s holy, do NOT buy any of the OTC flea dip crap.  Again, usually toxic.  They’ve killed cats before.  They’re not so great for humans either.  If you’re going to flea dip, go to your vet.

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@Adams_bee:  ‘ello! Sorry you are suffering the scourge over there. One question, have you got wooden floors?


You’ll need to wash all your bedding and blankets, pillows, throws on your couches or wherever the cats lounge about. The frontline is an excellent start and i would ditch the collars too.Vacuum religiously. And you’ll have to keep that up for some time.


If your flea issue is such a problem that you can see them hopping about as you sit on your bed/couch whatever then sadly a pest control specialist might be needed. If not that bad then you can look at bug bombs or whatever.

Good luck!

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