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it depends on where you live for how expensive they will be, also what flowers you use. our centerpieces were $23, but they were ordered wholesale and i did them myself.

i don’t think your centerpieces need to match your bouquet. mine didn’t, and i’m sure nobody noticed.

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Sugar bee

That’s a lot! I’m probably going to go to the grocery store near me and ask what kind of flowers would fit in for $15 per centerpiece. My venue has mirrors and tealights too so hopefully it will work out.

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As said, it depends on where you live.  I personally think $50 per centerpiece is pretty reasonable.  If it’s too much, I think your florist should be able to readjust to fit your budget.  Just remember, the cost of a centerpiece (typically) is not just the blooms but you are also paying for for someone to professionally arrange them and set them up.  And I don’t think they need to my your bouquet, esp since the bouquet will be for the ceremony and the centerpieces will be at the reception.  

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you should be able to get a nice, full centerpiece for $50. and probably get it delivered as well 🙂

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I think you can have whatever you want.  my boquet did match the centerpieces a little but my boquet had its own special touch.  I think 50 per center piece is too expensive.  I went with an online flower company and my friends and family put the centerpieces together themselves and they turned out nice i thought.  of course they went with my theme simple country style.  I think i ended up paying like 8 dollars a centerpiece. some probly 10.  and my family made my boquet too and all of the flower arrangements.  For all the flowers.  my boquet, my moh boquet, my jr. bridesmaid boquet. 5 mens boots, 2 womens boots and 25 centerpieces I paid $255.00.  It is possible to do it for less. then after the wedding was over a friend brought all the centerpieces to a rest home for the elderly to enjoy.

good luck and remember to assign the right people to the right jobs.



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depends on how big the centerpiece is, what kinds of flowers you want to use, and whether you will provide the containers.  $50 is not horribly expensive, but it’s not the cheapest either.  that being said, it depends on your budget and what you are comfortable spending!  my suggestion would be to decide what kind of flowers you want in the centerpiece first, then go price them out on fifty flowers or something to get an idea of how much each flower costs.  then add like 20%-30% to the per-bloom cost if you are going with a florist, factor in how much the glassware costs, and that should give you a ballpark estimate of what is “reasonable”.  also, don’t hesitate to shop around with florists–I found that their prices, especially for bouquets, varied greatly.  the centerpiece quotes I received were anywhere from $10-$30 each, although I know my SIL’s centerpieces were closer to $65-$110 each. 

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I think it’s totally doable and you shold get quite a nice product for that price.

Just as a point of reference, we are doing fairly lavish floral centrepieces. Half will be tall and half will be low. The tall centrepieces will cost about $100/each and the low ones will be $60/each and they will be quite full and include some pricier flowers. I’m sure for $10 less you would still get a VERY nice centrepiece!

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$50 is attainable.  The more specific you are on your flowers, the more expensive flowers get.  For NYC $50 is on the lower end.  When I do floral decor my centerpiece begin @ $65.  I’m totally against DIY for obvious reason.  I also think its too much for a Bride to handle.  It happens usually once in a lifetime and you want it to be perfect.  Good Luck!




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I think @Zaylee s metric for calculating what is a resonable quote is a pretty good starting place… I’m actually writing a blog entry for http://www.floretcadet.com right now on the issue of DIY wedding flowers vs hiring a florist and things people might not automatically factor into the decision.  I’d suggest picking a look or an inspiration picture of a centerpiece comprised of no more than three different types of flowers (there are GORGEOUS centerpieces using just a single type of flower, very trendy right now luckily and makes the calculation so much easier) and trying to source the flowers and vases used to figure out how much it would be to DIY, then approaching several florists with the pic and seeing what they quote you. 

Approaching with a very specific concept (25 sunflowers in each mason jar style vase or 25 roses on a small topiary ball anchored in a ceramic vase) vs asking florists for a proposal based on $50 a table will make this comparison much more apples to apples and more clearly show up price differences between different florists, since they’re quoting for the same thing.  I think that if you’re on a budget and flowers are a priority for you, you need to do lots of research whether you’re hiring a florist or doing it yourself and decide first what you really want and then decide the best way to get it.

If you’re even considering DIY, subtract the DIY price from the florists price, and then try to wrap your head around what’s actually involved in DIY flowers -a large scale DIY floral operation (i.e. making 10+ centerpieces) will really take over your house for several days, require investing in supplies that you won’t really use again, and eat up hours and hours of time, even with a group working together on it.  If you haven’t carefully planned out the quantity of flowers you need and done a trial run to arrange them and make sure you’re happy with the look, it can cause a lot of stress and disappointment as well.  But you can definitely get a lot more for your money if it’s something you want to take on. 

It’s really important for brides to understand that in addition to artistic eye and experience it is labor, and a lot of it, that you’re paying florists for.  Even for seemingly simple garden style arrangements, you’re conditioning the flowers, cleaning and recutting each stem, and just putting together even the simplest loose vase arrangements takes a lot of time.  It’s also messy! You’re either paying someone else by the hour to do it, or paying yourself to do it, but it’s intensive either way.

$50 a table is kind of a starting point for creative/upscale floral designer type of florists to be able & willing to work with, or a nice comfortable price point for more “standard issue” florists that they’re used to working within.  Varies depending on where you are in the country too, of course.  The big opulent tall centerpieces you see in the upscale wedding magazines are $200+, so work backwards from there to imagine what $50 usually gets you, comparitively.  Still nice, but not showstopping normally unless you or your florist gets creative!

I think that $50 a table is a really solid workable budget- you could either make gorgeous abundant garden style centerpieces yourself with some careful planning and your sweat equity, get somewhat standard issue centerpieces from most florists, or a statement-making centerpiece from a talented florist who is willing to think out of the box and suggest alternatives that are either less labor intensive for them or involve fewer or less expensive flowers for you to buy. 

And no i don’t think your bouquet needs to match your centerpieces.  It would go totally un noticed on the day itself, where it might come into play is in photos, if you wanted those photos near each other in an album or if you care about all of the pictures looking totally coordinated. 

Hope this helps! The issue is so on my mind right now!




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For hampton roads, you probaby can get away with $50 centerprieces that look nice. But where I live in NoVa, most florists charge between $100 and $200.

I know what you mean about getting overwhelmed with fiftyflowers. I actually bought all my wedding flowers from them and DIY. The pros were I saved a ton of money had goregous and lush flowers and they looked totally professional. The cons is the whole process was stressful. Making the flowers took forever, and fiftyflowers made a bunch of mistakes with my order (flowers arriving late and/or early and looking very different from their online pics).

All in all, i got what i wanted at a great price, but it was a really tough 3 days leading up to the wedding due to all the stress.

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I think it sounds super reasonable. Ours are costing $30 because the florist doesnt charge for use of any of his vases or anything. We got a good deal with our guy, he runs a very small, mom-and-pop business. We went to a larger florist and they quoted us over $100/centerpiece for what he’s doing because they required us to purchase the vases. Shop around and dont be afraid to haggle a little.

Our centerpieces do not match the bouquets, except in color. Our tall centerpieces are red carnations (to save $$$, WAY cheaper) while the bouquets are black magic roses and karma chocolate dahlias. We figured that the carnations would give us the same impact as using roses, only for a lot less money.

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