(Closed) Flu and Tdap (Tetnus & Whopping Cough) shots

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NowandLater:  If they’re spending any significant time with the baby they should get the shots. If they won’t, then yeah I’d limit time and make sure they thoroughly washed their hands when they do see him. And no kisses!

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NowandLater:  Whopping cough SUCKS.  I was vaccinated on schedule and I got it when I was 10, so did my mom and sister (dad, bro and other sister didn’t get it) but it SUCKS you don’t want to get it and you don’t want your baby to have it.

The chances of getting it as an adult are pretty low unless you’re in close contact with someone who has it (as far as I understand it) but seniors and children are highest risk.

I would threaten to withold said grandbaby if they don’t get the shots – see if that helps 🙂

I’m not a flu shot person, I’ve never had one and the only reason I plan to get it this year is becuase i’ll be spending 30+ hours on a plane in December/January so my chances of getting sick are way jacked up.

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Here, the current recommendation for Tdap is once as a teen/adult.


A study was being done last year in pregnant women to see if they should be getting it.  So it really depends on your area.


Not everyone should get vaccinated, I was told no more unless I’m likely exposed to tetanus or something, and even then different options will be brought up.

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I would absolutely insist they get at least the tdap if they’re speeding 1-2 days/week with your baby.

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The flu shot wouldn’t really matter unless it’s flu season. Otherwise i probably wouldn’t be as concerned.

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NowandLater:  I’ve heard way too many stories about otherwise healthy babies dying from pertussis. Unless your Father-In-Law has a legitimate medical reason that prevents him from being vaccinated, I would put my foot down. He is being selfish and ignorant. 

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Whooping cough is no joke. It is yet another of those previously almost gone diseases that is making a comeback because people aren’t getting vaccinations.  Personally, someone who is relaed to me and plans to be around my newborn more than just occasionally better have a heck of a better reason than “not believing in it” to not get a vaccine that will protect my newborn or they won’t see my baby. Just because one “doesn’t believe in them” doesn’t mean theycan’t catch and pass on something nasty. And while an otherwise healthy adult will be unlikely to die or even have long term affects from whooping cough, a baby/kid can be very very sick (die) from it. 

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You are not being a crazy mom to be. Whooping cough is no joke. I would certainly limit contact, no touching face, no kissing baby anywhere. In fact you should make him wear a mask any time he’s around the baby if he doesn’t want to get the booster.

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MsGinkgo:  Just because you mentioned it… getting the flu shot isn’t necessarily “for you.” It’s for everyone who can’t have the shot, exactly like this thread is all about. So while you’d be getting the flu shot to not get the flu (which is super), you should be getting it every year regardless of your flight or travel schedules because the herd immunity (you) is what keeps a lot of people safe.


/soapbox off

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Hyperventilate:  Actually, not everyone needs to get a flu shot every year. Current guidelines are children aged 6 months to 19 years, pregnant women, anyone over the age of 49 and those who are around people who are susceptible (like healthcare workers and teachers)

So a healthy adult who isn’t regularly around children or the elderly doesn’t really need to get the vaccine every year. 

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I guess I’m in the minority in that I don’t think it’s a big deal if he doesn’t get it. Unless he’s at high risk for contracting pertussis, the chances he gets it and then gives it to baby are low. just use common sense – hand washing before holds, no obviously sick people around, no kissing hands/face. 

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NowandLater:  Any way you can engineer your Father-In-Law getting “accidentally” poked with a rusty nail?  Haha no but I wouldn’t single your Father-In-Law specifically, I’d just spread the word around that you’re only going to have people who have had the shot hold your baby in the first x number of weeks and if anyone would like to hold him or her to get the shot.  If they think you’re a crazy new mom no big deal, I imagine most new moms look overprotective to the vets, I know I will and I care |  | this much 😉

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NowandLater:  maybe I’m crazy, but I would flat out not allow any family member to spend regular time with my child without having had vaccines. No way, no how. 

A stranger is one thing, but grandpa? Not gonna happen. 

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I wouldn’t bother with it personally. They don’t require daycare workers to get flu or tdap shots I wouldn’t make the grandparents get one. I never get the flu shot, even though I’m basically a human kleenex for 8 babies. I’d just tell them to wash their hands and if they feel sick one day then don’t take baby over. 

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