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@KIKI25:  My doctor told me I should definitely get a flu shot (and that any type of flu shot injection was OK, but not to get the nasal spray flu vaccination).  I went to the pharmacy at my grocery store, where they give flu shots, yesterday and asked for a shot.  But when they saw I was pregnant, they said they would need an order from my doctor to give me one… not sure if that is just my pharmacy’s policy, or a normal thing.  But you may want to ask your doctor for a flu shot order/referral


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@KIKI25:  Ive never had the flu shot, and never will until I actually catch a flu (which Ive never had). Seeing people who have got the flu shot, sometimes the side effects are brutal (sore muscles from the injection, and even sometimes flu-like symptoms). 

In terms of flying, I flew a bunch when I was around 9 weeks pregnant, my understanding is that flying is fine up til your 6th/7th month, but you’ll want to make sure that you are able to get up and move around to keep blood flowing. 

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@KIKI25:  bumping and subscribing.

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My doctor highly suggested I get one. I’ve only gotten 2 in my life and both times ended up in the ER so I personally won’t be getting one because I don’t think it’s worth the risk for me. If I hadn’t had that experience though I would get one.

Flying should be fine, I flew at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks and one of those times we had an emergancy landing as a result of the cabin losing pressure…but no baby issues!


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My doctors practically insisted that I (and anyone else who will be around the baby a lot) get the flu shot. I got mine at my doctors’ office. I had never gotten a flu shot before, but did for the pregnancy.

I flew at 28 weeks, and I was fine. Uncomfortable, but fine.

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I had never had one before (never had the flu either) but I did get one about a month ago.  I was nervous about getting it because I’ve never had one or the flu but it was fine.  Not sure it would have made a difference or not but they strongly recommended it.

Dr. will make sure to give you the shot with the dead virus, not the nasal spray.

You should be able to fly until the 3rd trimester and after that I would check with Dr. on travel.

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I have never gotten the flu either, but I did get a flu shot this year because of my doctor’s reccomendations.  Getting the flu while preganant can be a lot worse, and your immune system is down, so it is easier for you to get.  My arm was a little bit sore, but I wouldn’t say that it was brutal at all; it really wasn’t that bad.

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I’ll echo previous posters.  I have never gotten the flu shot before pregnancy, but my doctor’s office just gave me one at my last appointment.  The nurse who gave it did a really good job and I didn’t even have any muscle soreness.  It’s been about three weeks and I haven’t noticed any side effects. 

Flying, I can’t help you with. I would suggest you speak to you doctor.  I fly, but haven’t done so since pregnant.

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I got mine 9 days ago. I wasn’t sure if I should (I always get it though and never have a problem) but my OB strongly advised that I do. Baby is fine, I’m fine too 🙂

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I will be getting a flu shot from my OB that is preservative free. I have also never gotten one before. I just want to give myself and baby as much of a fighting chance as I can. Obviously everyone is different and what they decide to do is right for them. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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@KIKI25:  I didn’t want one (I had never had one and only had the flu once in my life about 7 years ago), but I got one last week at 16 weeks. I asked about some things, and my doctor said she would be very concerned if I didn’t get it because most deaths that occured with pregnant women last year were because of the flu. **They also recommend your spouse/SO get it as well.

It was painless, and I had no side effects other than it burned a little afterward and my arm was a little sore for the remainder of the day. Worth it for protecting myself though.

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@KIKI25:  I’ve never gotten the flu shot (or the flu) before.  I got it this year because I’m pregnant.  I got it around 20 weeks.  It was no big deal at all. I didn’t have any bad reactions or get sick or anything.  Just a sore arm for a day.  My doctor didn’t have them in when I went for my 20 week appointment, so she just said to go get it at CVS or wherever.  I got the preservative free one at Target, though the doc didn’t have a preference for preservative free or not. I just figured I’d go for that if it was available.

Also, yes it’s safe to fly assuming all is well in your pregnancy. If you’re not sure, ask your doctor.  I’m 23 weeks and have flown 3 times now and will be flying another few times in the next two months.  

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Both my husband and I got the flu shot at the recommendation of my OB.


With respect to flying, some airlines won’t let you board after 35wks unless you have a doctor’s note. Flying in early pregnancy shouldn’t be an issue. If it’s a long haul flight then you could always ask your doctor if you are worried about blood clots. I’m pretty sure they sell compression socks to help.

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It was recommended that I get a flu shot because when you’re pregnant, your immune system is much weaker and you can suffer a lot from the flu- a lot more than you would if you weren’t pregnant. I got my shot last week.

IMPORTANT: you need a mercury/preservative free shot so make sure you can get that one at your doctor’s office.

As for flying, you’ll be fine at 16 weeks! Just make sure you walk around a lot on your flight and drink lots of water. I flew 6 hours and back when I was 5 months pregnant and had no issues.

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