(Closed) Flu Shots: Yay or Nay?

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    Not sure

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    I’m immune compromised due to treatments for my autoimmune disorders, so I have to get a flu shot every year and the pneumonia vaccine every 5 years. The only, very minor, side effect I ever had was feeling a bit yucky the day I got the shot. It doesn’t happen every time though. 

    I work with kids and they are germy little buggers. They share the nastiest germs. For me, I gladly risk the side effects of the shot because a bad flu could be fatal for me because of my compromised immune system. 

    Make sure you get the shot if you can. While the nasal mist one is cool because you don’t get poked with a needle, but it’s a live vaccine in the mist and you’re more likely to get more flu-like side effects from it versus the shot. 

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    I’ve never had one and never had the flu, so it’s definitely a nay for me.  My insurance offers them for free but am a bit sanctimonious about it so I have refused it with pleasure.  If I had to choose between the shot and wearing a mask, I would choose the shot. 

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    I get the shot every year. I rarely get sick, but I don’t want to risk it. Besides, work offers them for $10. I never have any side effects from it.

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    I’ve never had one. My immunities are well built and I tend to rarely get sick. Typically when I am “sick” I just have a runny nose, sneezes, and a scratchy throat for a few days- nothing too bad.

    I’m fortunate to work around different children constantly to keep my health streak going.

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    I used to never get the flu shot and never had the flu until about 3 years ago. It was awful. My whole body hurt and I couldn’t eat for a week. I seriously did not get out of bed. Once I started to feel better and could actually get out of bed, I was so weak from inactivity that my boyfriend had to help me down the stairs.

    The next year, I started nursing school so I was required to get the shot and now I’m a nurse and am required. I’d much rather get a quick shot (that’s free for me since it’s required) and not go through that again. I’ve never had any side effects from it.

    My Fiance has always been against the flu shot. He always said he never gets the flu and he thinks the flu shot is just a scam. Then he got the flu this past winter. He went to the doctor and was able to get Tamiflu so he wasn’t sick for as long as I was. But between the doctor’s visit, the Tamiflu (which is NOT cheap, even with insurance…like nearly $100!), and a few missed days of work, his flu ended up costing us over $300. He said this coming season he’ll pay the $10 for the shot just to avoid the $300+ we ended up paying for the flu.

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    I work as a school psychologist at a middle school and my district pays for our shots. School are disgusting and I’ve been spat at and I figured anything to protect me from germs I am doing. I’ve  gotten one for 4 yrs and never had any side effects 

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    I have gotten one every year of my life and never had and side effects or gotten sick from it. I work in a nursing home now so I especially make sure to get it because it would be awful to pass it the patients whose systems are already compromised!


    My Fiance never gets it though. His reasoning (like many bees) is “well I’ve never gotten the flu!” Um… Dont you think part of the reason you haven’t gotten the flu is because everyone around you gets the flu shot!? I wish he would get one because he is a BABY when he gets a tiny COLD! I cannot even imagine the flu…… ! Haha!


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    I was wishy washy with getting the shot for many years. I started my new job and a week later found out I could get the shot for free. So I did. I even got a lollipop! I’ll do it every year now.

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    I’ve never gotten the shot and so far never gotten the flu…but I don’t really get sick often and when I do it’s pretty mild (though I whine like I’m dying lol) My SO is a nurse and doesn’t get the shot either. She’s had to get it once though and didn’t have any side effects.

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    I’ve had one flu shot. Two days later I got the worst flu of my life. Never got another one. 

    Both my Dad and Fiance had the exact same thing so we all avoid them. I know lots of people that have them and are fine though. 

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    I’ve never gotten one because I’ve never seen a need. I don’t have the best immune system and I do have mild athsma, but I’ve only had the flu once (lots of bad colds, but only one actual flu) and even then it wasn’t as bad as a lot of people get.  I don’t have or work around kids, I don’t spend a lot of time with the elderly, and I just don’t feel like I’m high-risk.  Plus, lazy.

    That said, if it was a condition of doing my job and doing it properly, I’d just get the damn thing.

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    I get them, my fiance and BFF do not.  They got REALLY sick last year and it lasted a long time.   I did not. 


    I think the safeguard is good.  I can’t even tell you how happy i was to have gotten it even though they both were not into the idea of flu shots (even though they couldn’t tell me exactly why, just that they heard that they were unnecessary) and almost talked me out of mine. Insert smug face.

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    The one time i got the fu shot i was super sick afterwards so i haven’t gotten it since. i’m told being pregnant i should have it done this year so i probably will, but i’m not too thrilled about it.

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    @Bridey77:  No, I am not. When I was young I had the flu. When the Sydney Flu hit in the ’90’s  (when I was around 10 or so years old) it left my immune system in such rough shape that I was sick for more than six months solid where my body would not allow me to take in any food. I have not had the flu shot since and have not had the flu since. My personal take on it (which may be wrong, but it is what I think) is that the flu shot does not cover the flu that is about to take place. It just doesn’t seem worth the risk. I just always reference my experience when I was young to getting the flu shot.

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    I always get my flu shot. Ever hear of herd/ community immunization? basically it means the people who get the vaccine help other people stay healthy who don’t/can’t get the vaccine. By not getting a vaccine, you are exposing yourself and others around you to diseases and viruses. You may never sick, but you can pass on your germs and with out a vaccine you are capable of infecting others without knowing it. My brother has a terminal disease and his immune system is weak. I feel like it’s my responsibility to stay vaccinated for him and others around me that may be like him. 



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