(Closed) Flu Shots: Yay or Nay?

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    Not sure

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    I work in a hospital so they want everyone to have flu shots. They’re free, you can walk into employee health any time to get one. Here’s the policy: around October they start sending out memos to all employees about flu shots. It contains a waiver that must be turned in by January 1st. You can choose to get it at work, get it at another facility, or opt out and specify why you aren’t getting it. They can’t fire you for not getting the flu shot, but if you don’t at least turn in the waiver by January 1st they’ll take you off the schedule until you do turn it in. They need it in writing that you acknowledge you were offered the shot free of charge and you declined. I declined my first year. I had never gotten the flu before so I figured I must be immune. I was wrong. Went into a patient’s room without wearing a mask and a few days later I thought I was dying. I’ll never turn down a flu shot again! 


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    i have never had a flu shot and i have never had the flu. 

    i’m more scared that if i do something to purposefully expose myself to it (like getting the shot), that i will get sick just because i’ve never had it. my sister gets a flu shot every year and gets sick more than 50% of the time. 

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    I had one and that year I didn’t get ill at all. The following year I missed the day they were doing the jabs as I was out the office and oh my life I had a chest infection that lasted three weeks, so never again, it didn’t do my immunity any good. 

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    I went several years, I’m talking 11 years and didn’t have the flu shot or the flu.  Period.  Last year I got the flu shot due to my job “requiring” it and boom.  Two months later I had the flu.  It was horrible and took me a month to get over because I was pregnant and really couldn’t take anything.

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    I get the flu shot every year because I have asthma that is dangerously exacerbated when I get sick.  I’ve never had any side effects of getting the vaccine (except soreness at the injection site, which happens for all injected vaccinations).  🙂

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    I used to not get them because I figured I could deal with the flu if I got it. But then I started getting it because not everyone can get the flu shot and by not getting it it helps spread it around and could potentially infect someone who can’t get a flu shot due to various reasons. Especially the people with weakend immune systems. They’re the ones that die from the flu.

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    I try to always get the shot, for my own health as well as being one less germ factory walking amongst the elderly and children in everyday life. I’ve never had any side effects.

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    No way. I’ve never received a flu shot and I’ll never take it. I think it’s ineffective (the CDC even said this). Plus all the crap they put in there (mercury, formaldehyde, MSG, aluminum..) are all neurotoxins that I would never subject myself to.

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    I always get it as I have asthma. I’ve also had guillian-barre, but not from the flu shot. You are at risk for that with any cold. But I do know the (very minimal) risk better than most! The risks are so minimal it’s easily worth it IMO, even without asthma.

    ETA: I also think any healthcare worker or caretaker should take every reasonable precaution to protect their patients, including the flu shot.

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    I have gotten my flu shot the past 3 years without any bad side effects (knock on wood).  I am always really tired the rest of the day after getting it though.


    My DH never gets the flu shot and he had an awful bout with the flu last year – I had never seen him so sick.  And it was right in time for our vacation.  Lovely.  Each year I get nervous to get one because of all the potential side effects, but after seeing DH last year I’d like to prevent it as much as possible! 

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    I’ve been a nurse for nearly 10 years and for the last 8, I have gotten the flu shot religiously.

    First, I feel it is my responsibility towards my patients. The virus is active in your body for several days before the first symptom is shown. Vacciation helps reduce the risk that I expose them prior to knowing that I’m sick.

    Second, the risks are minimal. There is a lot of misinformation. The flu vaccine is a dead virus and therefore cannot give you the flu. As I said before, the virus is active before it shows any symptoms. Those that do come down with the flu are often carriers prior to vaccination. That being said, there is also the risk that the vaccination will not be as effective some years because we have to guess at what will be the most likely flu strand to effect us as a country. There’s no way of 100% knowing for certain but science does take a very educated guess and I am comfortable putting my faith in that effort.

    Third, I got the flu once. The real, true, legitimate flu. Let me just tell you…it was brutal.  The flu ranks up near the top of my most painful life experiences and I’ve broken my leg, had shingles, had my face cut up from the windsheild in a horrific car accident, had kidney stones, and pushed out a baby. People who claim they have the flu when they just have some aches and pains and a stuffy nose have no idea. People die from the flu. I will do all that I can do to prevent feeling that way again.

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    @Bridey77:  I get the flu shot EVERY year..If I dont I will be sick everytime someone is sick around me and I cannot afford to be sick that many times and  nor do I want to be. There is a myth that you “get sick” after getting the shot but that has never happened to me ever…the only side effect I get from it is that my arm where I got the shot gets super painful for a few days but thats it. I recommend you get the shot especially if you are going to be around sick people at your job




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    I’ve gotten every year since I got the flu in high school. I was sick a long time and had to go on inhalers etc. I have never had any side effects nor have I gotten the flu. So I’m happy with my decision to get it each year. I work in public health and though we are not required to get vaccinated if we don’t have direct patient contact (I don’t) most of us still get it anyway because it’s free and given on site at work.

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    I am required to because I work in healthcare, and I would get it even if I didn’t. Once in college I got the flu, and it was horrible. I had a 104 fever and I was literally delirous.

    It makes steam come out of my ears when I hear people say “I don’t get it because I’ve never gotten the flu.” That’s like saying “I don’t wear a seatbelt because I’ve never gotten in a car accident” or “I don’t have homeowner’s insurance because nobody’s ever broken into my house.”

    Also, herd immunity is a really important thing to babies and people with compromised immune systems. And OMG PEOPLE YOU CANNOT GET THE FLU FROM THE FLU SHOT!!! Literally not possible.


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    i’m an ER nurse and i definitely am.  anything to decrease my chances of getting the flu

    ETA: my work also requires that you either get it or wear a mask when you’re within a certain distance of patient areas which is basically everywhere. no thanks.

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