(Closed) flying with morning sickness?

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@carmel bride: I didn’t fly, and I feel so bad for you, because if someone would have offered me a plane ticket anywhere in the world during the morning sickness stage, I probably would have passed on it.

Bring a bunch of ziploc bags with you, in case you have to vomit.  I sucked on jolly ranchers A LOT during those months, and while they didn’t really help me feel better, they seemed to slow down some of the throwing up.  Make sure you bring enough snacks to eat throughout the day, so you don’t have to rely on crappy airport food, or you don’t have to go hungry.

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I haven’t had to go through this personally but my best friend had horrible morning sickness and used to suck on those red/white peppermints all day long. Peppermint is known to help “calm” the stomach so maybe that will help. Maybe you can let the gate agent know the situation and they can adjust seats to get you an aisle seat so you can get up if you need to.

I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. Hugs!

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I totally understand; flying with morning sickness really sucks.  I get motion sickness, too, which makes it even worse.

I’m not sure if you’re traveling by yourself, but I pretty much drugged myself up on Dramamine and slept the whole flight.  I was with my husband, though, so I was able to rely on him to wake me up and get me off the plane at the right time.  If you aren’t able to rely on a fellow traveler, consider asking your doctor about what medication options might be possible for you.  Some anti-nausea meds prescribed for morning sickness (like Zofran or Phenergan) may help, and motion sickness meds like Dramamine and Gravol are generally considered safe for use by pregnant women.  You can also look into more natural methods of controlling nausea, like Sea Bands, high doses of B6, ginger candies (I especially like the ones with crystallized sugar on the outside), and MotionEaze (I LOVE this stuff for motion sickness, but the scent also helps a lot with morning sickness).

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I’ve been there… still am actually, and it’s not fun.  My suggestions are

(1) Get a prescription for Zofran or another anti-nausea medecine from your doctor in case you need it.  You really don’t want to be sick while you’re flying.

(2) Bring a whole bunch of lemon candies, peppermints, ginger, or whatever makes you feel better when you’re nauseous.

(3)  Make sure to bring plenty of snacks with you on the plane.  Low blood sugar can make your nausea way worse.

(4) Give yourself plenty of extra time at the airport.  With the exhaustion, you won’t be able to zip through the terminal like you would usually be able to.  Also, if possible get an upgrade that will let you skip the long security lines.  During my 1st trimester I remember wanting to pass out while standing in line for security.  That was the worst.

Good luck!


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@carmel bride:  I can say that I flew in the heat of my morning sickness. When i was 8 weeks pregnant I was so nauseous that I could hardly keep down water–I was throwing up constantly. During that week I flew from Seattle to New Jersey and back and puked the whole there and the whole way back. Obviously, it was miserable and no fun. I think the crampiness of the plane and the motion sickness made everything worse.

However, I did it….so it must be do-able!


I would suggest drinking lots of water and bringing chewable papaya enzyme with you–it was the only thing that helped me. I chewed two of them about every hour.

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@carmel bride: LOL> Lots of puke bags. And I managed to pull the pregnant card and get the aisle seat so I could run to the head a lot. It sucked. I did drink a lot of gingerale and it helped.

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I second the dramamine!!!  

I honestly didn’t notice feeling sleepy.  Then again, I was already so fatigued from being pregnant. 

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I flew internationally at 9 weeks and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. I made sure I sat on an isle seat, next to the bathroom. I got up to walk and stretch every 1 or 2 hours and I brought tons of snacks along with me. I also bought water bottles after the security check just in case they’d take awhile with the beverages. (*If you buy more than 1 water bottle, be sure to ask them to seperate them, because I bought 2, only finished 1 and because the seal was broken, couldn’t take the other one into my next flight).

Also, opt-out of the security scanners that aren’t just the normal metal detectors. While in the States, they gave me no problem whatsoever — but when I was in Amsterdam, one of the guys was making me go through it, insisting it’s safe, although he didn’t even know the name of the machine nor explain how it worked. I stood my ground and got patted down instead.

Happy travels!

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