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Buzzing bee

Hmm, maybe turn it around and ask how he’d feel if one of your parents were to stop by (without calling first) at 8:30 in the morning? Or if this was a different decision (like buying a house) and your mother constantly butted in with her opinions? 

I’m sure he’s just used to it coming from his mother so he has a hard time seeing it from your point of view. 

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Busy bee
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Whenever she (and the mouse) give you a suggestion, you smile sweetley and say, “okay, thank you for that opinion, we’ll keep that in mind.”  Maybe she just needs to feel heard?  I’m not sure if you guys have booked anything yet but you will find out then how far she wants her ideas to go.

Or you could have Fiance (not you, it’s his mom) sit her down and explain to her that the two of you (bride and FI) are looking forward to the planning and will certainly keep her in the loop but that ultimately it is your decision.

Welcome to wedding planning – everyone loves to share their opinion.

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Honey bee

Since they are only opinions at this time I wouldnt have Fiance say anything yet.  I would just indulge her opinions and listen and then say “Thanks for your opinion, Fiance and I will be discussing the options later”

If the 8:30 stop by isnt a regular habit, I wouldnt worry about it. If it is then you need to ask Fiance that even though he doesnt think its a problem, you would at least like a call before she stops by if its before 10:00 in the morning. It makes you feel umcomfortable.

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Helper bee
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Sounds like she is really excited for the wedding.  At least she has an interest, my Future Mother-In-Law is hardly involved.  But I agree with pp’s, thank her for her opinions, emphasizing the opinion part.  As for the stopping by at 830 am, laugh about it, like, “Wow, Future Mother-In-Law, you are so excited about the wedding you just had to tell me SO EARLY!  Lol, next time give me a call, ‘kay?”

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Honey bee
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At best, she’s just excited, and at worst, she’s trying to control your wedding for whatever reason…in either case, she’s definitely overstepping boundaries. 

I would be honest with her in the moment. For example, if she says, “You’re saying traditional vows, right? We’d be more comfortable with that,” I’d just respond by telling her that it’s important to you that you and Fiance discuss the vows together. Or that there’s [blank] aspect about the traditional vows that you don’t like for [blank blank] reason. 

I’d just try to be straightforward without being rude. Avoid passive-aggressiveness–I think it’ll only make you crazy, and it won’t do anything to remind her that the important decisions here need to be made by YOU and Fiance.

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Bumble bee
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I can def commiserate. It wont get any better, everytime I spend time with the Inlaws I feel like I’m living in an episodeo f Everybody Loves Raymond.

They stayed with us at our new house this weekend (vom) and I woke up at 7:30 to find his dad sweeping the kitchen and his mom scrubbing the toilet—while in her nightgown. WTF. blagh.

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Sugar bee

I think shes just excited about your wedding and wants to offer her opinion. Its not like shes forcing you to do anything. Grin and bear it.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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The process of a wedding is really about setting boundaries that establish you and your Fiance as a new family unit separate from the parents. This would be a good time to get some practice in boundary-building…

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I’m sorry but your mention of the mouse is too cute.

Ok, if my Mother-In-Law showed up at 8:30 am on my day off, my hubby would never hear the end of it. I hope she at least called first?

As for the wedding, sure, she might be excited, but like you said who is “we?” The only we involved in decision making here is you and your fiance.

I like the turning the tables trick. I do that. “What if MY family showed up on Saturday at 7:30 am while you want to sleep in just to tell us we HAD to have this kind of liquor at the wedding?”

If he says “I wouldn’t care”, I think he’d be lieing. Hope your Fiance starts to help you with this soon.

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yeah….that’s annoying! but as someone else pointed out at least she’s into it…my Future Mother-In-Law only talks about what she doesn’t like about the wedding.. but in a really passive agressive tone like ” oh…you don’t want a pouffy wedding dress…oh (face of huge disapointment) i like big ones..(looking for me to agree)… (my face stays the same)…i like big ones… (again no response from me), i guess we’ll see”

i agree that you could just say soemthing like ” thanks, yeah maybe, we still have to decide” and then just make sure you book things on your own (you and FI) and tell her AFTER it’s booked with tons of excitment. like i did with the date…that was a huge disaster when i let people chime in, so Fiance and i picked, booked it and THEN said to her with big exictement and smiles “we booked the date!!! yay!!’ at that point she couldn’t comment, it was done and i was happy so she just has to live with it!

@fiver: i know!!!!! my Future Mother-In-Law does the same thing when they stay at our place!!! WTF is that??? what are you saying ym floors are so dirty that you couldn’t live like this without cleaning it?? and do i go to your house and rearrange your cabinets??!! (yes she actually did that to me…TWICE!!!)

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