(Closed) FMIL Wants To Come To Our House The Morning Of??

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I had a similar situation with my Mother-In-Law. I ended up making her “in charge” of all of the boys. It gave her a purpose and out of my hair! good luck to you!

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Hmm, well, my Mother-In-Law came to the salon to hang out with me getting ready, and I probably would’ve invited her to my house. I thought she’d want to spend time wtih Darling Husband, but he ended up sleeping in until 10 and stuff. Whereas we were getting ready at 8am and she wanted to hang out with my mom, the girls, her daughter (SIL did our hair) cuz it’s like, a big girl thing I guess. If she caused you a lot of stress, though, then I can see how you would see her as “butting” in. And, yeah, she’s becoming family, but she’s not your blood family and there IS a difference. Sometimes you are just more comfortable around your blood family, not your husband’s family. Especailly since she stressed you out. Totally get that.

Since your Fiance is upset over this also and sees your point, maybe he can talk to his mom and try to…i dunno, maybe he can take her out to breakfast? And say something like, “you know, we should let Jenn enjoy this special morning with her parents”.

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I would definitely put FH on the case for this. Future Mother-In-Law should really be with her son on his wedding morning. It’s lovely that she wants to be with you, but “traditionally” the brides parents are with her helping her, and the grooms parents are with him. Task it to FH though so it doesn’t seem like you’re rejecting her. No mom can say no to their son!

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@stlginkgo: i am doing exactly that! my BM’s and i want to enjoy our time together, i don’t even know when my mom will be joining us, so i’m taking the safe route and making sure she keeps Fiance and his groomsmen in line.

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All the weddings I’ve been involved in, the Mother-In-Law got ready somewhere else and then joined the briadal party a little later on.  One was included in getting our hair done, one rode with us in the limo to the venue… I don’t think there’s a set procedure for this.  You will have to include where you feel is appropriate. 

I definately don’t think it appropriate for her and your Future Father-In-Law were over while you were getting ready.  The only man that could be around at that time is your father.  His dad should be getting ready with him and the groomsmen.

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Are you having a photographer? Usually the photographer takes pics of the bride getting ready with her maids and mom and then pics of the groom getting ready with his guys and usually there is the obligatory shot of the mom pinning on her son’s bout.  Blame it on the photographer.  Tell Future Mother-In-Law you need her to get ready where her son is for the pictures.  Fudge the schedule a little if you only have one photographer.

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My Mother-In-Law did not hang out with us the morning of – she never asked to and hope she wasn’t offended that I didn’t invite her to.  It was crowded enough with maids, photographers, hair, make up etc.  I would be uncomfortable as you said. 

I would say try and give her a job – set up something at the venue, pick up or deliver something (bouts or bouquets), help transport people, prep something!  That way if she has a job maybe she could stop by before and/or after you’re actually changing.  Tell her you’re trying to keep the number of people down to reduce stress and accidents.  Let her know there will be photos! 

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I went through the same thing.  A few months before our wedding, my future in laws came to town for the weekend for my shower.  Before this, we’d all loosely talked about the day of plans and Future Mother-In-Law and Future Sister-In-Law had plans to entertain Out of Town guests (all of my husband’s side was from Out of Town and his mom really wanted to show her friends the city and do a tour of some sort the morning of our wedding.) My husband planned to spend the morning with his best man and my mom, sister, and I were going to get our hair done together.  I also decided I wanted to have brunch with my family (brother and Dad) that day and spend some time together. 

The weekend of my shower, Future Mother-In-Law invited my mom and dad to do the ‘city tour’ thing with her and my mom said oh thanks, but we’re getting hair done with the bride, etc etc.  Please note too that MONTHS and MONTHS before this, I had asked Future Mother-In-Law and Future Sister-In-Law if they needed hair appointments and they both said no thank you (they have shorter hair styles and felt they could do it themseleves and ALSO Future Mother-In-Law REALLY had her heart set on the city tour thing) so by this point, all appointments were made.  The day after my shower, my husband and I are having brunch with Future In-Laws before they leave to head home and talking about the wedding when Future Mother-In-Law says they will be coming up for the weekend of the wedding on Thursday and she and Future Sister-In-Law are doing the city tour ALONE that night and then Future Father-In-Law will take the out of town guests on the morning of the wedding.  When I ask why they are doing this, Future Mother-In-Law says ‘oh your mom was saying how she and you and your sister are all spending the morning together and that sounded so nice so we decided to do that!’. 

I didn’t handle it very well and was quick to say that they had already declined my offer to make appointments and it was too late and they really should do their tour all together like originally planned. WELL needless to say this did NOT go over well and she refused to talk about it after with us and gave Darling Husband the silent treatment when he tried to explain to her that the morning of the wedding was a time for ME to spend with MY family.

Your post sounds exactly like what I went through with her.  She was more interested in ME and wedding planning as if I WERE HER DAUGHTER and she was MOTHER OF THE BRIDE instead of focused on her son.  It was very stressful and she too did things without asking us (buying out of town gift bags a month after we got engaged before we’d even set a date or anything) and insisting on co-sharing the shower with my sister and mom and even TELLING my mom what to do the day of my shower.  She had tons of opinions, none of which I agreed with, and was EXTREMELY angry that Future Sister-In-Law wasn’t IN the wedding (even though I did not have ANY bridesmaids and JUST had my one sister).

I said the same thing too Darling Husband at the time too (why is she more interested in spending time with me than her own son and family the morning of the wedding? and he too was hurt).  It turned out fine – she did her own thing and I actually barely saw her during the wedding!  But I know there are MANY hurt and resentful feelings now on both sides still.

My best advice is to portray it to her as this is YOUR wedding day and you really want to spend some quaility family time with YOUR family and have some private special moments with them on the morning of your wedding and encourage her with enthusiasm to find something fun (brunch or something) with her son and her family too.  DO NOT give in though.  I was VERY firm on this after my shower weekend when Darling Husband tried to say to me ‘can’t she just come with’ because I realized that every time I was around this woman, I would feel STRESSED beyond belief and I did NOT want to deal with that on my wedding day.  I drew a hard and fast line and stuck with it.


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It seems weird that she would rather be with you than with her son. I’d have him talk to her about it.

My whole immediate family will be at our house because they’re helping set up the morning of and our house is closer to the venue. I wouldn’t care if my Fiance parents were there (we live together) but I’m definitely staking out a guest bedroom and not letting anyone in while I get ready so I don’t have to deal with anyone’s opinions till I’m finished.

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this may seem strange, I think that the fact that things are already tense with you and her I just cant stomach why she would want to be there the morning of?? Its all about you and if you feel like it will uspset you I would go with the option #1 to make her son say he wants her with him on the day of and that way no one gets offended and it will not cause a agument.. On the other hand I am wondering if this is her way of reaching out to you and become more close to you? Do what will make you happy it willl be you and your man’s special day so nothing should upset you!

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Can you just have your Fiance tell her it would mean a lot to him to have her with him the morning of?  If he’s cool with it, it seems by far the least confrontational option.

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