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I’ll go!  

Darling Husband will consistently do the dishes, even when I’ve made a bunch of food for family or work events, never makes me have to clean the litter box, and always compliments me daily.  He’s teaching me how to lift weights at the gym and never minds having to shift the weights lower for me.  He doesn’t mind me taking over our extra room for scrapbooking, makes me laugh on a daily basis and enjoys hanging out with my family.  He truly is my best friend. 

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@ForeverMrsB:  Well, you just described mine to a T so…I’m done! thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

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Heh I have a short temper as we’ll so I love his patience!

he’ll basically do anything for me which makes me feel specail c:  Like when I used to work overnight at a grocery store (I’d basically be the only cashier) & even though he had already worked, he’d stay for my shift as well :O 

hmmm there’s more but I forget :p

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He is really and truly my best friend. He makes jokes to make me laugh, listens when I need to rant, and is a shoulder to cry on when I’m sad. Even though he isn’t the romantic type, he does try like last Valentine’s Day when he was deployed he still ordered me a necklace from Tiffany and roses. He is a complete and total goof ball during both good times and bad times. And above all, he loves me and would break his back for me. 

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@ForeverMrsBI thank his ex-wife!  …for being a cheater & mean, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten divorced from her.  Now he’s all mine!!! 

I love that he is a big manly-man & has a sensitive side to him. That he owns up to faults & appologizes for them -might take him a while to get there sometimes, but he is sencere when he does.  The way he’s respectful towards me, has a good sense of humor & laughs with me, not afraid to show the world how much he’s in love, he’s the protector of the family.  Now this is love…he get’s pedicures (no color polish) so his feet aren’t rough or yucky next to mine – it did take me a year to talk him into this, but now he’s addicted to the massage chair & falls asleep. I like the scent of his colone, how he takes my hand & places sweet little kisses on the back of my neck when I’m cooking, and when we go to the movies he get’s lite butter on the popcorn for me!  


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He hates watching sports YEYYYYYYY, and he watches musicals with me, and likes them YEYYYYYY.

(no, he is not gay lol)

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He’s my team mate, my backup in any situation. When it’s really cold outside, late at night, or my family is having a rough day he always takes the dogs out to their pen to do their business. He watches my pet rats when I’m on vacation and sends me photo updates. He went to almost every horse show I went to, kept me calm, and carried all my gear/kept my non-horsey family informed on what was going on/carried water buckets/walked my horse out for me when I was heat sick/stood in the pouring rain waiting for me to get out of the ring and then dragged me and my horse indoors to save us from potential lightning strikes. He buys me nerdy presents, and reminds me to treat myself well. He enables my nail polish addiction, and lifts me up for princess hugs. He only laughs a little when I buy obnoxiously bright coloured clothing, and sometimes he just stares at me like I’m the most incredible thing he’s ever seen. And he feels like coming home, because I always know I’m safe, happy, accepted, and loved when I’m with him.

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@ForeverMrsB:  my Fiance is the absolute best partner I could have ever dreamed of! He is totally supportive, loves to listen, loves me for me and much much more! He entertains all of my ideas no matter how silly or small, and I know its genuine. He also reminds me every single day of how much he loves me and how happy he is we have found each other! I am so glad I get to call him my life partner! He is really laid back and reasonable. He loves to spoil me, laugh, and is such a fun person! Oh…and did I mention he like to watch Lifetime movies with me? lol.


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My SO takes my feelings into consideration all the time.  Always puts a water bottle by my side of the bed before we fall asleep.  He is very affectionate.  Every morning that we wake up together he covers me in kisses.  He loves my dog and helps me take care of him.  He is hard working.  He is the most loyal person I know, not just to me, but to his friends and family as well.  He has a big heart and always tries to do what’s right (he is apart of big brother big sister and donates to multiple charities each month).  He is able to be totally goofy and yet is one of the most responsible people I know.  He tells me he loves me every day and that he will never let go of me ๐Ÿ™‚

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What a lovely thread!!

My Fiance is a compassionate, loving and thoughtful man. He is good at DIY around our renovation project house, earns great money and is incredibly supportive. He convinced me to quit my day job for the government to make confectionery and helps me run our own small business.

He gives me a shoulder rub most evenings, he gets up and has the first shower most mornings letting me sleep a bit longer and he thoroughly enjoys my cooking.

He makes me light up like I never knew I could and he is definitely the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. 

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My fiance is so amazing! He has no problem saying “I’m sorry”, is amazing at sharing is feelings with me and I’ve seen him cry multiple times. He puts up with my short fuse and is so forgiving of my bad habits.

He all about fixing things around the house and if he doesn’t know how…he will look it up, learn all about it, and/or find someone to help him out with it. He has no problem asking for directions either! lol.

He works so hard to support our family. He goes to a job he absolutely hates and they treat him like crap every day because he knows he knows its the responsible thing to do….luckily, he’s in the process of trying for a MUCH better, life changing job. WooHoo! 

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@AnaA:  I have you man’s twin ๐Ÿ™‚ he doesnt like to watch soccer like most guys. And loves chickflicks and is not gay hahaha

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@ForeverMrsB:  Aww, he sounds really sweet!! And great idea!

My guy likes to write songs for the piano. He’s been working on this reeeeally pretty piece and just the other day he said that he’s thought of a name for it. And it’s his wedding vow to me because it is the love he has for me in his heart and it comes out through his music. I got teary-eyed. Love him!

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@ForeverMrsB:  We can be big kids together!  We are both big Disney fans, love video games, and other stuff that is a little childish lol.  He is also very neat and clean so he is okay with a lot of domestic stuff.  He is great with kids and animals.  It is so sweet seeing him with either ๐Ÿ™‚  He is very handy around the house, so we can do some DIY stuff.  Most of all, he makes me feel good about myself.  If I am feeling down on myself (I have long struggled with shyness and confidence issues :-/) he picks me up and makes me feel good about things.  I love him so much

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