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@ForeverMrsB:  This is such a sweet thread, love it!

My DH is the most sweet-spirited man who finds joy in everything. In the 7 years I have had the pleasure of calling him mine not a single day has gone by that he hasn’t called me beautiful. His personality is infectious and he is one of the sexiest men I have ever seen. His love of life, family, and God is such an inspiration to me everyday. I am such a lucky human being and a much better person just being with him. As we always say, to infinity and beyond babe.


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I have nothing but praise for my future FI!

In the past, I’ve “dated down” with guys that don’t treat me right, and ultimately did not deserve me. That all flew out the window forever when I found my way to my future FI’s arms. Unlike my past boyfriends, he knows how to treat me the way a woman should be treated. He is extremely successful and celebrated within his profession, mature, and is at a place in life where he is more than ready to settle down with me and start a family.

When we first met, I got that weak-in-the-knees, jelly legs feeling – something I thought was just a saying until it actually happened to me. In fact, I *still* get that feeling around him all the time. He’s an extremely intelligent (genius, even – truly), creative, sensitive, and romantic person with a hint of edge. Making love with him has been a spiritually transformative experience, I NEVER imagined sex could be like this, and I was very open before. To be able to look into the eyes of my soulmate every day, to be held in his arms…the rush of emotions I feel is impossible to fully articulate. It’s a blessing I’m thankful for, and in awe of, every day.

The cherry on the cake? Last night, without any provocation from me, he asked if I wanted to make plans to go ring shopping with him! I told him that I’d rather be surprised, but we had a more in-depth discussion about my preferences. I’d already tried on several styles just for fun in the past, so i have a few rings I’m leaning towards. He just told me not to worry, that he would pick the “perfect ring for his perfect girl”.  I felt like my heart would burst from the love that flooded into it in that moment. I woke up next to him this morning, looked at him, and had to hold back tears. I can’t wait to marry this man.

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My DH told me to quit my job- that I was sick of- so that I could be a Stay-At-Home Mom to our girls. Yay!

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@ForeverMrsB:  GREAT THREAD!! I cant say all this stuff to people in real life, they would just roll their eyes haha

Where do i begin? He is my best friend. We have SOOOO many inside jokes it is ridiculous. We always will be out and look at eachother and say the exact same thing (referring to a joke) and crack up laughing! He listens to all my gossip because i know he wont tell anyone hehe (and yes, he is actually interested lol)

He lets me be myself. My big kid at heart, clumsy self. Him putting up me being forgetful and clumsy is a blessing in itself. He checks to make sure i have my purse and phone when we leave. He watches disney movies with me. I have actually turned him into a disney fanatic. We have annual passes, saw disney on ice etc. He told me he never use to enjoy stuff like this, but he has so much fun with me like he never thought he could <3

He has a great moral back bone. Seriously. He is so compassionate and caring, just truly a wonderful person. He is always willing to help and do whats right, even for strangers.

He encourages me and inspires me to be a better person. When i didn’t think mt AA from a community college was worth celebrating – he bought my cap and gown and made sure i walked across that stage because he knew i would regret it. He made me so it realize that i worked hard for that and deserved a proper graduation.

He calms me down when i am upset and is always there if i need him. He always thanks me for things! Like walking the dog or listening to him vent.

He has never really been a guft buying type of guy, if he did, it was gift cards. He really makes an effort for xmas and bdays because he said he knows its important to me.

ugh i just love him and now i am sad i have to wait until tomorroe night to see him!

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I’m not sure I could have designed a better man for me. He works hard, is attentive to my needs, super sensitive while still somehow being manly about it, we complement each other nearly perfectly, he’s a goofball, makes amazing cheeseburgers, and shows me every day how much he loves me. His faith in God is beautiful and his care for other people is admirable. He’s a wonderful man – I’m lucky and blessed to have him.

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FH always knows exactly what I need when I’m feeling down or angry about something.

He never gets annoyed if I have to skip something because I have to practise flute. He is a piano player and knows the level of dedication needed towards becoming a better musician.

If he gets home before me, he always has dinner on the table, and he’ll wait until I get home so he can eat with me ๐Ÿ™‚

And he’s just so handsome and great to look at ๐Ÿ™‚

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@ForeverMrsB:  FH is quite possibly the best man i have ever known. and for that i thank his mother and sister for raising him right! he’s 38, never been married, no children…so respectful…considerate to everyone (not just me)…a true southern gentleman! our relationship comes first no matter what. we have so much in common its quite scary – he’s totally the male version of me. he’s always doing something thoughtful or sweet when i’m not looking. he’s sensitive in all the right ways, but he’s also very masculine and is blue collar, which i find so attractive…that and he’s 6’3″ with a beard ๐Ÿ˜‰ i can’t wait to marry him!!!

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There is so much!  Yesterday was my birthday, and when he got home from work, I heard him and went to open the door, and there he is, walking up to the house with flowers in one hand, and a slice of cake (the same kind as our wedding cake) in the other!  That was like, the best image of all time.  He said the valentine’s flowers he got me were looking sad, so I needed new ones, and cake.  

But he’s always so thoughtful, observant, and sweet like that.  I love that he makes me feel like I’m amazing, and we are so comfortable but still respectful around each other.  I’m pretty lucky!

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My DH is a huge softie and is so good with our dogs, his nieces and nephews, works incredibly hard, is faithful to me, is strong in his faith, and on top of all that, he has a bangin’ body. What’s not to love?

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@myweddingbee:  aren’t we luckyyyyy? haha

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My man is my everything! We are pretty much total opposites, but in the best way possible. Whatever I lack in, he makes up for and vice versa. He is manly and tall but sensitive and sweet all at once. He always supports anything I do and would do anything to make me happy. He calls me beautiful every single day and has this twinkle in his eye when he looks at me a certain way; I just love it! And him ๐Ÿ™‚ we are always dreaming together about our future and have the same views, we just fit together so perfectly. He always makes me laugh and loves to come home and tell me all about his day and is a also a great listener. He always knows the right things to say and keeps me in line when I get crazy sometimes! (Ok, maybe more than sometimes ha). He loves my family and they love him. He treats me like a queen and I just appreciate how sweet he is to me. 

I just cherish every moment with him and can’t wait to be his wifey someday! He rocks!

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My SO can make me laugh on the worst of days. Anyone that knows me and knows me well are aware that I tend to have a very dry and reserved humor. I’m fortunate.

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My hubby is awesome!! He knows exactly what to do and say to make me laugh, we have the exact same sense of humour! He has an amazing beard that I love (when he keeps it nice trimmed! haha). He is loving and always tells me I look beautiful. We just have a really cool bond and barely ever fight. He knows when I need a hug and he gives amazing bear hugs. I just love him <3

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Loving this thread! My partner is truly my other half. He supports me through good and bad. I have some chronic health issues, and many times he has had to take care of me. By trade, he is a nurse so sometimes I feel guilty if he comes home and has to again be a nurse. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and is so sweet to our two dogs adn tortoise. He also is a great cook ๐Ÿ™‚

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Aww I love this thread. Ok he really is my sunshine. He is the biggest joker ever. He always has the perfect quick one liner an comeback. His laugh and smile make the room light up, he livens any room he is in and makes people comfortable. He’s a doer and gets what ever he wants. He is a golf ball and completely comfortablue with him self. I’ve never seen him try to be someone he’s not and is grounded in that. He loves his family deeply and respects mine. He goes out of his way to help others in every part of his life. He’s a great boss, goes far beyond what is required to help his guys do well. Hes a stable provider and takes pride in that role. He supports my dreams, even when I’m still trying to find my way in them. He is a wonderful father. He is the role model I want our boys to look up to as whaT a man is. He appericiates and respects everything I do in our home and for our children. He is always positive and brings me out of my fears, he has complete faith that everything will always work out and that our children will be brought up in a home of love and that will outshine the difficulties we are having with our eldest right now.

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