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For me, the only thing that works is following some kind of diet plan. Vowing to eat healthy and exercise never worked for me because I have zero willpower. I’d eat junk food then do the “oh I’ll exercise tomorrow” bit. But when I have a concrete and structured diet plan I do much better and ultimately lose more weight. The trick to that though, is not buying food that isn’t on your plan. Therefore, no chance to “cheat”.

I like the eating plans that are scheduled out in advance, like the Jillian Micheal’s Making the Cut plan. I do much better having my meals layed out for me so I know exactly what to expect. It takes the temptation away for me if I do it that way, because I go “I can’t have a brownie after dinner, today’s snack is veggies and dip”. 

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I am having success with eating what I want that is healthy. I have lost almost 4lbs in the last 2 1/4 weeks. I am doing this by tracking my food and exercise on SparklePeople.com. It is a free site. If you are honest with yourself and keep to the program, it will work. On their site you can opt for them to set you up with a diet and exercise program or you can set up your own. I am doing my own because that is easier for me. I really wish I would have joined up with them prior to my wedding.

A typical menu for me is:

  • 6 to 8 servings of fruits and vegtable each day
  • 8 to 9 full glasses of water
  • Yoplait yogurt for breakfast
  • an everything bagel with peanut butter for lunch
  • a shredded beef or chicken wrap for dinner (stuffed and with everything that I like on it; i.e., refried beans, lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream, jalepenos or whatever else I want on it to change it up a bit)
  • also for dinner, I sometimes add tater tots to my meal
  • Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for a snack
  • Kellogg’s Special K crackers – multi-grain for a snack
  • Kellogg’s Special K cracker chips for a snack

Friday is my cheat day. I have been going to Wendys for a homestyle chicken sandwich, fries, and a small frosty.

According to the plan, I have extra calories that I could take advantage of, except on Fridays and I am not going hungry. I think the key is to try to eat something every couple/few hours and drink lots and lots of water. I have also cut my soda intake by 99%.

I also wanted to add.

I go to the gym and do cardio 3 times a week and strength training 2 times a week. Cardio is one of the best things that you can do to help yourself lose weight. Strength trainning is also important, but from what I understand, it is more for toning than for weight loss. Here is a link to an article with three at home exercises that you can do that will help you. The article states that if you do these exercises properly and according to plan, you should see results in as little as 3 weeks.


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I don’t see the two as mutually exclusive. I boils down to YOUR personality. I absolutely needed structure and WW worked for me when I applied the princples. but thats true of any diet. The most basic of rules are 1) consume less than you currently are intaking 2) increase your physical activity.  Ultimately you have to comitt to making a consisent lifestyle change. If you half ass it, you get half assed results. There is no short cut, either do it or don’t.

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I’ve been a yo yo dieter since highschool, so I’ve had my fair share of learning what does and doesn’t work haha.  I’ve had my best results when I eat healthy and exercise, but its soooo hard for me to stick to.  Even weight watchers wasn’t structured enough for me haha.  I suggests a healthy diet (no crash diet, those never work out in the end)+ workout plan, and getting a buddy to do it with you if possible, it makes a huuuuge difference.  I signed up for jillian michael’s online plan, it gives you daily meal plans + really specific workout plans, it was great.  Plus the food was really good too, sometimes I was even too full to finish my meals haha.  Anyways, thats my 2 cents haha.

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Just to lose weight–diet

To lose weight and keep it off and live with it off–eat healthy and exercise.

My eating habits are pretty simple. Cereal for breakfast. Snack a couple hours later (fruit or cheese or healthy granola bar or crackers or almonds or a dozen other things, find something you like that’s low cal but still satisfying–keep the portions small). Lunch is soup or a healthy sandwich with fruit or veggies or V8 or another snack like thing. Another small snack a few hours later. Dinner can be a lot of things, sometimes similar to lunch, sometimes I cook something fancy, sometimes just a salad or even something as terrible as a low cal/sodium TV dinner depending on what’s happening.

Calories are important. I think it’s almost impossible to be really successful without some method of counting calories. I used DailyPlate on LIvestrong.com

For exercise, you gotta find something that you enjoy that you can keep up at a schedule. Yoga, volleyball, walking with a friend, a class at a gym, an exercise bike in front of your TV. Try different things and don’t let yourself get bored.

The food is more important than the exercise. Exercise is great and important, but if you eat like crap I don’t care how much time you spend at te gym–it’s not gonna do a lot of good.

I lost 75 pounds, and have been the same weight for almost 3 years now.

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In my opinion all you need to do is eat right (not diet) and excersise. I am a pretty physically fit person and eating right plus excersise does work. Diets seem like a waste of time if they are strict and not realistic.

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I “eat healthy and exercise” via WeightWatchers.  (At least for past month).  I needed the structure.  I know what “eating healthy” is but I found I could eat healthy options that were still beyond the caloric intake (essentially translated into Points on WW)  I needed to stay below in order to lose weight.  Therefore, ‘eating healthy’ was too vague for me to lose weight on.  

I’ve always exercised at least 3x/week, mostly Zumba at least 2x/wk and 2-3 4 mile dog walks.  This was still not enough to lose.  But I enjoy seeing the “activity points” build in WW from this that then give me the “permission” to enjoy a more relaxed day on the diet to go out to dinner, have a bottle of wine, without guilt…as long as I put in the work and stored the points for it 🙂

I agree that these don’t have to be mutually exclusive…and are probably most successful when they are not.  Sometimes removing the word “diet” from the new lifestyle change will make it easier to swallow the sometimes difficult changes.  

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