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NYE2014:  what is the menu?  I would agree that there should be more than 4 meals provided.  I imagine that would get pretty boring pretty quickly.  Did they give any indication as to WHY the menu is the way it is?  They seem to be aware there’s a problem.

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NYE2014:  I don’t have kids, so I don’t know what’s normal, but that’s a pretty lame menu. 

Chicken Nuggets, followed by Fish Nuggets – REALLY?

I can see that they’re trying to fill in all the food groups but really this is pretty lame – I can’t imagine it would be that difficult to come up with a few more options for the tots!

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NYE2014:  I used to work in a licensed day care and the meals were on a 4 week rotation. It also depends on who the cook is. In the 2 I worked at one of the cooks LOVED her job and was always coming up with creative meals for the kids, whereas the other daycare the food was pretty bland and it was clear the cook wasn’t into it. That could be a factor too.

Kids are often hungry after they leave, not so much because they’re ‘used’ to the food but because playing with the toys is more exciting than sitting still, could be another explanation. Our kids were constantly eating, we always had snacks available for them.

Maybe try asking how often the food is switched up because it seems to be too much repetition before writing a formal letter. If no one answers you or trys to blow you off, then write a letter. You’re paying for it and it’s a legit question. If you’re not happy with the answer you can take your kid, and money out of there and towards a better day care.

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I work at Kindercare and we have a 5 week rotating menu. Of course a few items are repeated once in awhile (veggie pizza/cheese pizza) but definitely not every other week! I would definitely be speaking to the Director, or even the District Manager about that!

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Hmmm I agree that there could be more variety, but at the same time I wonder how many stay at home moms insure their child a new, exciting meal every day? Even in my own lunches I typically have either leftovers, sandwich, or salad. It repeats a lot. 

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Yes, there should be more variety than that. Yes, we as adult often eat leftovers, but it is important children are exposed to various fruits and vegtables at a young age. They should be having breaded food so oftem. 

I have worked in daycares before and I have found it makes a difference, at least at the 2 I have worked at, if they recieved federal money or not. The one that recieved federal money had less processed food and way more of a variety of fruits and veggies. However, both were on a 5 or 6 week rotation. As PP said, sometimes a meal was repeated more than once in that rotation but never week after week.

edit: I would certainly speak to the director about it. At one of the daycares I worked at a toddler parent spoke up about a specific meal and it was completely changed!

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chicken nuggets and fish nuggets?! I work at a centre which has it’s own cook and menu and it does have a few double ups – every afternoon tea is just a selection of fruit. But there’s definitely more variety for main meals like soft tacos, egg and bacon pie, tuna mornay etc and we definitely don’t serve chicken nuggets. I’d chat to the director/educator just casually and ask if there’s any option for meal suggestions.

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NYE2014:  That is your best bet! Good luck!

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I would mention it to the director and ask when they plan to switch their menu rotation. My son was a very picky eater so I always packed his lunches. If I didn’t he would eat bread and fruit and nothing else. When my SO started eating with us regularly he stopped the picky eating in its tracks. He got packed lunches from age 1-4 basically. 

This is his lunch menu for the last two weeks. They have the same 5 items for breakfast each week. But he eats cereal every morning by his choice. 

Corn dogs, cauliflower w cheese sauce, pears, apple churro 

Fish sticks, mashed potatoes, orange, dinner roll w jelly

BBQ pork patty, sweet potato fries, mixed fruit, oreos

turkey & ham on a bun, black bean salsa and chips, peaches 

bean & cheese burrito, romaine salad, fruit cup, raspberry sherbet

lasagna, garlic bread, caeser salad, pineapple

hot dog, baked beans, frozen juice bar, fun fruits

pepperoni pizza, mixed veg, pears, fun fruits

sloppy joe, steamed carrots, strawberries, chocolate pudding

egg & cheese sandwhich, potato stick, yogurt, fruit cup

This is a typical elem school menu that meets the requirements. I don’t feel like what you posted meets the same. They feed this menu with some very slight variations to pre school aged kids who attend the day programs in my area. i can speak to the importance of showing a child variety from aN early age. My son was so picky bc I let him be that way. He was on pedisure for a long time because of his eating habits. 

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NYE2014:  my DD’s daycare also has a 5 week rotation, though there is some repeats and overlap within that. But that’s still a lot better than a 2 week rotation! I actually kind of count on daycare to be feeding her a wider variety of food than I do. It’s hard for me to have a good variety of healthy stuff to give her for dinner every night, since I basically need to feed her the instant I walk in the door after work. I’m not exactly whipping up five course meals on a nightly basis. She gets a rotation of the same few things, and that’s the best I can do. So I’d be really bummed if she was getting similarly shafted all day at daycare!

I would definitely say something if I were you. There’s always a way to go about it that isn’t going to earn you “that mom” status … just be polite, not angry or ranty, but still firm and concerned. Maybe even offer some menu suggestions that would be just as easy to make, but would be more interesting for the kids to eat.

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