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Honey bee
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How about pizza?

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Might be the best for you to pack a lunch. Generally food at the food court is extremely processed

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Helper bee

Everyone takes a different approach to food restrictions so you have to find the level you’re comfortable with. For example, I have been very careful with what I eat. This has meant that I haven’t eaten any pre-prepared food unless it has been heated piping hot right before eating it, no sandwiches/salads at cafes or restaurants etc. This applies to salads prepared in front of you because the problem is that you don’t know how fresh the ingredients really are and whether/when i.e. the lettuce has been washed. This is why for example in Australia the current recommendation is to stay away from pre-packaged lettuce because there’s a listeria risk in the way it is processed. While the risk is tiny but I couldn’t imagine taking a less stringent approach after a friend had a miscarriage due to listeria infection. Moreover, what makes listeria scary is that we may have eaten contaminated food many times before but healthy adults may experience only very minimal symptoms so we don’t really know how rare it is.

I have found it a little bit challenging to eat out (if we’ve gone out for dinner, I’ve generally had a well done steak or something that has been completely in the oven, such as pizza) but, in my opinion, no food is worth taking any risk. Therefore, I generally prepared my own lunch every day so I knew it was safe and I was able to properly heat it up until the food was steaming hot. In the end, nine months isn’t that long of a time and I definitely haven’t been starving! I may not have always been able to eat what I would have preferred (and at the moment I can’t wait to have the baby to have sushi and smoked salmon!) but now at 37 weeks I’m happy to know that I have done my best to reduce all possible risks to my baby.

Happy nine months!

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Sugar bee
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What kind of food court restaurants are we talking about? The mall near me has a lot of healthy options, but I know not all food courts are the same.

I would stick with yogurt and fruit salad if you are being super safe. Grilled Chicken sandwiches are not a bad option either IMO. Early in my pregnancy all I wanted was cheese pizza 🙂 

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Helper bee
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Theres plenty you can eat!  Just no sushi, no lunch meat, steaks and burgers cooked thoroughly, and be careful with pre packaged salads.  You could have tuna or chicken salad, grilled chicken, pizza, soup, a vegetarian sandwich etc.  some people will heat lunch meat to steaming and eat it that way (to kill bacteria).  I think it’s good to be cautious but not crazy.  A little coffee is ok, a few sips of your husbands beer is beyond fine, just be cautious.  I was all about breakfast sandwiches in the first trimester personally lol!  

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Buzzing bee
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I have been pretty lax about what I eat during pregnancy. The only thing I’ve really stayed away from is deli meat and blue cheese. I’ve eaten sushi numerous times but always from a high quality restaurant. food courts are tricky since a lot of the food is prepackaged or on the no list. Id stick with anything cooked…hot sandwiches are ok as well! 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I ate everything except raw food (although I did have a few pieces of sushi once or twice).  Maybe you can get some chicken sandwiches, pizza, soup, etc.  Dont’ they have stuff that they at least have made somewhat recently that isn’t prepackaged and gross tasting?  But most food court stuff is gross anyway so I’d rather just bring a lunch.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I would recommend doing some research about why some people make some food restrictions and evaluating how you feel about them. Personally, I’ve decided that I wasn’t that concerned about most of the food recommendations. The only ones I’ve gone by are limiting alcohol, limiting large predatory fish, and no cold lunch meat. Personally, I still eat sushi, prepared salads, soft serve ice cream, soft cheese (it’s almost all pasteurized), rare steaks, and drink coffee (200 mg caffeine per day). That’s what I’m confortable with. You can’t completely avoid all possible food contaminants, so it’s just a matter fo deciding where you’re confortable, risk wise.

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Busy bee
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I’ve been going with the motto of “if this food from this establishment has never made me sick before, its probably fine now”.  I did cut out mall food court raw sushi, but still eat sushi with cooked ingredients, I don’t eat deli meat anyway, and I try to keep my tuna down to 1 sandwich a week or less.

Soup, pizza, burgers, all great, and if you really want a deli sandwich and your work has a microwave, you can zap it till it steams.  You could probably ask to have the lettuce seperate from the toppings at a salad place, then rinse it off yourself if you have access to a sink.

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Honey bee

Why can’t you eat pre-made salads? 

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Sugar bee
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mazzoffee:  I am guessing from your spelling you aren’t American? Are you in the UK or Canada? If you are in Canada, can you do Chipotle? I lived on Chipotle and ShopHouse (not international) my first trimester. 

I do eat from a salad bar on a rare occasion, but normally I bring my lunch.

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Buzzing bee
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My OB said that cooked sushi and Deli meat (even cold) were totally fine as long as they weren’t from a sketchy  place. I ate a lot of turkey early on as it was one of the few non cheese protein sources I could stomach but haven’t been as into it lately. also had some steak (local grass fed from whole foods, cooked at home) that was not well done (burgers always well done though-ground beef carriers more risk than steak, see link below) and blue cheese baked on pizza. Feta and other cheese like that are okay if pasteurized, blue cheese is okay if cooked in something. I eat from the salad bar at my works cafe sometimes (I skip the cold chicken though but do get hard boiled eggs and cheese)  but wouldn’t at the other locations’s on site cafeteria bc I don’t think they manage it as well. 

e-coli risk in steak vs ground beef: http://www.healthlinkbc.ca/healthfiles/hfile02.stm

The only thing I had an issue with was packaged potato salad which I totally didn’t think about, puked the next day and my OB said that if there was anything bad in it my body had already taken care of it. That was a couple months ago and I’m 23wks and baby is healthy and fine! 

YMMV so you have to do what you and your OB are good with. Expecting Better is a good (albeit slightly dry) read for research on various pregnancy recommendations. 

Now I’m probably going to go get a turkey wrap for lunch since I’m thinking about it…

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Helper bee
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I’ve eaten a ton of lunchmeat during my pregnancy.  The risk of listeria is quite low.  Also I’ve eaten at sushi restaurants, but no raw fish, just the cooked rolls.  (I didn’t eat the raw fish before I got pregnant).

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