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I hate it when restaurants substitute ingredients in a recipe I had my heart set on. Like they’re out of sweet potatoes so they use a regular potato. And recently I ordered a sushi roll that was supposed to have Kiwi on top, and clearly they didn’t have any and just served it to me wiht a papaya mush instead.

This causes problems in my office, but I do not like any baked goods. I make an exception for Magnolia cupcakes every once in a while, but if someone makes them from a box and brings them in I just cringe. Pie, don’t get me started it’s like cardboard filled with sugar to me. And teh goo I just can’t stand. Brownies always taste like fake chocolate to me, even if they’re home made.

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I love most of the foods mentioned. lol I LOVE mayo. I have it on burgers, sandwiches, extra mayo when I make deviled eggs in the summer. Love it! I also love mushrooms and put them on anything I can.

I hate pickles, coleslaw and seafood.

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Busy bee
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Olives, feta cheese and bacon. I know. I’m a freak!

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Cold soup. I can’t look at it, smell it, or touch it, let alone eat it. Makes me want to barf. (I’m not good with soup when it’s hot, but when it’s cold? WORSE).

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@SapphireSun:Me too! If Fiance orders for me he says no tomatoes, no onions, no matter what it says on the menu. But seriously a caesar salad? I’ve never seen one with tomatoes so I would never ask for no tomatoes on that.

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Oh my. I LOVE olives, cilantro, avocadoes, okra, mayo (on sandwiches) and just about everything hated above!

But I HATE HATE HATE mushrooms. Oh my gag me. And any meat that resembles the animal it once was. Guh-ross.

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My Fiance and I have a lot of opposite food tastes.  I love tomatoes and mushrooms and onions, he despises them.  When we go out for burgers or sandwiches our orders are always completely different.  We both however love fish and asparagus.  Those are our staples.

One thing he loves that I cannot get into is pumpkin.  During autumn he loves pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin pie, pumpkin flavoring, etc.  I am just not into it at all and would rather save the calories for something else. 

The vegetable I have always hated since I was a kid: broccoli.  Broccoli and I are mortal enemies.  The only reason I buy it now is because I know it is so healthy, so I force myself to eat it sometimes, but god, it is horrible!

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Same here, can’t do black licorice.  Well actually, I don’t any licorice.  I know you can’t get this at a resto, but sometimes people get it at work and distribute the goods “hey want any licorice?!” No thanks.  

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@Sunshine23: Me too! Eggs are sooooooo gross!!!

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Most of these items I would normally agree with. Mayo, Olives, Raw Onions, Mustard.

But now that I’m pregnant, I want mayo on any sandwich I eat, and I want olives and pickles all the time. It’s so weird. Still don’t want raw onions though…

The one thing I really don’t like, is ginger. And, ginger helps with nausea during pregnancy. The other thing, which isn’t a side item, but if I smell it I want to throw up – molasses. Yuck!

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@Mrs Hedgehog: I do the same thing for shellfish! I just say I have an allergy to anyone around me and no one tries to get me to taste it. BLECH!

I’ve read that cilantro tastes like soap for maybe 1 in 5 people? I personally don’t mind it but my Fiance will absolutely not touch anything with it.

Btw, our local Panera does remove the caramelized onions from the new steak panini. My Fiance requested to remove it and they said it wasn’t mixed in so no issue…

I love most of the things that were listed here. Olives, pickles, tomatoes, mayo, artichokes, mushrooms, pretty much any veggie…mmmmm. I’m mostly picky about proteins. I don’t care much for seafood.


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Helper bee

I hate black licorice! Even the smell of someone’s breath after eating it, makes me gag. Same goes for Olives, esp the black buggers… ICK. Oh, and Parsley and Cilantro. :::shudders:::

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Sugar bee
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Mayo and raw tomatoes are the biggest culprits. I can eat salsa and pasta with tomato sauce all day…but raw tomatoes? Gag a maggot.

I do not like sweet potatoes…wasabi…green olives…or black-eyed peas.

But overall I’ll eat pretty much anything. I’m a veggie/red meat-eating machine!

For the record, black olives are the bomb-diggity!

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If I have even a speck of wasabi, my nose will run for no kidding about 3 hours.

I love sushi and every time I order it “no wasabi” I feel like I’m somehow not being authentic, but I must be allergic.

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I HATE onions!! No, I LOATHE them!!!! And they are on anything! Everyone makes fun of me because i sound so picky all the time, but it’s just because they put them in everything! And yes, they hide them! I was at the Melting Pot the other night (fondue place) and we ordered a cheese that had chives on top. I said hold the chives because I hate onions, and when she prepared the cheese on our table the pours a bowl of an oniony looking substance in and immediately after tells us they are shallots. Did you not hear that I CANNOT EAT onions!! They tear up my stomach! (and taste terrible…)

I also hate nuts, all kinds, especially peanuts. I can’t eat or even smell peanut butter–not an allergy, just hate it. I even hated PB as a kid. People tell me I should try this type of nut or that one bc it is good, but they all taste terrible to me.

It sucks that the 2 main things that I hate happen to be in EVERYTHING, which is why I sound like I’m so picky, but I honestly eat more of a variety of foods than many people I know.

I also hate: jalapenos, pork, bananas, and root beer.

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