(Closed) Foods to avoid when TTC, vitamins, and anything else to consider?

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The vitamins you are taking are fine

the drinking thing is up to you. I’m personally in the “drink till it’s pink” camp. I will have alcohol during the TWW and stop once I get a BFP. You don’t share blood supply with baby until 6 weeks or so. Having a drink even before implantation won’t hurt anything. 

Caffeine is also personal preference. My OB said no more than 250mg a day, which is a cup of coffee or 2 sodas, or other drink of choice. So if you only drink one cup a day, you’re fine. If you drink coffee all day long, I’d use this time to wean yourself down to fewer cups so it’s not such a shock to your system when you are pregnant 

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you don’t share a blood supply with the baby until about 8 weeks after conception.  but i’m in the camp of drink til its pink.  i drink socially.  i’ll have a glass or 2 of wine or beer until i see that pink line.

vitamins.  try to take every day.  but ok if you don’t.  if you are eating a healthy well balance diet, you should be getting your nutrients from that.  folic acid is important and especially if you have spina bifida in your family  (my brother does)

caffeine, – some people drink coffee all through their pregnancy.  i think you are supposed to have max of 200mg/ day

there is nothing you need to avoid until you are pregnant.

expect soy, you should limit soy products during your luteral phase.

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I believe my prenatal has 800mg of folic acid. And I my doc also said I should be getting at least that amount for the health of the baby.


Drink until it’s pink- meanin… Drink until you get a BFP. I did a shot 2 days before my BFP and baby is doing just fine

I would start to decrease caffiene. It’s easier doing it not pregnant then pregnant… But I’m also atill having a cup of caffiene a day to keep the headaches at an all time low.

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We started TTC this week and I started taking prenatals with folic acid (800mg) this week, a little behind, but better than never. I plan to drink until the BFP and will probably have a soda every day or so throughout the pregnancy, maybe a little less first trimester, but up to 200mg a day is typically the safe limit. I’m not doing anything else really until a positive or my doctor says not to. 

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This is going to be super long, sorry, lol but I read this article that I thought was really interesting. 10 weirdest foods you should avoid while pregnant. We are TTC, started last month and I’ve been doing so much research, getting my self paranoid ACD crazy over it, haha. But here the list and I had no idea about these.


1. Sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts, zesty sprouts, and every other type of sprouts you can think of are off limits. Sprouts are prone to carrying the listeria bacteria, which can be harmful to you and baby. I’ve found this means no sprouts on my pitas, in my sandwiches, or in my pho.


2. Predatory fish

Larger, predatory fish that eat lots of other fishies are off the menu, too. This include shark, swordfish, tuna steaks, walleye, pike, and the list goes on. These fish are more likely to accumulate more mercury throughout their lifetimes, which is harmful to humans.


3. Freshly caught fish

Tell dad and grandpa that they can eat the day’s catch themselves. Freshly caught fish can contain toxins that are floating about in the local ponds and streams, which make it straight to your baby when you consume them.


4. Cookie dough

Cookie dough is delicious and easily one of my more prominent cravings (pregnant or not, to be perfectly honest). Unfortunately, cookie dough is made with raw eggs, which can carry salmonella. So avoid the dough, and eat the fully baked cookies instead!


5. Herbal teas

Yes, I know, herbal teas do not contain caffeine. It is unknown, however, how herbals teas can affect pregnant women and their babies. It’s believed that they are probably safe, but to err on the side of caution, they recommend pregnant women avoid large quantities herbal teas. Herbs that contain stimulants, such as guarana, kola nut, and others, should definitely be avoided.


6. Soft-serve ice cream

Listeria rears its ugly head again! Soft-serve ice cream is known to possibly carry listeria, so it’s best to stick to by-the-scoop homemade ice cream from your favorite local joint.


7. Sesame seeds

There is no agreed-upon reason, in the United States, to avoid sesame seeds during pregnancy, but they have been linked to miscarriage in other countries around the world. On the other hand, sesame seeds are nutrient-rich and offer a lot of health benefits, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to eat them.


8. Black licorice

Eating black licorice in the first place seems questionable to me, but the husbeast likes it, so some of y’all might, too. Large quantities of black licorice should be avoided by most people, but especially pregnant women. Licorice root contains glycyrrhizin, which can lead to abnormal heart rhythms, high blood pressure, swelling, lethargy and congestive heart failure. Want more? Licorice also causes a drop in potassium levels, and can mimic estrogen. In really high quantities, it can cause paralysis, brain damage, and erectile dysfunction. I should probably keep it away from husband, eh?


9. Freshly squeezed juice

There’s something positively magical about fresh-squeezed orange juice on a Sunday morning. Turn it down if you’re pregnant, though, as unpasteurized juices can contain E. coli and salmonella. Bummer.


10. Papaya and pineapples

Eat all the ripe papaya you want. It can even help control that lovely pregnancy-induced constipation we all know so well. Unripe papaya, however, contains a latex substance that can cause uterine contractions which can lead to miscarriage. Pineapples also carry a substance that can cause uterine contractions, and as per an old wives tale, it could encourage labor later on in pregnancy, but may be tied to miscarriage early on in pregnancy. Bromelian in pineapples may also soften the cervix and cause early labor.


– See more at: http://makingithomeblog.com/10-weird-things-shouldnt-eat-when-pregnant/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=inbound&utm_campaign=Social+Media#sthash.DuGARcpi.dpuf

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Just take prenatal vitamins.  You don’t need to avoid anything else until you’re pregnant.  Unless you smoke or something, in that case I’d look into giving that up!  You can drink alcohol, I’d drink until I got my BFP.

I don’t think you need to avoid anything until you’re actually pregnant.  I mean, what if it takes you 7 months to get pregnant?  You want to avoid all those things for 7 months??? Even then, a lot are choices.  I drank caffeine throughout my pregnancy, I just didn’t drink that much of it.

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Yes not to be a downer but I agree with PP don’t give things up now (except smoking if you do, it’ll be better for your health anyway) – I’m on my 21st cycle and about to start IVF next month being hyper vigilant for nearly 2 years would’ve drove me batty (on top of the IF (infertility))… If god forbid you have a similar timeline sacrificing everything will make you more resentful (well I believe it would’ve me more resentful than I already am haha)

Obviously for the first few months I was careful but now I’m in a “whatever” stage and I’m definitely a drink until it’s pink. I’m not usually a huge drinker anyway. My doctor only told us no smoking & no excessive drinking (which neither of us do anyway) the rest doesn’t matter while TTC. 

My Multi has 500mcga in it. It obviously matched what the Dr originally told me to take years ago (as I researched all and got the best prenatal I could find) but I can’t remember exactly what numbers she gave me. Thou she did tell me a multi wasn’t necessary and a folic on it’s own would be fine but I figured the other stuff wouldn’t hurt and honestly I’ve been healthier since taking them ๐Ÿ™‚

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krystalite:  Yeah in the first few months (probably 2-5ish, because our first month we didn’t really try and because I was overseas I did whatever I wanted… Trip of a lifetime and all that) I did avoid drinking, caffeine, spas, massages, cold and flu meds etc during my tww and it just made me more paranoid. I then made the decision to enjoy my life however I wanted until I was pregnant as I couldn’t let TTC rule my every decision – best thing I ever did. Unfortunately I seem to have an obsessive personality and TTC is never far from my mind (yes it is exhausting and hard to deal with sometimes) but it IS easier without the self-imposed restrictions.

I forgot to mention in my previous post I did switch to a pregnancy friendly antihistamine for my allergies, so if you have any meds that might need changing speak to your Dr now – it’s just easier to deal with an possible side effects/trying to find something that works now rather than in early pregnancy. 

Thanks we are hoping for a quick IVF miracle… Hopefully before Xmas so we can celebrate with our families this year ๐Ÿ™‚

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krystalite:  I agree with PP’s that you don’t have to fully avoid anything (apart from obvious thinksd like cigarettes and drugs) just yet. I would reccommend taking Folic Acid and try to focus on being healthy overall. Keep you weight sensible, eat a varied healthy diet, excercise, don’t binge drink etc. That way you’ll give your body the best chance of being in top shape for conceiving.

All the best of luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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krystalite:  You dont have to cut anything out lol. And no you dont have to stop drinking while TTC or having coffee…. thats just a personal choice some people make because it makes them feel better lol. Some people like to stop or ween off because then its easier to get out of the habit once your pg rather then going cold turkey but coffee and alcohol will not harm the baby while your TTC. In fact…. you actually dont share your blood stream in that way with the baby until the placenta starts forming at around 6-8 weeks (avg)….so given that most women (unless they are hardcore charting and Pee On A Stick at 14 Days Past Ovulation like us charters)….dont realise they are pg until they are at least 6-8 weeks along…..  and tend to freak out because “oh lord I had a drink or this or that”. Unless your going out and getting hammered every weekend…. having an occasional drink during that time wont harm the baby!!! I have the philosophy of “drink till its pink” lol….so when you get a positive test then stop.

Feel free to keep living your life as normal within healthy reasoning (smoking is definatly something I’d say to stop though if a women is TTC) and take your pre-natal Vitamins…… but No, forgetting to take one here or there isnt going to do any harm to the baby….all the folic acid does is help prevent tube defects but not taking it doesnt do anything to the baby….lots of women dont even take the vitamins because they make them sick….taking them is good but its just precautionary. I have 1000mcg in mine and the doctor said its fine. Im currently 16w pg and still have my one cup of coffee a day, baby is perfect so far and growing like a weed ๐Ÿ˜‰  I only ever have one so the doctor said its fine as I dont typically consume more then that.

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