Foods to avoid while pregnant

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Cantaloupe?! That’s my favourite fruit and we just bought one this morning 🙁 lol

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Bees, can you let me know what is the best way to stay updated on all of the outbreaks (other than looking threw multiple news channels)? I wonder if there is like an email subscription I could sign up for to get immediate notification for outbreaks – I have something similar for dog food for my dog.

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Echoing PPs, avoid any raw/undercooked meat, soft cheese, deli foods like cold cuts and premade salads. I don’t love eggs so I don’t have a problem with avoiding runny eggs. If you eat leftovers make sure you heat them up a lot to kill any bacteria. Despite advice to cut out caffeine I still have tea every day and have enjoyed a rndom coffee out here and there as a treat. DH is mostly doing solidarity with me and not drinking, but when he has an odd beer or glass of wine I have a sip. Moderation and avoiding the obvious ones is key!

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On the cheese thing, I avoided bleu cheese, feta, and soft cheeses throughout the first half of my pregnancy. Then one day I was at an event with a pregnant friend and I saw herself load a generous heap of bleu cheese onto her buffalo chicken sandwich and I was like what the heck!? I asked her about it and it turns out pretty much all cheese you get in the U.S. is pasteurized, so it’s actually fine to eat. I still ask when ordering any of these “forbidden” cheeses at restaurants to make sure they’re pasteurized, and I check the label on things I buy in the store, but since I’ve started checking I haven’t encountered a single bleu, feta or soft cheese in the U.S. that wasn’t pasteurized! hallelujah!

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Bumble bee

After talking to my OB and doing a lot of my own research, this was my own pregnancy food protocol:


-I completely avoided cold cut, pink burgers (I regularly eat them medium rare), and salad bars. 

-I cut back on caffeine (ice tea or a tall starbucks vs my reg grande)

-We eat sushi at a nice restaurant almost every week. My OB just said “no grocery store sushi” and a friend who’s literally THE fish expert in our city reminded me that the sushi we eat is all flash-frozen in transit to where we live.  I ate it during 1st Tri but eventually lost my taste for our regular rolls and sashimi and so we didn’t go for the last 4-5 months. 

-Wine sparingly.  No hard alcohol ever. 


Pretty much everything else I ate if I wanted it. You’d have to hunt for unpasteurized cheese and some of the other “no-nos” so I didn’t worry about those at all.

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Mainly what I have avoided are the typical things: Sushi or any raw/undercooked meats and deli meat, nothing with raw egg (such as hollandaise sauce, which has been hard as an eggs benedict lover lol), alcohol, and I didn’t really drink any coffee during the first trimester, but have started drinking it again during my second trimester. I have still had some soft cheeses like goat cheese and blue cheese, but veeeery small portions. Some people say not to drink fresh/raw juices (since it’s unpasteurized), but I have had a couple of small green juices throughout my pregnancy so far. 

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mrspuppylove :  my midwife told me to avoid unpasteurised dairy, undercooked meats, and to wash fruit and vegetables very well, and no pre-prepared salads or sandwiches. Washing fruit and veg is particularly important, especially in the 3rd trimester, as this is when listeria and toxoplasmosis is more likely to pass through the placenta to the baby, so I’ve become even more vigilant about it as the pregnancy has progressed! I’m due in 7 weeks and can’t wait to have my body back. Rare steak and champagne is going to be my first meal!!

ETA advice in the UK has changed regarding eggs because of the very successful vaccination programme for hens, so now we’re allowed to eat runny eggs as long as they’re British standard eggs. I was so excited about this one!

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I reduced caffeine (slightly), tried to toast my cold cut sandwhiches, and mostly avoided raw fish and heavy wine pours (I still had a glass here and there).  Both of my kids came out just fine.  I’d say eat what you’re comfortable with- and avoid what doesn’t sound good!   Congratulations!

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I pretty much still eat everything but just make some concessions. Sushi is now veggie sushi, cold cuts are cooked, blue cheese is my jam and I couldn’t give up my beloved apple pecan blue cheese salads from Wendy’s. I have given up alcohol completely, no coffee or tea, but damn I still have a coke once in a while– soooo good.

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Buzzing bee

I’ve mostly just given up alcohol and limit canned tuna and caffeine.  It seems like most listeria outbreaks are random impossible to avoid foods.  

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i did not know sushi was safe at all during pregnancy, i always thought it was a big No No… ive been craving a spicy tuna roll for weeks… what about medium rare steak? 

i hate anything cooked above medium rare, and ive been dying for some meat product recently. 

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So, I was curious about something specific today and found a page on and it had a really great chart of “foods to avoid vs. safe alternatives” that I found super helpful! Maybe there are similar guideline pages for your regions?

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