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Honey Beekeeper
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You could always buy pasteurized eggs. I made frosting for a pregnant friend that used raw eggs and had to buy those…they’re expensive but probably worth it if you’re a cookie dough fanatic.

So basically, all the GOOD STUFF is a no-no during pregnancy. No wonder it’s too easy to eat ding dongs and other packaged things…all the good stuff is off limits! haha

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Buzzing bee
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Being vegan sure makes this easy!  The only thing I’d need to worry about is the greens (and I always wash mine beforehand, even if they’re “triple washed”–I don’t trust the food industry!) and sprouts (which I don’t really eat anyway because I kinda think they’re gross).  Win. 

And you can always make cookie dough without eggs.  I use Ener-g egg replacer, which is just a powdery mix of starches, and pretty much everyone eats my cookies (and dough) and says it’s like totally the best ever.  So yeah.

I can testify that I eat many orgasmically yummy things every day and they contain nothing on this list, so fear not, you will have plenty to eat during pregnancy.

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Busy bee
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Scary list! Makes all things yummy a no-no! Poop!

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Blushing bee
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Eh, I think freaking out about food and trying to avoid any little risk will really get to you after a while. I’m sure most foods carry some danger associated with their consumption in large quantities or with a certain preparation…..and i’m also sure many a healthy baby was born after many a knowing mother ate them.


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Helper bee
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ok, i totally had to post on this!!! i want to call BULLSHIT!!! I have such a strong opinion on all this. I have had two kids, and most of this is bullshit. If you are the type of overcautious person then great for you and feel free to listen to them, but this just angers me. I ate raw cookie dough through both pregnancies, in my first pregnancy, before i knew i was pregnant, i was still drinking, a lot! Which yes, not recommended while pregnant, my kids are both fine, but obviously, i didn’t know, otherwise i sure as hell wouldn’t have been drinking. The deli meat thing is ridiculous! I ate that through both pregnancies, and i ate salad greens and sprouts. god forbid, i even had a glass of champagne on new years! So listen to the magazine if you want, but more than likely you’ll be fine. i had two healthy over 8lb babies, all while eating the supposedly unthinkable. Look at what our mothers did while they were prego and we’re fine. There are much bigger issues to worry about, trust me, i know, i was puking the whole way through both pregnancies, had preeclampsia both times, had an irritable uterus, there’s a huge list of issues, so worrying about eating some of these things is just insane.

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Helper bee
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lol yep, im slightly opinionated. I just think its insane these guidelines, pretty soon pregnant women aren’t going to be allowed to eat anything! in the 2.5 years between my two kids, things changed so dramatically with what you can and cant eat, so after being fine my first pregnancy, it didn’t change my opinion the second time around.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Raw cookie dough sent me to the hospital with severe food poisoning this pregnancy.  I was 16 weeks and finally feeling good enough to want to sample my cookie dough.

I ended up spending the night in the hospital with an IV getting 3 liters of fluid.  I’ve never, ever been so sick in my life.  Every person has different risk tolerance, but there is a very real risk, especially if the eggs are batched, like for pre-made cookie dough.


Remember that anecdotal evidence does not constitute scientific evidence! (Including my experience, which is why I link to the science).

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Honey Beekeeper
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Maybe PirateJenn is the exception to the rules, haha. I’m sure plenty of women eat deli meat and don’t get sick. And yet plenty of women DO eat deli meat and get sick.

@MightySapphire, YES. They’re special eggs, the Dierbergs here sells them! They’re freakin’ $5.99 a dozen though; i couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t really know how to make icing any other way than with raw egg. It was a new recipe and I didn’t want to eff it up and waste all the other ingredients. But if you’re that hard up for cookie dough, you’ll pay anything I’m sure Tongue out…also I GUESS you could substitute Egg Beaters. Does it work that way? That’s pasteurized, too!

I think I would just NOT bake cookies or cakes for 9 months. Which isn’t even feasible for me. I HAVE to…HAVE to….eat it off the spatulas and beaters. I can’t not.

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Sugar bee
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the reason we do a lot of things in life is because there is some risk invovled.  Doing risky things and having a healthy baby is not a good enough reason for others to take the same risks. Its like saying you never put on your seatbelt and haven’t ever been hurt. 

To me its all about deciding what steps you are willing to take to mitigate risks.  Back to the car example, do most people wear a seatbelt to avoid getting hurt or killed in an accident? Yes, because its an easy step to take to reduce your risk.  do most people stop riding in cars all together to eliminate the risk? No, because that is too inconvenient.

Same thing with pregnancy and food – only here, its not so clean cut.  we each have to decide what steps we are willing to take to reduce the small risks that are out there – and they are all small risks, which is why most women who do these things will have perfectly healthy babies in the end.  But for a small percentage, bad stuff might happen….

Personally, I have cut out some things but don’t drive myself crazy.  I have set my own tolerance level….to each her own!

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Busy bee
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Eh, to each her own, I know some of the restrictions seem dumb, but everyone needs to find their own comfort level. I think first time moms tend to be overly cautious and there’s nothing really wrong with that. I’ve tried to be really good during this pregnancy, but I’m no saint. I’ve had my fair share of soft serve from sonic, knowing full well the risks… I’ve had a few small glasses of red wine, hell, I even had a raw sushi roll the other day, oops. But I’m not going to judge anyone, and I hope people aren’t judging me too harshly. Life is all about calculated risks, and some people are more cautious than others… the only thing that really bothers me is when I see pregnant women smoking. I smoked for years and years and trust me, if I can quit, just about anyone can. I think that’s just stupid.

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Helper bee
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@ MightySapphire –

Here’s my recipe for high raw Chococlate Chip Cookies – the recipe is high raw becasue I use maple syrup and regular chocolate chips. You can make it totally raw but switching out the maple syurp for raw agave or honey….and switching out the chocolate chips for raw cacao nibs. 

Cookie Batter
1 3/4 cups cashew “flour”
3/4 cup ground oat groats (or use all cashew flour for a much sweeter dough)
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 cup melted coconut oil

– organic Dark Chocolate Chips

with a blender mix the cashews and oats to form a “flour”add maple syrup, vanilla and coconut oil. – mix to a dough consistency in the blender –

transfer the dough into a bowl, fold in chocolate chips. form into balls and refrigerate.


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Helper bee
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I would be careful with deli meat. I don’t eat it anyway, but if I did suddenly want it, I would take the precaution. I do not think it’s bullshit to worry about listeria.

As for produce, including bagged salads, it’s foolish for anyone to not properly, thoroughly wash produce. I skip the sprouts when I’m pregnant, too.


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