(Closed) For all the Bees who didn’t get a New Years proposal, I bring you VentFest 2012!

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Busy bee

Nah, I wasn’t really expecting one either – I worked New Year and tonight (shhh!) but it didn’t stop mefantacising about himknocking on the window of my work and asking me to step outside….It’s the not-knowing I hate (I know this sounds bitchy but I worry that I’ve put all my eggs in a basket that’ll always have a whole in it – okay that didn’t really work, but it’s after midnight here, geez a break!)

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Wasn’t expecting anything over the holidays, but a good friend of mine got engaged to her SO and I cried when I found out.  They’ve been together a little over a year, my BF and I have been together almost two and a half years.  And I know time doesnt really matter, but I want it to be my turn.  

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Busy bee

Slightly disappointed since we had talked about it a lot the last two or so months but we also had a talk about it as well.

We are probably going to wait until at least he graduates (summer) and maybe until i graduate (December), but he has said there is a HUGE possibility of it happening within the next year, so we shall see!

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@alwaysamaid: verbatum exactly how i feel haha! I was so amped only because a few months back he proclaimed, at two different occasions, that he would be proposing to me before the end of the new year. I have quietly and secretly been expecting it the entire time! We talk about it all the time and look at rings and throw ideas. We have even looked for venues and discussed how much we want to spend and what we expect out of our ceremony/reception. Yet, no ring! LOL. 


Like many of you, I know it’s coming. The waiting will make it THAT much sweeter! People are now saying, oh valentines day. I’m thinking..there’s no way he’d propose on valentines day, but you just never know lol. It’s crazy waiting that in my mind I cannot picture being proposed to, i cannot picture looking down at my left hand and seeing a diamond there. I CANT SEE IT!!!!!!! So that’s why I just want it to happen so I can really know and love the fact that this man loves me enough to want me to be his wife. SO crazy! Hang in there ladies!!! it’s coming!!!

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My SO told me not to expect a proposal this year because I need to save money for my part of the house we want to get. I really hope he is throwing me off by saying that. If he was serious he knows I’m dissapointed but what’s a girl to do? I am just trying to not expect a proposal so I don’t get let down if it actually doesn’t happen his year.

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No proposal here though I wasn’t expecting it.  Since I’m not sure if you’d classify us as unoffically engaged.  Heck I’m not sure what to classify us as.lol  Though I started feeling  alittle bitter Friday, day before new years eve.  He changed his insurance policy(health).  Which his coverage before sucked bad.  Well he did do some checking on adding people.  Found out his insurance for adding a spouse was going to be a huge change.  Lots more.  He had orginally wanted to get married this month.  But I think he’s rethinking marriage all together.  I don’t know for a fact.  Since I haven’t brought it up.  Which I will eventually.  I’m just a little crushed since I sorta now feel like the whole insurnace thing put a damper on things.  I know insurance was a huge thing for him.  Since I’m not on any nor can I get on birth control and neither of us want anymore children.  We both have children from previous marriages.  I’m just not sure what think or feel, but sorta feel embarrassed now that we have told many of our friends that we were getting married.  Now I’m not so sure.  I just feel like he’s comfortable with our situation now.  Living together and getting the married perks.

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Bumble bee

I wasn’t expecting one this New Years, so no huge let down here. But, SO made a funny – as in odd, not haha – comment when I told him that one of his friend’s exes was now engaged. (They were together for several years, so she spent a lot of time with everyone and was part of our “group”.) He’s like “because that’s not rushing it or anything”.They started dating sometime in 2011. I thought this was really odd because he rarely ever makes comments about things like that. But I did kind of laugh to myself before telling him “who are we to judge?”. Just a few short years ago I would’ve broken down in tears and caused a collosal fight that they were engaged before us, and now he’s the one making the silly comments. And, number two, I couldn’t help but think, “well, not everyone can move at the break-neck turtle speed we do”. We’ve been together 6 years, living together for almost 3; so really, who are we to say anything about how long or short people have been together before getting engaged?


Side note: of course I congratulated her 🙂 and I meant it!

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Busy bee

aww no rant from me actually.  I was kind of hoping, but kind of HAPPY he didnt do it over the holidays because so many people do it then. 

Am i the only one HAPPY the holidays are over and the pressure is off? I knew everyone was wondering if he would do it around this time and i think the anxiety got to me too and i went marriage crazy.  I’m actually really glad the holidays are done because i have no idea when he would do it now.  We’re going away on holiday, but thats only 3 weeks away i dont know if he would be ready then. So i’m actually way less worried and anxious about getting engaged. He’ll do it soon. 

I know he wants it to be a complete surprise and since he knows what rings i like i”ll leave it up to him. He has told me its coming though so thats a good thing.  And i seriously have no idea when he would do it now since there isnt any special date coming up.

Ahaha i like the idea of a new years resolution not to say the M word. 

Good luck in the new year ladies!

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I wasnt expecting a holiday proposal.  Our timeline is within the next few months in 2012, which is exciting.  However, my vent is about the NYE party.  We went to a friend of ours house to celebrate.  My SO and this friend work together and there were a lot of guys there with their wives that also work with my SO.  Ive been to parties with these people before and they are usually pretty fun.

I was having a great time in the beginning of the party.  I was talking to one of the ladies there, having a great conversation until she says…so when are yall getting married.  WOW!  That came out of no where.  I wasnt even thinking about it until then.    The rest of the night i kept getting comments or questions about marriage and our relationship from different people.  It totally brought me down.  I am so tired of those dang questions.  Why ask me anyway…he is the one that has to propose.  If you dont see a ring on my finger then I dont really know….ask him!!  

I just wanted to let loose and not think about any of that on NYE, but that got ruined.

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I wasn’t expecting a NYE proposal because we had agreed to get engaged in February about a year ago and then re-confirmed that timeline a few months ago, but after my father lead me to believe that I was getting engaged at Christmas (I didn’t realize it was just his “hunch”, I assumed he and SO had a conversation about it). NYE was tough because I knew I was going to be asked by everyone the next day if we got engaged, I was in a pretty bad funk. I sucked it up, we had an amazing new years, and then shortly after midnight the DJ congratulated the newly engaged couples and my SO was very sweet in pointing out I would have hated the attention of getting engaged in public. Last night SO brought up getting engaged and reconfirmed the timeline. He wanted to work through details such as how to purchase the ring, how to ask my dad, and when/where it is going to happen. It won’t be the complete surprise proposal I always thought I would have, but I am so happy I will get input in a piece of jewelry I will wear for the next 50 years and that I will have a 2 week window to be sure my nails look presentable.Seeing that I hate surprises, this will be perfect for us. I am starting to get very excited!

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Worker bee

I’m still waiting, and I feel like I’m going to be waiting forever….I thought *maybe* a NYE proposal…we went to a nice dinner…nothing….midnight came..nothing….I was a little disappointed, but not really cause I really didn’t really think NYE was ‘the day’.

He irritates the ever living out of me by making me wait…especially since he said he was going to do it in 2011…..grrrrr.  However, we have looked at and picked out a ring, and I do know that he wants to give it to me at the most unexpected time, which is good, since I love surprises, and he knows that.

So I keep on waiting and hopefully it will just happen soon….it’s almost 3 years of dating and almost 4 years of knowing each other.

Soon I hope, hopefully soon for all of you ladies too!


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Busy bee

I wasn’t expecting a proposal but my boyfriend told me yesterday he thinks a new years proposal is romantic…. if it’s so romantic why didn’t you just freaking do it then!

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Helper bee

Still unengaged, but I wasn’t expecting anything this New Years so it’s not that much of a surprise. Not much of a rant here I guess. Just thanking God that the holidays are over and that I survived them! I hope 2012 is a better year, 2011 was horrible in all aspects. And hopefully 2012 will finally be my year, however I won’t be shocked if it’s not. I really don’t care anymore.

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I was expecting my proposal on the New Year’s Eve, and am totally disappointed that it didn’t happen. On top of that, 2 days before the NYE, my ex called me to wish happy new year and said that he got engaged! I couldn’t believe what I heard. We were together for 3 years, and I had broken up with him 4 years ago because he didn’t want to get married. Now he’s only been dating this woman for 9 months (4 months living together) and he proposed to her! Hearing this news from an ex is the worst thing especiallw while waiting for a proposal. Arrgghgh…

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Busy bee

@SpringNYC: Oh my goodness, that really does suck! But just think, you wouldn’t want a proposal from him anyway – you now have your lovely SO, right? Sometimes the worst times are a blessing in disguise, really. Everything happens for a reason.

Well, there was no expectance whatsoever from me, BUT now it’s 2012, something seems to have changed. I always knew 2011 was not my year but 2012? That’s a possibility. Late 2012 or some time in 2013 makes perfect sense for us to get engaged. So, suddenly, that magic number of 2012 seems to have brought things closer. I don’t know why but a 2014 wedding seems suddenly much closer and now that there’s a possibility that this year could be the year we get engaged, even if it’s nearly 12 months from now, well, that seems so much closer than things seemed last week! Mad, it is, this waiting business.

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