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I told the dress shop that there was a 0% chance of me buying a strapless dress – I’m a 28HH so just stupidly out of proportion. The dress I bought has detachable straps (that are getting sewn in place to no longer detach). It’s a Sottero and Midgley, with an inner corset. I’ve only had it on in the wrong size, as the sample was too big, and I lost a dress size between ordering and receiving the dress. However, I feel fairly confident the inner corset , built in structure of the fabric, and some cups for emotional support should give me a flattering shape. 

How structured is the front of the dress? Remember the tailoring will make the rest of it fit exactly to you so will be more supportive than your typical high street dress!

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I am also quite busty and ended up going with a strapless dress. I wore a corset underneath but I did have a little bit of arm fat roll as some ladies mentioned above. I knew for sure I could not do backless but was surprised at how many strapless dresses looked nice on me. I switched birth control 1 months before my wedding which added 2 inches to my bust. Even the seamstress had to measure 3 times and call someone else to measure as she could not understand how none of my other measurements changed. I think this is what contributed to the arm fat roll. But knowing that I was a 38E, I knew better than to try sewn in cups. I did not think there would be enough support. The prettiest dresses are the backless ones. They do sell “backless” corset bras but it is hard to find in DD and above.

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My dress is strapless and I am 40DD.  It’s a Christina Wu and it fit amazing without ANY shapewear.  My Bridesmaid or Best Man wanted a backless gown and the sales lady (who is a perky D) said sewing in cups would not give her the lift required.  This is going to be a dance all night affair so support was crucial.  She settled on a dress with half a back so that she could sill wear a strapless low back bra. 

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zl27 :  are you fairly proportionate? That’s my biggest issue. I’m skinny with little to no ass but giant honkers. So even if a dress is made to handle a large bust, it would need a lot of tailoring to bring in the waist and hips, which likely wouldn’t work well on a dress with a lot of boning and structure. Plus, I’m having a beach wedding so I don’t want something super heavy. I really doubt that it will be worth while for me to look at anything strapless that is suitable for a beach wedding. And I just don’t see myself being comfortable wearing strapless. I also have fairly broad shoulders so that adds to the issue of me not looking good in anything strapless 

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I am a 38DD and wore this strapless dress (with cups sewn in) https://www.moderntrousseau.com/portfolio_page/storm/

That said, the dress itself had a lot of internal support- and functioned like an industrial strength strapless bra on it’s own – the cups were mostly to keep the gals in place.  So- I think if you found the “right” support in a strapless dress, you could totally pull it off.  Good luck!

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I’m a 30FF so completely understand your dilemma!  My dress had straps as there was no way I felt comfortable with strapless, but it had a very low back.  When I tried my dress on the day I chose it, I was wearing a low back bustier as that was my plan for the wedding day.  However, the back of the bustier was not low enough for the dress I chose.  I spent the next several months frantically ordering and returning many different bustiers, none of which had a low enough back for my dress.  In the end I ended up going braless, as terrifying as that was.  While I will admit I prefer my figure and the way the dress fit when I had the sample on with the bustier, versus being braless in my altered dress on the wedding day, I did feel nicely supported all day and never droopy.  
First pic is the sample with a bustier underneath, Second pic is me braless and dancing at the reception.

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sboom :  I am not proportionate. I have wide shoulders and no ass at all. There is a photo of my dress on the page before. We also had to do a lot of tailoring, but it did not affect the boning.

p.s. my point was just to keep an open mind. It makes dress shopping a lot less stressful. Also highly recommend going to a shop (first) that has great reviews about putting you into the perfect style for your figure. If there are a bunch of young girls working there, leave. 

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I am a 36H. I know very well the anxiety of dress shopping with this sort of baggage! And to make matters worse, I had to be in my sister’s bridal party six months before my own wedding, with a bunch of super skinny girls with no boobs. The only thing worse than wedding dress shopping with giant boobs is bridesmaid dress shopping with them. For the bridesmaid dress, we ended up with a one (lace) shouldered gown that was basically strapless, and I carted the thing to a specialty bra shop that promised to help me figure out what the heck to do. I ended up with an industrial strength bustier that made me look AMAZING and also a back up strapless bra for just in case. I worse the bustier wedding dress shopping, and it hurt so badly two hours in, I cried and tore it off while driving to the next shop. At a red light. I’m sure that was fun for the people around me. I kept my shirt on. I’m skilled like that.

So I wore the bridesmaid dress with the strapless bra and it was okay, but I spent the evening hiking it up and I look awful in the pictures.

ANYWAY, the point is that for me, I found it was best to get a dress that I didn’t have to worry about my boobs in. My second favourite dress was a strapless corsetty one, and it would have been okay. But I’m so so glad I went with the v-neck dress. I posted a picture below, mostly because I just got them back yesterday! I wore a REGULAR bra with it. It was amazing. And, the best part of all, I went through the entire day without worrying what my boobs were doing.

I know strapless looks really good on pretty much everybody. But I think this style not only made my chest easier to handle, it also made it look a whole lot less gigantic than all the other ones I chose. 

Also, while I was at the specialty bra shop with my wedding dress, which had a built in corset, I told the sales lady that the wedding dress people said I didn’t need a bra with it, and she said “They always say that. They’re wrong.”

I mean, take that how you want, she needs to make her money. But I have anxiety about wearing PJs without a bra. So I wouldn’t go without one on my wedding day.

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I’m a 30H and went with a Queen Anne neckline, which was perfect. I didn’t have sewn in cups, but I did go braless. The dress had internal boning and a waist stay, so that all helped. However, the dress definitely did not fit like it should have. It worked because there was enough fabric, but it was meant for someone with a smaller cup (I don’t know if that makes sense).

I tried on a couple strapless dresses, despite hating them. They were okay if they had a ton of internal structure. But still, they’re not built for our cup sizes, so you’re having to get a big enough dress to fit the total circumference around the chest, which doesn’t mean they expect the majority of that fabric to be up front.

The biggest thing at our size with any dress, I think, is to have internal structure and make sure the dress fits like a glove around the waist and underbust. A lot of people think it has to be tight at the top/neckline, when really it’s the waist and underbust that is keeping it up. 

I really question a backless dress being able to hold people at our sizes up. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but the majority of support in a bra comes from the band. And if the equivalent of the band on a dress is not even there, I can’t see it doing a great job. Although I guess if it has straps/sleeves and a lot of structure, it might work. 

Here is mine. As you might be able to see, there is very little cup depth, but I just shoved my boobs in there and made it work because the dress circumfrence was big enough and the waist/underbust area was tight enough that there wasn’t much room for them to “fall.”

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32 HH here, and I was DEAD SET against a strapless dress. I was planning to wear a corset under whatever I chose.

I tried on dozens of dresses before I finally broke down and put on a strapless. It was BY FAR the most comfortable and supportive of anything I tried. In a lot of cases strapless dresses are built with an integrated undergarment that is more supportive than any other separate peice would be – the whole dress is built around holding things in place. 

Not all strapless gowns are created equal. Something with a built in lace up corset under a strapless neckline will work better than a seprate undergarment. Those can slide and fold, where if the dress is the only item, you get a nicer silhouette and more support over all. 

Trust your consultant. They see ladies of all shapes and sizes. They should have a pretty good idea if a given dress has the internal structure to provide sufficient support. It doesn’t hurt to try a few things on and get a sense of what feels best.

Finally, I have always been planning to wear a bolero. I am having one sewn onto my gown (tattoo coverage not support issues) but that might be another route to consider; if you find a gown you love and are afraid straps will be an issue, a bolero can cover many sins – including the boob fat/arm roll issue 😉


Here’s my gown, just for reference. 


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JBeez :  you can find a dress with sleeves that’s not backless or even fill the back independent on the dress I would ask the consultant they should be able to give you an idea of what that would look like or if they can do that.  You could add sleeves to a strapless dress to. Whatever you decide go with your gut feeling if you think someone is trying to sell you a dress and saying anything to sell it I would keep looking. Ultimately you want to be comfortable and when you have big boobs you want to feel secure in your dress. When you tried on dresses did they put you in a bustier? If not I would try to order one and try on dresses with it because I hated how I looked trying on a dress with a strapless bra but when I had bustier that fit on it made such a difference in how I looked in a dress. 

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I am bigger than you. I was told cups would be fine. I didn’t want to have to deal with a strapless bra. I took the dress to my seamstress and she said I needed a strapless bra and that there was no way cups would work for me. She was right.

If you need lift, you should probably wear a strapless bra. 

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I’m a 32DD and I wouldn’t go with a backless dress – I just don’t see how it could work!! My dress is strapless though. It has a lot of structure, including boning, and my seamstress has assured me it will be fine without a bra when she’s done with it. *fingers crossed!*

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