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I am a Texas girl, born and raised! I have lived in the suburbs of Houston all of my life, and absolutely love it.

Ignore all of the stereotypes of Texas. No, we all don’t ride horses and have funny accents. People are actually disappointed by my lack of accent when we go places.

The biggest pro to living in Houston is that it is a huge melting pot. it’s harder to find a true Houstonian than a transplant. If you have ever visited I’m sure you would love it here!

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I lived in San Antonio for 11 years and am from Michigan — so pretty close to Canada lol. Living in San Antonio:

Pros: A lot of job opportunity & good schools
Food is soooo good
There are a lot of really nice housing developments (and awesome historical ones)
Weather is nice from Dec-Feb
1 hour from Austin which is poppin and always has sweet shit going on
ETA: Fricken HEB.  The mecca of grocery stores.  Missss it.

Cons: Not much to do.  Once you’ve been to the Riverwalk, Sea World and Six Flags and some other hot spots, you’re pretty much dunzo
Sooooo fkng hot
Such a tourist attraction, it gets annoying
No sports teams except basketball
You want to get out of the state??  It’s gonna take you like 9 kajillion hours by car.

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I was born in Dallas TX and lived in TX for about 21 years of my life. Even went to Texas A&M University for undergrad.

There is not a job or an amount of money one could pay me to ever live in that state again, unless it radically changes.

It’s ridiculously conservative. Google Rick Perry and educate yourself of the insane drivel that comes out of his mouth. Then realize that the state worships at his feet, and see if that’s still the political climate you want to live in.

It’s conservative Christian, with very little tolerance for other religions. I’m still scarred from growing up athiest in a place where the Baptist churches are the size of stadiums and have their own TV stations. We didn’t even learn about evolution in school. Public school.

It’s hot as &^$% 6 months out of the year. Unless you’re ok with 100+ temps 1-2 months out of the year, and 90+ temps 4 more months, dont do it.

If you live in one of the major cities, it’s strip shopping centers, concrete, faceless housing developments that all look the same, and chain restaurants. There just aren’t even words.

Why, WHY does he want to move there? What misconception does he have that he could possibly think that Texas is SO great, that you’d go through dealing with awful USA immigration to move there?!

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@raisedonrobbery:  Born and raised in San Antonio, went to school at Texas A&M like an above poster. Texas can be super conservative, and that’s the only downfall for me. Yes, it’s crazy hot in the summer, but in return you have days in January like today where it’s in the 70s and beautiful.

As far as SA goes, it’s a nice place to live. The pro con list a few posts up is pretty spot on for this city.

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@crayfish:  I actually have to agree with a lot of this.  Diversity is seriously lacking unless you go to Austin…and they’re just kinda weird (which they adamantly claim.)

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Move to Austin I love it. I was born and raised in Austin and then moved to Dallas for school. My Fiance and I are moving back to Austin after the wedding and I am so excited. There are so many fun outdoor activities here. Summer in Austin is great!

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Fiance and I would love nothing more than to move to Austin. Our jobs keep us here for now, but we look every now and then for opportunities in Austin.

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i live in san antonio my whole life and don’t plan on going anywhere. the pro and con list is definitely about right for san antonio but regardless, i love it. we’ve got fiesta every april which is a blast and the city is very friendly. all of my friends who are from other states always say that san antonio is a big city with a small town feel. i love it. 🙂


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I grew up in Chicago and decided to move to Houston for college and have not looked back.

Pros: Weather, weather and weather

Jobs.  Especially in my field, houston is the best place to be.

Cost of living.  It is much cheaper to live in Houston than it would be to live in Chicago.

Cons: The weather, while I LOVE the warm weather it gets too dang hot in the summer!

Traffic! Houston’s traffic is horrible from 4pm to 7pm.  It may be because I live in the city and close to everything but its really bad.

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lol you live in Canada? Texas will be a shock… it is VERY HOT in the summer. VERY HOT. I am a native Texan, so I love that feel like my face is going to melt off, when you can cook on the hood of your car, but my family from Pennsylvania haaaaaaaates it. Whereas I hate anything colder than 80F. It’s like 70 today and I am all bundled up. Blech. Can’t wait until summer.

I live in Dallas and it’s my favorite. Dallas people have the stereotype of being snobby, which I guess is sometimes true, but it really depends in what part of the city you live and whom you associate with (just like anywhere). We have a great arts district now, a ton of good restaurants, and awesome shopping.

I also really like San Antonio and would recommend it. If you don’t mind the fact that there’s no #9$&ing parking anywhere, Austin is fine. I personally don’t like Austin, but a ton of my friends live there and I work in politics so I end up going there a lot, and while I would never live there I don’t dislike it so much that I don’t visit every other month. I strongly dislike Houston and Amarillo. Mainly I dislike Houston because it’s so friggin humid in the summer that I feel like I’m drowning in the air. And Amarillo is more conservative and just has a hick small town feel.

As long as you settle in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, or Houston, the majority of the populace will be liberal. Well, Texas liberal, which is probably Canadian conservative, but still. Houston is the most recent liberal convert so fewer of their upper-middle class white people will be liberal, and since there are a lot of oil people it kind of has the stereotype of being racist (which is the reason a lot of my friends who have lived there have moved away – even though they are white it was so miserable they couldn’t handle it) BUT that doesn’t apply so much if you’re not working in the oil/tech industries. Most suburbs of these cities will be conservative, though not all. In Dallas, the northern suburbs are conservative, the southern ones liberal, and the east/west ones teetering on the brink. DO NOT live out in the country though… it’s scary out there, definitely the “guns and god” stereotypes. But around major metropolitan centers you’ll be fine.

I would not consider Dallas as conservative as the poster above indicates. I am an atheist Democrat (and I’m professionally democratic since I work in politics, lol), and I’ve encountered no problems. I am very open about both being atheist and being liberal. I went to both a public school and religious school and we learned about evolution in both. Re: diversity, it depends on what part of the city you are in. If you settle in suburbs or any mainly upper-middle class neighborhood, yes, diversity will be lacking, but it would be that way almost anywhere in the US. It also depends on whether or not you consider hispanics as diverse or not diverse enough – we live in an upper-middle class neighborhood with many whites and hispanics and just some asians. The middle easterners tend to congregate in suburbs. African americans tend to live away from large concentrations of white people. But at any restaurant, store, movie theater, workplace, etc, you’ll encounter a wide mix of people, and unless you specifically choose people of only your race to be your friends, you’ll have a diverse friend group.

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I live in Dallas and love it! 

Yes, it is VERY hot and HUMID here, for example,it is 75 today, and its Jan. But, I still love living in Texas! 

Pros: Cost of living is by far #1, excellent job opprotunities, and Texas country music.

Cons: Yes, TX is conservative, but just as long as you allow others to have opinions, you will survive. The heat and traffic also stink.

If you can live anywhere, go to Austin. Austin is WAY more fun and has more culture then Dallas, espically since yall love music. Only negative is that the job market isn’t as booming in Austin.   

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