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Honey bee
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I was in the drink til it’s pink club and I have no regrets. They say the alcohol doesn’t pass to the baby that early on. 

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Buzzing bee
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I think as long as you’re not getting DRUNK it should be fine. There are plenty of studies that say a glass of wine occasionally throughout pregnancy causes no discernable ill effects.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I usually only have wine on the weekends so I wouldn’t miss it as much.  But I’m charting so I drink until I O.  Darling Husband is very against any alcohol during pregnancy, and I’m ok with that, so on the chance that I’m preg, even during the TWW, I’d stop drinking.  (I’m only on my second cycle though – my frist was 90 something days and I’m currently on 21 and still no O, so my ratio of normal days to TWW is pretty high). You could also get a cheap pack of Wonfo tests to double check with.

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Honey bee
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@ZoeyGirl:  No, I never bothered to test before my period was late.

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Busy bee
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They say most blastocysts implant in the uterine lining around 7-10 DPO, and until then it’s floating free and not even sharing a blood supply, so there’s no real issue. FAS is caused (usually) by repeated and heavy exposure to alcohol, so drinking a few glasses of wine a few times a week for a week for two before a BFP isn’t a big deal.

I’m a biology major, and several of my profs said newer research shows that having a glass of wine now and then all the way through pregnancy isn’t actually harmful, but they don’t broadly publicize things like that because there are people out there who would take it as permission to go binge drinking at 30 weeks.

I’m not trying to recommend drinking while pregnant at all. I hope it doesn’t look that way. 

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Helper bee
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I drink wine during the TWW, though not to excess. You don’t share a blood supply that early in a potential pregnancy. Trying to get pregnant is tortuous enough without constantly denying youself, thereby further emphasizing the point. There’ll be many months of that (and even years) when you do get pregnant. I plan on enjoying the occasional glass of wine until I get a positive pregnancy test.

And I don’t test every day just in case. I test too early because I’m neurotic and wanna know! If I wasn’t so antsy about just knowning then I’d wait to test when it’s reasonable.

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Honey bee
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The most crutial point in early fetal development happens around 6 weeks when the neural tube closes. If it doesn’t close properly then you’re faced with possibly fatal defects however, there’s no evidence at all that alcohol plays a part in that. The biggest factor they believe contributes to possible defects is lack of folic acid.

In any case, the TWW is definitely much too early but some believe that limiting alcohol promotes a better general health anyway.

I’m almost 22 weeks now and I drank in the TWW but I don’t drink all that often to begin with so I probably had 2 drinks in that 2 week span. I wasn’t at all worried about it.

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Sugar bee
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I don’t drink anything at all most of the time, but I do occassionally drink a little bit one day during AF after my temps have dropped for at least 2 days (in case the bleeding is just IB). I’m not a huge fan of alcohol though and the only times I drink are holidays and birthday parties, so I don’t miss it much at all.

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Honey bee
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I am in the drink till it’s pink club. During my first TWW, I made sure I didn’t drink at all and I didn’t eat foods pregnant women aren’t supposed to eat.  I think it made getting the BFN even worse because I had completely disrupted my normal routine (of eating lunch meat, having a glass of wine here and there, etc.) so that I was constantly thinking about possibly being pregnant, analyzing every single thing I put in my mouth.  After that, I decided that moderation was fine.  I don’t get wasted but I do drink here and there in the TWW.  And, if we have something planned that’s going to involve a night out drinking and it’s late enough in the TWW for me to possibly get a positive test, I will test before drinking.  If it’s a BFN, then I enjoy the night out and don’t worry whether I *could be* pregnant.  The embryo does not share blood with the mother’s body until about 6 weeks, so a drink here and there isn’t going to have an impact when you’re around 4 weeks pg.

ETA: @canadablue: Yes, this is everything I was trying to say. Exactly. Agree 100%!

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Buzzing bee
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I had a very difficult time TTC (I’m talking fertility meds and all) and I still drank during my TWW.  I didn’t the first time.  But, as PP have said, it’s stressful enough that depriving yourself of everything just makes it worse. 

I will say that when I finally got pregnant, I had a few beers on the lake and couldn’t really get into them.  It was a week after my procedure that got me pregnant (IUI), so it was so early that it wouldn’t have even shown on a test.  But, for some reason, the beer just didn’t sit right and I didn’t feel great while drinking them (physically.  mentally I was ok with it b/c I knew nothing could have been implanted yet).  Could have just been a complete coincidence though.

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Bumble bee

I don’t test unless I’m late so that solves the issue of wasting money on pregnancy tests. And I am also in the “drink til it’s pink” club

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Helper bee
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@ZoeyGirl:  I didn’t stop drinking during the TWW, but I was aware of how much I was drinking. I didn’t drink any hard alcohol if I thought I might be pregnant, and I limited myself to 2 drinks max.

I sometimes did go crazy with the testing, like if I knew a drinking event or vacation was coming up, I’d test at like 10, 12, and 14 dpo. I just couldn’t handle the not knowing!

I don’t think wine is that big of a deal. Now that I am pregnant, I have had a glass of wine on 2 occasions and I feel totally fine about it. So I definitely wouldn’t worry about it while TTC.

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While I’m definitely not TTC, I have taken some developmental biology. Up until two weeks post-conception, there isn’t a blood connection between mother and baby, so no chemicals from the mother can reach the fetus. To that point, the only things that can disrupt the pregnancy are genetic/developmental abnormalities and physical things (like trauma and high temperature).

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