For bees who didnt do a newborn photoshoot, do you regret it?

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I didn’t do it and don’t regret it. I’m not a massive fan of them to be honest. Babies often look so over-manipulated and awkward. 

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I didn’t do any for my first and I do wish I had them done.  I was in the shower when the hospital photographer came by and my husband send them away and I never even knew!  A lot of hospitals have those and some of them are not bad, so you could maybe get something for $75 or $100.  Yeah, I took a lot of pictures myself but I am no professional photographer so it definitely shows.  I couldn’t get any newborn photos that are canvas worthy. We had some done when she was 1 year but I wish I had the tiny newborn baby ones.

I paid for a one year package for my second and it was definitely an investment (I think I paid $1200) but we did newborn photos (including family), 6mo photos (studio, both kids for a few shots), 9mo photos (outside, family), and birthday/cake photos (my photographer also had a christmas shoot set up on the other side of the studio so she got a few christmas pj photos of both of my kids before we did the cake stuff).  I love all my photos so it was worth it to me. I actually paid for an extra spring mini session (for both kids) when my second was 4months.  So needless to say, I have a lot of pictures from that year and I love them all!

Now we do spring mini photos for my kids and a mini session in the fall for family pictures.  I love having professional pictures at least once a year.  Once my kids are older I will probably just do one a year but since they are still fairly young (2 and 4.5) I like doing them twice a year.  I have some great photos of them and I do canvas or large wooden prints and put them throughout my house.  Much better than anything I can take.

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Mrs.Fay :  I was going to suggest this too. We’re not big on professional photos but we did do the small (20 minutes maybe) session at the hospital. You only pay for what you want. We bought the full package, so all images, rights, etc., for $125. They weren’t over the top, extra posey, or anything. They were perfect for us. I’ll be doing the same with this baby due in July. 

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Bumble bee

Honestly anyone with an iPhone and “portrait mode” can take decent, artistic photos for you and family. Even better if someone is a photography enthusiast and has a decent camera. No need for professionals in my opinion. It’s not like the old days when photos are rare and need to be developed. I still have photos of me professionally taken at 3 months old, and that’s fun to look at, but anyone can take those photos now.

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Our situation was a little different with a NICU stay, but we didn’t do newborn pictures and I don’t regret it at all. I took SO many pictures on my phone and that was enough. We did a mini photo shoot for Mother’s Day when we was 4 months when he was old enough to interact with the camera a bit more.

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Sometimes, but then I remember how shitty I felt and how I in no way wanted any visitors for several weeks, much less a photographer, and then I’m like, nah it’s all good.

We did a fall mini session when LO was 8 months for our holiday cards and I love those, especially since by then he looked like a cute little baby and less like an alien newborn.

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I didn’t do maternity pics or newborn ones – but we went to two weddings when I was 38 and 39 weeks, so we were dressed up and made sure people took a couple pictures of us. We made sure to get a couple pics in the hospital as a new family – just on my mom’s phone, but I would have been a bit upset not to have these so I’d make sure you manage to get a couple quick ones taken at least. 

I have a fairly nice camera and I took a few pictures of my son when he was ~2.5 weeks old just in his room that I thought turned out nice and which I used for a birth announcement. I don’t regret not getting professional ones. I do use my camera (rather than phone) to take pictures every now and then (I do the monthly photo and then a few other times if I’m bored and he’s wearing something cute), and I like having those. My sister took some nice ones of us at Christmas. We are doing extended family pictures right around his first birthday with a professional photographer which I am excited about. My impression is that it gets harder to take your own pictures as they get more mobile, and I think it would be nice to do pictures every year and/or if we have more children around their first birthdays as well. 

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I ended up hving an emergency c section so we didn’t have the funds for it and I’m sad about it. I love capturing how new and sweet and squishy they are in those first two weeks! We also didn’t do real maternity pics, we just had a friend come out with her nice camera and she did a little mini session for some free dinner. And I loved it! So maybe you can find a student or someone wanting to build their portfolio or a friend with a good photography eye and it won’t cost so much

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I did a newborn photo shoot when he was 2 weeks old at my house. I posted in my local Facebook moms group for recommendations for a reasonably priced photographer, and a number of photographers messaged me offering their services (some discounted). We have tons of photos of our son, but I’m happy to have the professional ones as well.  That being said, I spent $250 and would probably be fine without the photos if they cost $600. 

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I almost didn’t do one, but my friend gave birth a week before me and sent me a behind the scenes photo from hers. I called and booked the same photographer and then totally splurged on the photos.  I’m so glad I did it.

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Kslim13 :  My best friend is a professional photographer and she did all my engagement, wedding, maternity, family photos etc etc. and yes she gave me discount and free sessions.  

Still I opted not to do a newborn shoot and don’t regret it. Too much hassle and I think they all look the same, i.e. asleep with cringey backdrop. Plus trust me when I say this that others will care even less about newborn photos than your wedding/engagement/maternity photos. 

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I think those newborn baby shoots where the baby is all curled up and (often) stuck inside something are very generic.  I mean they’re cute, but they don’t show the baby’s personality or even really their size, and they tend to photoshop them so heavily that they look like drawings, not wrinkly, hairly, patchy brand new humans.  

If you wanted them, then totally fine but don’t do it just because your mum is nagging.  

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We didn’t and I have no regrets. We have pics we took, pics friends and family took and that’s enough.Somehow generations of people have been raised without these professional shoots.

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I find them to be a little bit creepy TBH. Sorry to say. Possibly because the babies are so tiny. I’m into the baby photoshoot but I would probably wait for a couple of months when the baby is more alert and looks less like a wrinkled little alien. 

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