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We are planning for May 2017 for other reasons, but financially we will have saved the full budget amount by January 2017. We have a joint savings account for all of our savings and a budget that lists what the funds are allocated towards. We haven’t really had to make sacrifices because we have awhile to save and a small budget. Our budget is $5,000. You could try https://www.acorns.com/ for a money saving strategy.

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We paid about 17.5k for our wedding. We had a year and a half engagement, so we had time to plan/save. We already live well below our means, so we didn’t need to change a lot to save for the wedding. Maybe a bit less eating out. And we didn’t do a big vacation during our engagement to save both money and PTO for our honeymoon. The biggest thing we did was try to keep our wedding budget under control. There’s an endless amount you can spend on stuff, but try to figure out what you really need.

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I haven’t had my wedding yet, but Fiance and I are paying for everything ourselves. We’ve been engaged and planning for 2 1/2 years now and have another year to go before our big day. We’re keeping our budget around 5-6k (surprisingly easy to do where I live) and have had to sacrifice some things (mostly decor that I love but can’t afford) but it’s nothing that I’m too upset about.

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I’m helping a friend who is financing her own wedding right now.  Her and her Fiance set up a joint Ally bank account because it has some of the highest interest for savings accounts.  They also have an Ally checking so they can quickly move money over and write checks for vendors.  By the time they tie the knot, they’ll have been saving for just over 2 years… I think 27 months.  I believe the only things they changed from their daily lives is added a direct deposit from each of their paychecks into the savings account, that way it was less tempting to spend their paycheck and run out of money to put aside for the wedding, and delaying a vacation they had hoped to take until after the wedding.

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sunrise_beauty:  My DH and I paid for most of our wedding.  We did have some of our family members help but it wasn’t by much and it wasn’t until closer to the wedding when we received the money.  We both opened an account shortly after my DH lost his job.  We both didn’t really start putting money into it until he found a new job and was settled.  We each started having a certain amount of our paychecks go into our joint account and we were not allowed to use it for anything.  We both lived with our parents before we got married so that made it easy.  When he proposed a year and a half later we already had a good amount of money in the account.  We were engaged for two years.  During that time we continued to save and put a big down payment on our home.  We had our home for a little over a year when we got married.  So in total we probably saved for a good 3 years.  Glad we did.  Less stress on both of us. 

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Fiance and I are paying for our own Destination Wedding in July. We will have been engaged for exactly one year when we get married. We originally planned a I Do BBQ at his parents (around $15K) which we already had in cash to pay for, and now with our small Vegas Destination Wedding it will run about $5K for everything, which we already have – we don’t have any type of “wedding fund” and aren’t on any type of budget. I am fortunate that we have a large nest egg as well as great jobs. 

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Hi Bee!

My post is based on being in/near Toronto ON Canada. All prices are in CAD.

My fiance and I are paying for our wedding. We decided on a budget of about $25,000, but we both knew it would balloon up to about $35,000 (the budget is basically 35k now). The venue we decided on is almost $25k on it’s own, but it includes the ceremony space, officiant, cocktail hour, dinner, and alcohol, (as well as linens in white which is fine with us). Between us we had almost 30K saved before we even started planning, so we were fine. We also want to save for a house, so we’ve just been doing both in our own respective bank accounts. We booked our venue in July 2014 for our Aug 2015 wedding. We needed to pay a deposit of 5K, which was fine. So far we’ve paid almost 9K in deposits or other wedding costs (such as my shoes).  We have decided on all of our vendors so far except flowers, we’re going to decide on that soon.


So far, we haven’t sacrificed much. We were never really extravagent spenders, so it hasn’t been bad. But with the wedding we want, it’s tough to still save for a house. We both also don’t make a ton of money, but we aren’t starving or anything, so it’s fine.


Our money saving strategies – go to movies on cheaper days – or pay for it with my scene points, don’t eat out as much, don’t go shopping as much. Pretty simple. We are low-key people, and we enjoy spending time at home and seeing friends isn’t expensive for us, we usually grab coffee and chat. Or just hang out at home.


If you have any other questions, let me know!! I hope this was helpful.

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This question is only for the Bees (and their FI) who paid for their own wedding (no help from parents).

How long did you plan? 1 year

Did you open a wedding fund account? If not, what did you do? Nope

Did you have to sacrifice anything to save that amount of $? If so, what were those sacrifices? We are very thrifty, pay full balance of every credit card bill, and and the fact that we could break up the payments really helped.

What were your money saving strategies?

Find out if you can break up the payments so it won’t hit your wallet too hard. We also paid with Chase Sapphire credit card on almost everything and the venue was counted as a “restaurant,” so we earned double points. As a result of the points we accumulated, our honeymoon airfare to Europe only costs us $210 in fees for the both of us.

Look for deals and look often! Bought custom wedding dress from China for about $500 (no alterations needed), bridesmaids dress only cost $20/per person originally $120 from department store, flowers were a mix from Supermarket, Sam’s Club, and BloomsbytheBox, did not use flowers for centerpieces. I also combed through craigslist and took advantage of Michael’s coupons and price match.

How much did your wedding end up costing? $28k for everything incl attire, minus the rings. We also didn’t have a registry so most people gave cash and we were able to recoup a lot of the cost.


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We are paying for everything. We’ve had about 13 months to plan.  We sat down and made a list of how much we wanted to spend in each category.  Haven’t had to cut back on anything. My Fiance seems to be paying for all the bigger expenses (venues, cake, etc) and I paid for my dress ($1000) and all the little details (centerpieces, bridesmaid dress -only having one-, flowers, etc). 

We estimated roughly 5k for ours. So far we are under budget. 

My suggestion is…if you are able, spend a little of every paycheck on something for the wedding. 

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How long did you plan? 8-9 months – got engaged middle of January, wedding was October 10

Did you open a wedding fund account? If not, what did you do? – No, just used our normal chequing accounts

Did you have to sacrifice anything to save that amount of $? If so, what were those sacrifices? – no, we paid for almost everything beforehand, spread out over a couple months.  Only the alcohol bill and remainder of photography bill was paid after the wedding

What were your money saving strategies? – We didn’t use real flowers (I didn’t want the stress of them anyways) but not sure how much I actually saved since fake flowers can be expensive and we didn’t do wedding favours.  We had tons of dessert and people could take some home, no one really did and I don’t think that anyone cared too much about favours (i hope not)

How much did your wedding end up costing? ~27-30K.  I don’t have the exact number because I didn’t keep track of the cost of little things which add up.  Rings were bought separately and this doesn’t include the dress, my parents were generous and bought my dress for me as a surprise.

edit: it really helped that we each payed about 50% of the costs.  We have separate chequing accounts and also a joint one, but we just payed out of our individual accounts.



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We are planning for 18 months. We made my checking acct into a joint account, and are putting all wedding funds in there (I have a separate checking acct in the country im in for school right now). 

We put ourselves on a “bare bones” budget, limited luxuries, being cheap with groceries and expenses, etc. And determined we could put away about $2000 a month between us. 

Prior to the savings plan, we had already put down 7k in deposits from our funds. Total cost is 45k, minus the 7 is 38k. My dad is covering $2k for my dress and rehersal dinner, and we will supply the other $36k.

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I threw everything into my savings account. I tried to put so much per paycheck, but sometimes that didn’t work out. Figure out how much you can put aside when you get paid, that helps a lot. One thing that really saved my butt was keeping track of all wedding spending on a spreadsheet, down to the penny. This way I could see what I had bought and the price. 

How long did you plan? We had a 14 month engagment, but honestly didn’t start actively saving until about 8 months out.

Did you open a wedding fund account? If not, what did you do? All of my money went into my savings account through my normal bank. Fi kept his with his bank.

Did you have to sacrifice anything to save that amount of $? If so, what were those sacrifices? Yes. For about 8 months we didn’t do much of anything. We had to say no to a lot of parties, events, get together, spending sprees. Things like that. Many nights home with cheap groceries.

What were your money saving strategies? Buying things for my wedding that were on sale. I searched sites, used coupons, kept things as cheap as possible. DIY’ed a lot.

How much did your wedding end up costing? $11376.98. Give or take about $100



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Another Toronto bee here. My Fi and I went into this very naively, we thought we could plan our wedding for $15,000. Double that and then add a bit and thats where we are now. 

We started planning in July 2015 and the wedding is in June 2016
We didnt open any new accounts and have just been using our joint credit card and our personal checking accounts. (And I used my personal savings to seperate my money)
We didn’t have to make any sacrifices for the wedding, or in our personal lives. 
We are both pretty good on saving money every paycheck I stick about $1500 into my savings account.
As of right now the wedding is looking to be about $45,000 and it seems to still be growing. 


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mrsfiddlesticks:  I love your precise dollar amount. A detailed Bee after my own heart!

Technically, we paid for our whole wedding, but we knew his grandfather was giving us $5000 as a wedding gift, so we counted that towards our budget.

How long did you plan? 5 months

Did you open a wedding fund account? If not, what did you do? No. Mostly, I paid on my credit cards and we’d pay them off from one of our checking accounts. We did transfer money from savings/investment accounts along the way.

Did you have to sacrifice anything to save that amount of $? If so, what were those sacrifices? Not really. We both are very frugal people and regularly save 20-30% of our income. We’re fortunate to be able to do that. If anything, our biggest sacrifice was having a small wedding budget, at least for our region. We chose to have a smaller wedding rather than cutting back in our day to day life.

What were your money saving strategies? Mostly setting a budget. We sat down and looked at what we wanted to have for a down payment on a house in 2 years and what we reasonably could spend on the wedding to make that goal. That was our budget. It meant that we had a brunch wedding rather than a dinner (saved us nearly $80 pp), diy-ed flowers, and bought a preowned dress. In general, we try to limit how much we eat out and choose to live in a small affordable apartment so we can save more in general.

How much did your wedding end up costing? $14,000


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