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sunrise_beauty:  we paid for our own wedding. We had been saving up for awhile before we even got engaged. We had already bought our house years before and knew what we could comfortably spend for extras. We sacrificed by not taking any really nice vacations for about 2 years before we got engaged and just putting that money aside. When we did get engaged we opened a joint account and both put part of our savings into it for the wedding and throughout our engagement leading up to the wedding we each put money into that account every month. All the money we made from our engagement party/shower/tax return etc went into the account. We still only use that account for extras like vacation/rainy day fund even though we keep our main finances separate.

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How long did you plan? 10 weeks

Did you open a wedding fund? More like a wedding account.  We were both working full time, so we opened a joint savings account with our bank and would deposit as much as we could during our super short engagement.  Both DH and I had a good chunk of savings that we both put into the “wedding account”. 

Did you have to sacrifice anything to save that amount of $? If so, what were those sacrifices? Honestly, we didn’t have to sacrifice much.  We got pretty lucky.  I was going to school on a scholarship, living at home, and working full time.  He was leaving for a short military patrol right away, so his paychecks just collected over 8 weeks. We both gave up a bit from our savings, but day-to-day life wasn’t affected terribly. 

What were your money saving strategies? Well, for me, it was not buying all the “extras” during daily life. A cute top, a few coffees, some lunches, and a dinner every week really do add up! He didn’t have a chance to spend much money underway. 

How much did your wedding end up costing? Total, probably around $10,500.  

We weren’t planning on having an “open bar” at the reception/dinner because we didn’t have enough money saved for it, but a few days before the wedding, my parents told us that they were going to pay for the reception dinner with the open bar ($4000) as a gift. So again, we got pretty lucky and used the money we saved for our cross-country move and delayed honeymoon. 

So technically, we planned and saved to pay for the entire wedding.  We were about $1000 short of the final bill due to the open bar.  If we didn’t have the open bar and my parents didn’t gift us the reception and open bar, we would have been able to pay for it ourselves.  

Not too bad for some 22 year olds!!

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larissakay:  Detailed bees for the win!! 

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Our wedding cost somewhere between 5 and 7000 dollars.  We didn’t set up a fund, we pulled directly from our regular savings.  I could have had a much larger wedding without having to “save up” but I just don’t see the need for it.  I’ve got better things to do with my cash.

We got engaged in December, married in June, so we didn’t plan very long.  Our best strategy was to get a really beautiful venue as a rental (a lodge and cabins) so there was no need to decorate.  All we did was string up a few lights and put flowers (from the grocery store) into jars.  We had our ceremony for free on state property (or national, I forget).  We self-catered because my husband wanted to run the bbq.  We had strawberry shortcakes instead of an expensive wedding cake.  He didn’t wear a suit, I didn’t wear a gown, just an inexpensive vintagey dress.  Our biggest expense was ATV rental so we could get our guests easily to the ceremony site (through a rocky wash).  The more casual the wedding, the more relaxed you’ll be anyway!

By The Way, I don’t consider anything I listed above to be a sacrifice.  We didn’t sacrifice on anything we really wanted.

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We paid for our own wedding. We had a year long engagement. We didn’t do any particular saving- just paid for things as they came up. We put a lot on our credit cards (for points) then paid off the amount in full. We did a lot of DIY to keep costs down, plus the wedding was in an area that was fairly cheap- for example, our venue was only $600. Total wedding cost if you include things like our hotel, rental car, etc., was about $8000.

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Maybe my story is a bit strange, but I’m not engaged yet and have put away $5,000 for a wedding. I’m older. I own a home. Spending more than that on a wedding is just not something I want to do. My parents have never had much money, and I wouldn’t want to take it even if they did.

I paid off my car and student loans at the same time over a year ago and started chunking money into a savings account. Then I moved almost all of my savings to Ally after doing LOTS of research about interest rates, minimums, etc. There, I have three accounts – regular savings, wedding savings, and trip savings. I keep an emergency savings at my bank.

I don’t want to spend any more than that on a wedding, and I knew we would be looking at getting married relatively soon, so I didn’t want to have to wait to save. I’ve had the $5k saved for several months and could add to it if I wanted, but I really really want to try and stick to that if at all possible. Plus, that doesn’t include anything from my FFI. So there’s a buffer.

My two cents if you want them – don’t look at it as sacrificing. I made a budget I felt more than comfortable with AFTER considering how much I’d take out for savings. I don’t ever feel deprived because I budget for plenty for groceries, gas, bills, entertainment, pet, etc. If there’s ever anything extra, I think about whether or not it’s worth taking out of my “emergency savings” and replacing it the next month. Budgeting has really revolutionized my life and made me very comfortable with my financial life.


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We are paying for everything ourselves.  Our budget is $15k and engagment is 14 months.  We didn’t sacrifice anything but we both have picked up part time jobs to pay for everything.  Once the wedding is over we will quit those.  We didn’t want to take from our everyday household budget to pay for the wedding and we really don’t want to go into debt over it.

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DH proposed in 2007. We didn’t really have a wedding savings account,  but started saving money for general needs in 2010. Every paycheck we got we would squirrel away $200 every 2 weeks.  By the time we started planning in 2014 we had over 15k in savings.  The wedding cost approx 16k, and the return in gifts was approx 12k. I think we did really well: we had awesome wedding with all  bells and whistles except the limo.  I decked out my ivory Chrysler 300, and it was amazing looking; also i had minimal flowers, just the basic things.  Otherwise,  i had open bar, DJ, expensive dress,  full appetiser selection  of over 30 items and 5 course  dinner.  People are still raving about it 2 months past. 

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We are saving while we plan, so venue is booked and deposit paid for, everything else will be paid for as we go, our budget is £5000 which is I think $8000 just about. 

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Our engagement was 18 months long, for the same reason that we needed enough time to save up money.

We opened a savings account that way we could both deposit money into it whenever we needed to.

We didn’t have to make too many sacrifices. We focused on how much money we spent each month (bills, debt) and whatever we had left we would save a small amount to spent on whatever we needed and the rest would go straight into the savings account. 

Our saving strategy was depositing $100 each week. For us it was doable. That means we would save 800 a month. You have to make saving a habit. Meaning that no matter what, we would deposit 100 each week to our account. If we had an enexpected expense we would not touch our savings, like pretending it’s not even there. We booked everything that we needed, payed the necessary deposits and we didn’t make any payments until the deadline. For example, we payed the deposit for our venue and one month before our wedding we payed off the rest of it, this way it would let us save up all the money we needed. By the time the deadlines would approach we already had the money without having to use credit cards or loans. I would only take out money from the account if I needed to buy things for the wedding, like plate chargers, or my dress. 

My wedding ended up being about 10,000. We had a beautiful beach wedding. We paid for all the accomodations for our 25 guests for a whole weekend. Since we saved up more than $10,000 we had money left over for our honeymoon which was a different beach. Please keep in mind that we were able to afford all this because our guest number did not exceed more than 25 people, That is what helped us A LOT. 

Good luck with yours! 

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How long did you plan? Almost 2 years out.

Did you open a wedding fund? We started savings account on Smartypig. It automatically withdraws money into savings for us and it has a reasonable interest rate.

Did you have to sacrifice anything to save that amount of $? If so, what were those sacrifices? We are having a long engagement. Part of it is because venues book up quickly and we kind of had to wait to get what we wanted. Part of it is that we wanted to make sure we had a solid savings and were financially stable before plunking down money for a weddding. So I guess you can say we sacrificed time. We’ve also chosen to put off expensive vacations, expensive cars, and whatnot. I asked for a moissanite ring instead of diamond, in part so we could save money for other things. We bought our cars used and we’re just trying to keep things reasonable. It will probably take us 6 months longer to get a house because of the wedding, but we realized we weren’t ready for that yet anyway, so neither of us is too worried about it.

What were your money saving strategies? We try to cook at home, clean our own house, bought reasonable cars, paid down debt, we have a roommate. Automatic withdrawal into savings.

How much did your wedding end up costing? Budgeted about $30,000, but looking more like $32,000.

We’re pretty much saving to have what we want. We got a beautiful venue on a good date, open bar, good food and appetizers. We’re keeping the cost of the dress relatively low and hope to be able to pay for lodging for our wedding party. We sacrificed flowers and are getting those from a grocery store instead of a florist and our favors are pretty inexpensive. We don’t have plans for a honeymoon at this time on this budget. If someone offers to help at any point, that’s probably where it will go, but otherwise we’ll probably plan for it later. Our wedding bands are also very inexpensive.

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How long did you plan? 14 Months

Did you open a wedding fund account? If not, what did you do? No. We used our normal savings & chequing accounts to fund the wedding.

Did you have to sacrifice anything to save that amount of $? If so, what were those sacrifices? Sure. When we got engaged we looked at our monthly budget and made decisions on things to cut out in order to achive our life goals (wedding being one of a few life goals). We decided to move closer to my office so that my monthly transportation costs were lower and the rent was cheaper. This wasn’t specifically for the wedding, but it allowed us to contribute more to our savings on a monthly basis, which helped to fund the wedding. We also cut down on meals out, but increased our budget for date nights. All things in moderation!

What were your money saving strategies? We have continuous savings plans which take a set dollar amount out of our bank account every pay day. So the money goes in and goes right back out again. I don’t see it and I don’t miss out – out of sight, out of mind. If we had anything extra at the end of the month it would go into a savings account. 

How much did your wedding end up costing? $47,000

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We paid.

Fiance took care of his own household bills. He was basically living pay check to pay check. 

I made around $2200/mth. 

I paid $800/mth to my parents to help them out. I saved around $1000/mth for wedding and paid my personal bills with the remaining $400/mth. (I lived with my parents). I used to pay 60% of all household bills at my parents. I reduced it to 40% so that i can save up for wedding. Took us abt 2 years. 

I was leasing a BMW so after 1 of the year I gave that up and v started taking public transit even though it wasn’t ideal. But it saved some monies. 

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How long did you plan? our engagement will be 11 months 

Did you open a wedding fund account? If not, what did you do? do you mean a special account to manage money for the wedding? No. We are just using our normal bank accounts as we go  

Did you have to sacrifice anything to save that amount of $? If so, what were those sacrifices? – we find ourselves saying ‘no we won’t get that as we are saving for the wedding’ but nothing major in our lives. If we weren’t having a wedding, we’d probably be going on a few more trips or holidays early next year. 

What were your money saving strategies? – We picked our ceremony and reception venues as we know the owners, so they’d do ‘mates rates’. Same with lots of things, a friend owns a bakery so she’s doing a cake, another friend is amazing at interior decor and flowers so she’s handling that and going to make a little money stretch a long way.  My cousins a hairdresser so doing my hair and another pal is an international make up artist but lives very near me so he’s doing mates rates for that treat for me and my mum. So basically using the friends businesses as our suppliers!  Of course we want to support them but we also appreciate the good prices we are getting.  We aren’t having bridesmaids, I have a small dress budget, we aren’t doing cars. (Edited to add our budget means we are keeping a small guest list for our ceremony and reception meal afterwards, so we’ve had to be strict and cut that down. The meal/reception goes straight into a big party in the evening for about 120 so we can invite lots then – btw an evening party is the norm in the uk, it’s not considered rude)  

How much did your wedding end up costing? We will be around 8k mark in pounds – so what’s that? 12/13k in US dollars I think  (excluding e-ring and wedding bands) 

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How long did you plan?

8 whole months!

Did you open a wedding fund account? If not, what did you do?

No- I used Weddingwire’s Budget tool to help me categorize and prioritize what I needed vs. what I wanted. Then we took the total amount spread the cost out over the 8 months it took to plan and paid that amount of money for the items that we needed based on the checklist that Weddingwire also provided me.  

Did you have to sacrifice anything to save that amount of $? If so, what were those sacrifices?

Not really- I ended up sacrificing wedding expenses vs. our living expenses. Example- we didn’t have a videographer because it was too expensive.

What was your money saving strategies?

We picked out the things that meant the most to us. For me, it was location. For my wife, it was the photographer. So we spared no expense for these two items- I did A LOT of DIY projects, but keep in mind that not all DIY projects are cost efficient. So keep that in mind.

How much did your wedding end up costing?

Our wedding cost a little over 7K

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