For fun: Anyone have any weird quirks?

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Blushing bee

Before I even opened your post the first thing I thought was “little holes.” Gaaaahhhhhh I hate to even think about them!! It’s mostly the thought of lots of little holes in skin (the ones that come up when you google trypophobia images).. that really freaks me out more than anything. Other things like sea corals and those little bubbles that pancakes get when they’re cooking also set me off, but mostly those dang pictures of holes in someone’s skin. I’m fine with honeycombs though, probably because the pattern is predictable and constant. 

FH doesnt like fleece. To the point that he won’t even hand me my Columbia jacket. Future Mother-In-Law said the first time she noticed it was when FH was little, maybe 6 or 7. They were at an arcade where you’ve got to earn tickets to win prizes. FH wanted a giant stuffed animal toy that was 14,000 tickets. They played and played and played and after a few hours they got enough tickets to get the toy. As soon as the man handed the toy to FH, he turned to his mom and handed it to her and said “I cant touch it. I don’t like the way it feels.” His dislike of it has only gotten worse as he’s gotten older. 

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Honey bee
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I still get sleep paralysis the odd time as an adult. Sometimes the exploding head thing too but rarely. When I was a kid I was sure I was being abducted by aliens. 

I have small snippets of ocd like behaviours. No not self diagnosed “lol I’m so ocd”. Legit psychologist pointed this out. I am bothered by the number 6. Like if the tv is on 6 I’ll turn it up or down. Not super distressed but it’s there. Things like that. 


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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I like to have the volume at multiples of 5 too! I have managed to stop myself doing it in FI’s car, but generally it needs to be a multiple of 5.

I like things to be even visually. To the point where I switched two toilet rolls (individually wrapped kind) around in the toilet roll holder at work (the kimd you can see in the side of) so it would be alternating rather than two of one wrapper then one of the other.

I also don’t like my food to touch, unless it is stir fry and rice or something. It comes from childhood I think, possibly from when my dad cooked us a sausage on bread with vegetables and the vegetables would touch the bread, making it soggy!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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rubibelle :  

OMG.  Dh and I just had the biggest argument over spoons.  We only have one teaspoon and one tablespoon of the kind I like left and they both came up missing.  A little context:  dh’s memory ssucks, he’s not aging gracefully and Lexapro isn’t helping. In candid moments, he’ll admit it.  I remember things I wish I didn’t.

Dh is also as pig headed as they come.

Back to the spoons.  I checked the dishwasher. Checked the drawer.  Checked the dish drainer.  Dh actually does dishes before he goes to bed.  Hold your applause, we use like three a day.

So, how the hell do two spoons disappear?

Alternatively, why can’t I just use a spoon from another set?  BECAUSE I CAN’T, THAT’S WHY.

Predictably, confronting the prime Person of Interest led to defensive outrage:  I never touched those spoons!

Ah, touchless dishwashing, of course!  Just like the car wash.

This insanity escalated with Dh insisting that I had to have done something with the spoons.  And, in fact, I  must have taken the spoons and left them in the bedroom.

This is a bit of a reach, since I never eat in the bedroom.

So, for the grand finale, I confessed:  Yes, indeed.  I took two spoons, spirited them off to the upstairs bedroom and hid them.  And why?  To gaslight Dh, of course.

This actually makes sense to him.

Ultimately, the crisis was resolved by my buying a new set of silverware and Dh finding the spoons that HE misplaced gawd knows where. 

So, yeah.  I can be a little quirky now and then.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Jacqui90 :  

Oh, I hate my food touching too!  I cannot fathom how people mush everything on their plates together and eat it.  Yuck.

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Bumble bee
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cotton wool balls weird me out something awful, shudder.

I also have my own set of forks in our house..and at my mums.

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Helper bee
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Licking wooden popsicle sticks!! UGH. The thought makes me cringeeee so hard. 


rubibelle :  YES! I hate having wet hands and touching things!! I think it goes back to my lifeguarding days of spending hours in the pool teaching swimming lessons, I would get SO grossed out when kids would grab my wrinkly hands, I would yell at them to hold my pinky only LOL. Now touching anything with wet hands (even my towel) makes me feel all icky.


not really a quirk I guess, but I dream THE weirdest dreams, remember my dreams (usually multiple) every single night. I used to keep a dream journal because they would be so odd and so frequent. and in the last year or so have had many lucid dreams (Dreams where I’m aware I’m dreaming), I’ve actually been able to alter the way my dream is going because I realize I’m dreaming, it’s the weirdest but coolest thing. 

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Bumble bee
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Food touching – UGH. The worst is pasta and sauce on the same plate with a salad. Can’t have it. 

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Helper bee

I can’t use a pen unless it has a cap on it. Like one of those bic pens, if the cap is missing- I can’t use it. I now carry my own pen with me to sign receipts.

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Bee Keeper
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I can’t put toast directly onto a plate because of the condensation *bleugh* I either have to let it cool or put it on kitchen roll. 

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Bee Keeper

I too have experienced sleep paralysis many times as an adult but knock on wood its been a handful of years since the last episode.

Also, I cannot stand Styrofoam.  The sound it makes when you touch it just god awful.  I think I’ve developed a dislike for how it feels too because I expect the cringe worthy noise to follow.

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