For fun: Anyone have any weird quirks?

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sassy411 :  

A much better way of looking at it !. 

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Lol great thread. Ever since I could talk I always refused to wear v-necks and hate button up tops/sweaters /coats. My mom said I would go into hysterics if she tried to get me to wear either of the 2.  Even today I don’t like v-necks, buttons on tops/coats etc on myself and don’t buy anything with either style. Scoop neck? Yes, please. Zippers? Sure.  So weird.

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amanda1988 :  I have this too! My dad’s an especially awful loud chewer and I have to leave the room when he eats. But small noises while eating grate my nerves too. Wish they didn’t.

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lifeisbeeutiful :  If someone is bad enough or I’m having a particularly bad day, I can’t study/work.. I either have to leave or just sit there and wait until they are done (if I can’t leave).  Typically I can push through if people are “polite” eaters, though.  I also have noise cancelling headphones I’ll plug in if needed, which helps a ton.  Typically I won’t even have them plugged in to anything, I just turn on the noice cancelling feature so I can work.

My office mate is unfortunately particularly offensive.  She is a lip-smacking, open mouth chewing, slurpy eater.  Also.. smells don’t bother me more than a normal person, just the sound, but she likes to eat fish a lot.. and I love fish, but nuked sardines really leave a wonderful stench in the office.  When you combine my misophonia with the smell.. well I need to go for a walk and hope she’s done by the time I get back. :-/

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Okay. Two things. I have an aversion to emptying the dishwasher. I like to wash/sponge off  the dishes and put them in the dishwasher for sanitizing but will not empty a clean dishwasher. In fact I have been known to hand wash all the dishes and place them on towels on the counter rather than emptying the full clean dishwasher. Sometimes I’ll go into the kitchen meaning to do dishes and check the dishwasher. If it’s full, I’m like “well I can’t wash the dishes” and I will turn around and walk back out.

And I am well known for simply starting a sentence or an idea and stopping mid-sentence. It’s like I know that everyone can finish the sentence on their own and knows what I’m thinking, so why bother actually saying it.

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I hate the number 4. Can’t stand it. If SO kisses me 4 times, then I get really uncomfortable and nervous and push him to do it a fifth. I even don’t like touching it on the keyboard, so I will add an extra number and then delete it so that 4 is not the last number I touched (I am also doing this now). 

I start steps with my left foot first and try to end with my left. When I was a child I also had to cross lines on the street left first and would estimate my steps in a way that the left foot would cross first. I still to this to an extent, although it has gotten better. 

I have a collarbone phobia, as in I cannot have mine touched, nor can I touch it myself, nor can I look at someone touching theirs. If it does happen, I feel an immediate panic and weakness as if I might faint. Everybody always asks me if something happened, but nothing ever did. 

I also don’t like reaching into socks that are inside out after doing laundry, so I have asked SO to specifically put them in the laundry the right way, or I don’t fold them. 

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I can’t stand the idea of scraping a bar of soap so some goes under my nails. I’ve been like that for as long as I can remember and dont know where it came from.  No other texture, feeling or anything bothers me in the slightest.  It has now extended to having no soap bars in the house Haha, only liquid.  

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