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  • Wedding: October 2013

Not inviting one of my 3 stepsisters. Other than that its really been pretty drama free

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I had a completely drama free wedding and wedding planning. To me, that was fun. 🙂 lol

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@asianbarbie:  Now that I think of it, my Maid/Matron of Honor had to leave the rehearsal dinner to go to the ER, and spent part of the wedding day in the ER in between the ceremony & luncheon and the reception.  But that wasn’t really dramatic in the usual sense of the word.  She was good enough to stop and pick up silver organza on her way back to cooridinate with my wedding colours.  

Perhaps the closest drama on my end was forgetting my phone charger on the friday night, and my phone dying.  I had no way of knowing whether they had admitted her and if she’d be able to make it, but my husband had his sister on standby for Maid/Matron of Honor duties, just in case.

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  • Wedding: October 2014

Well so far, our only drama has been a tiff with Future Mother-In-Law over who (even though we are paying for the wedding) she “decided” was our flower girl! we had already decided on my niece and nephew…..who are a little older and well behaved, and we actually have a relationship with them…..

well i got infomed that FIs niece WAS GOING TO BE OUR FLOWER GIRL! to which i said NO! normally not a big deal just stick the kid in….well heres the thing….it is FIs half sisters kid, whom he hasnt seen in well lets see shes 6 so in 5.5 years because his half sister is a ginormus B* and has been boycotting essentially his whole family unless there is drama like a family death then she shows up plays the grieving relative and flees asap after the show is over then wont talk to anyone for MONTHS at a time unless she wants something…..and this kid is the poster child for birthcontrol….im not kidding, she is the worst behaved child i have ever met in my entire life (and ive worked as an ER nurse….so that is really saying something! I see children at their worst…and this little kid takes the cake)….shes spoiled and catered to….refuses to sit still, screams everything, she broke FMILs antique china (like several hundred dollars worth) because she wanted something different for desert then what we had on hand at FMILs house…..and did she get punished nope….she got 2 new toys, what she wanted for desert brought to her….her mom didnt even apologize about the china, or help clean it up….after her daughter threw the 4th china plate across the room screaming! I GOT CALLED A HORRIBLE PERSON FOR TRYING TO MAKE HER STOP! because she is “just expressing herself and im not family so i have no place to be upset”….apparently stitches on my calf because i got hit by the plate shards is not a reason to be upset….and this girl is not autistic nothing wrong mentally just a brat….

well we didnt even want to play that game….so we put a stop to it…since FIs half sister is wavering on wether she will even SHOW UP to the wedding if her daughter is NOT A FLOWER GIRL…. she may just BOOK A CRUISE INSTEAD…..

ugghh….not happening….Future Father-In-Law is backing us and Future Mother-In-Law is just gonna have to suck it up…..and deal…because Fiance dosent want her in the wedding so she wont be there….and if his half sister will miss the wedding soley because her kid isnt in it to be a show pony then thats too bad….esp since half the family refuses to have anything to do with her….

so far that is the ONLY drama….and im hoping its over….if not atleast Fiance and I have eachothers back…esp because we dont want to foot the bill to entertain the little brats therapist for a day(oh yeah she sees a therapist has since she was 2, because her parents dont want to deal with it so they ship her to therapy instead of being parents because facebook and vacations are more important apparently) and she *has to have her therapist incase she gets upset….Undecided

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  • Wedding: November 2013

My MoH NOT wanting to:

a) take off work a little early to come to the rehearsal (I understand this is not an essential thing and she needs her vacation time at work – I get it. That said, the venue is a public park that closes at dusk and sun sets at 4:45 in November, so…)

b) just go ahead and not attend the rehearsal and have us tell her what to do the day of

c) drive “all that way just to be there for a short amount of time”

She DOES, however, want us to wait until she gets there around 4:30 in the afternoon so we can do the full rehearsal with her from the beginning (but she can’t guarantee she’d get there because it’s a Friday and there’s traffic! Oh my stars! T__T).

And don’t even get me started about her and the rehearsal dinner…*facedesk*

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  • Wedding: April 2013

Wedding DAY drama, try wedding WEEK drama!


I’ve always dreamed of a spring wedding. April of 2012 the weather was in the 70’s and lovely! I knew that we’d be lucky to ever see that kind of weather again but at least being in the 50’s would be ok for me! I always envisioned pictures with tulips starting to bloom, little pops of green grass…just spring beginning to happen! So we set our date for April 13th 2013!


The Sunday before my wedding the weather forecast is looking naaaasty. I woke up Monday morning to no power! (When our power goes out we have no heat or running water) We just got about 1/4″ of ice! I tried to remain calm thinking it would be back on soon enough. Well I went to work that day and came home around 5pm, still no power. At about 8pm our power came back on. As soon as it got dark outside it started raining cats and dogs. I woke up in the morning to a hellacious amount of ice and no power. Turned on the radio to find out most of the county was out of power as well as the surrounding counties… Thank goodness the town where my wedding was held didn’t get hit nearly as hard. They still had power.


Wednesday morning rolls around, we still are without power and we just got 5″ of wet snow. Power lines are down everywhere! I’m starting to freak out because we were going to do our “First Look” photos at the state park where Darling Husband proposed. Um, how was I going to walk down a path in heels with 5″ of snow in a huge dress?! My stylists is out of power, so Wednesday is a no-go for getting my hair touched up. Eh, we’ll just get it done Thursday!


Thursday. Power is still out. We’ve been staying at our in-laws 20 minutes away (they are also out of power but have a generator) trying desperately to get last minute things done. My stylist STILL doesn’t have power. . .my hair is still waiting. Our programs need to be printed so it’s off to town to have those done. Our favor boxes need to be assembled and tied yet. We couldn’t just pack those up and bring them to in the in-laws. So here Darling Husband and I sit in our 45* tying the ribbons on the boxes!


Friday morning. Power is STILL out. Guests are trying to fly in early. Flights are cancelled and/or delayed. I get a call about 1pm Friday afternoon, my stylist has power again! Rush there to get my hair done. By the time my hair was done I had to fly to the town where my wedding was to be held. Hubby calls me shortly after stopping home to get clothes and says (at 4pm) WE HAVE POWER!


By Friday our home was a complete mess. We had trees down all over the yard and it was a wreck. I had planned on showing my out of town relatives our home but we weren’t able to because heck we hadn’t been able to clean or do anything there for the past week! To top it all off, our home got “pranked” after the wedding.  Our whole wedding week was just ungodly stressful. I really could have dealt with the ice storm but our house getting trashed was just too much.


But in the end, the crazy week didn’t stop me from having a bad wedding day. Even though we weren’t able to do our first look pictures where we got engaged, we
found an even better spot that still gave the same outdoorsy/country feel! Our out of town guests made it safely, I married the man of my dreams, and even though I didn’t get my “spring” pictures, we still got some amazing outdoor shots!


I had to include some pictures of how bad the ice storm was!





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  • Wedding: January 2014

Holy crap, some of these are crazy!!

So far, the biggest drama has been my mom not willing to accept that we wanted an immediate family only wedding. (And no, she’s not paying for anything.) She insisted that one of her sisters was going to come. Like, even if we didn’t invite her, my mom was going to bring her anyway. It was a HUGE blowup, and we finally agreed to invite the aunt and her boyfriend, and then everyone else in the family got pissed because it’s not immediate family only any more!

Then my mom decided that she wanted another aunt to be able to come, so she started calling me and telling me how my aunt was crying about not being there, how she was going to sneak in, how she was going to get a telephoto lens so she could take pictures?! It was insane. But we put our foot down on the second aunt, even though it’s basically too late and people are already pissed about us inviting the first aunt!

My mom is a drama QUEEN and is the main reason we almost eloped, lol.

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  • Wedding: November 2013

@howsweetitis:  Lol, Future Mother-In-Law and her mother HATE each other. I had to invite her to “keep the peace” (so she couldn’t say how her daughter prevented her fom seeing her grandson get married)…….only she might ACTUALLY come and they’ll be in the same room with alcohol. Fiance also said his family is very “Dutiful” and might actually fly out from CA to show up an “wave the family flag” even if they’re not invited….um…what?

I am dreading it. >.< (Basically trying to relate to the ‘even if they’re not invited/wanted they’ll come anyway’ point)

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