(Closed) For fun! Does anyone know a celebrity?

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lavenderstone:  huh. Darling Husband works for a narrator on the Discovery Channel…. wonder if it’s the same guy…

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Sunshine09:  Hmmm he is not such a big celebrity yet but my ex coworker plays for the Suffers.  They are really big down here in Houston.  They been doing a tour all around the US all year long.  They are pretty good. 

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Sunshine09:  my cousin is a pro in the NFL, Another cousin is  a Pro in the MBA and I dated a pro basketball player. 

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Darling Husband has a buddy that’s been a relatively minor recurring character in a couple of shows, The Originals and Army Wives were a couple. I was friends in high school with a girl that is now a newscaster, not exactly a celebrity, but Stephen Colbert did make a joke about her on his show once. 

Patrick Dempsey is from the area where I grew up, he even went to my high school for a while. I used to work with a women who went to high school with him, she told me he asked her out once and she refused. I bet she’s regretting that now!

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walk_by_faith:  I know exactly where you’re talking about! I’ve never met AJ, but my Darling Husband has on many occasions – and has the same sentiments as you. 🙂

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I met Taylor Swift in NJ right around the time she first made it big.  She commented on my NC accent and how I must not be from around there. lol

I went to college and was neighbors with Chris Johnson (NFL player)

I know the guys in Parmalee, one tried to take me home from a bar one night…but I had a Boyfriend or Best Friend at the time. lol

I’ve never met him, but Darling Husband has met/worked for Andy Griffith before, doing the floors in his beach house and said he was a complete asshole.  He made Darling Husband and Father-In-Law park in the road at the end of his long driveway and carry heavy rolls of carpet and hardwood into the house from there, because they weren’t “allowed” to park in the driveway.  My cousin has acted with Andy before in a local play and also said he was a complete asshole.  

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I presume by celebrity you mean a TV, music, or film star? I know a few famous authors and academics who are absolute legends in their own fields, but I’m not so sure they would qualify.

As far as TV/music/film go, I have a good friend who was once on a reality TV show about survival/travel in remote areas, an acquaintance who is quite a famous survival expert/TV host/celebrity (whose name the British bees would definitely recognise), and a friend who is a semi well known radio actress. By “semi well known”, I mean that you wouldn’t recognise her name, but if I told you what characters she played, you would know who she was.

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I went to high school with the guy who was in homeward bound, I also lived inbetween Mark Sibley and Michael Jordan growing up in Illinois, they are both pro basketball players but now retired.

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I’m definitely not friends with any celebrities, but it seems like people are mostly posting about random run ins, so I’ll join!

Joe Minoso pet my dog and said how cute he was (my Darling Husband was walking him), which my dog is adorable, so I get it.

I briefly shook hands with Obama when he was campaigning at my college for the first election.

I ran into Michael Sam at the Starbucks by my place and the baristas were commenting on how he had a terrible attitude. He was dressed super sharp though.

I met Will Forte, Ryan Phillippe and the guy from Lonely Island who wrote on MacGruber, they were promoting the movie at my college…and it was on my birthday! They were all super nice, but especially Will Forte. He was genuinely excited it was my birthday and wrote me a really sweet message.

One of my best friends used to be pretty close to Yvonne Strahovski (from Chuck and Dexter), I guess she is incredibly sweet and down to earth.


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Gsxr06:  Yes! Lucky!! I kinda used to know Trish Stratus. Met her many times, she used to know me by name and would always come find me at events.

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– I know some people that are moderately famous- a couple of radio people/news anchors, tv chefs (my dad and others in his family are chefs so our fam knows a lot of people in the restaurant business) and some baseball players- mostly Yankees, Knicks, and Mets players because they are regulars at family restaurants/bars.

– My dad used to cater private parties for Giuliani when he was mayor of NYC- he used to be really nice- I had met him several times when I was young. It’s sad to see how crazy he is now.

– Bill O’Reilly is just as delusional, belligerent, arrogant and insufferable in person as he is on faux news. His ex-wife is still one of our clients and she’s kind of crazy too but was always decent, but he’s just the WORST.

– Matt Bomer- White Collar used to film often right by my old office. He’s soooo nice!

– Joy Mangano is one of our long term clients and she’s a little “cold and abrupt” but she’s nice enough when she’s around. It’s been a while since we’ve dealt with her because they were filming the movie at her house so we have been in contact mainly with her staff while it was going on.

– Mutual friends of mine are friendly with and have brought out Lindsey Lohan. She’s a nightmare. A total inebriated joke that demands attention and goes from being super happy, laughing, then all of a sudden is hysterically crying and fighting with people. I haven’t seen her in years luckily.

– Katy Perry used to date Travis Mccoy from Gym Class heroes and my friend’s band was friendly with them from being out on tour so we all went to a Fall Out Boy secret show and they were all there (this was obviously like 9-10 years ago lol) They were ALL really nice and really fun.

– Famke Janssen was walking her dogs in SOHO and her dog went to sniff a pole while we were waiting to cross the street and the leash got tangled around my foot. She seemed nice.

– I’ve also seen/met celebrities randomly just going out in NYC or in LI. They are everywhere and they pretty much live openly so it’s not unusual to run into them just shopping, walking in the street, eating at a restaurant, taking public transportation, etc…

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my husband’s best friend books comedy talent.  one of his main guys is a famous comedian, when ever they are in town near us, the comedian takes Darling Husband and I to dinner after the shows.  he knows personal details about us (and remembers with each visit) and we know personal stuff about him.


Darling Husband is also very good friends with a writer on a show on NBC.  he even gave a character with a 3 episode arc DH’s last name (we weren’t married yet.) turned out the character was a bad guy, but Darling Husband still loved it.

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Sunshine09:  oh for sure! and for many many years. Some of us were hanging out at the mall or movie theater like normal teenagers and she was already going out to bars. Years later when she was already publicly spiraling and was a big tabloid favorite, she would come to parties drunk/high and then accuse everyone there of leaking information one second then trying to be nice the next. It was bizarre. Another time we were playing beer pong and she got up on the chair alongside the table and asked us “who wanted autographs or to hear about a trip she went on” WE KNEW HER. This wasn’t some gathering of strangers or fans. She then got pouty because no one was paying attention to her and threatened to leave and find a better party and on her way out she saw my friends mom’s collection of crap magazines and a pic of her and wilmer valderrama were on the front and she FLIPPED OUT and stormed out of the party. Her car was being blocked by people so she DROVE across my friend’s lawn to get out WASTED. She’s one of those deeply insecure people that wants to belong and will try to reconnect with old friends when shes in town, but then her inner bitch comes out and she ends up treating these very same people terribly and then leaving. Maybe she’s calmed down now? LOL i haven’t seen her in about 5 years.

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