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Yep you all successfully validated the reasons why I have no social media besides weddingbee! 

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……… So, based on most of the comments, don’t ever post anything, for any reason, at any time. 

By the way the, Facebookers I CAN’T STAND are the stalkers. You know, the people who see that you’re online from the little green dot next to your icon and decide to private message you trying to start conversations when you just want to be left alone… sometimes, I just want to read an article on Facebook without being bothered. Sometimes when it’s late, I just want to surf the net without having someone trying to start a conversation with me and expecting me to respond just because they see I’m online. I wish there was a way to turn that off! If there is, I haven’t found it.

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As PP said, the posts dedicated to people who aren’t reading them drive me nuts. A girl I went to middle school with recently posted a long dedication for her four-year-old son’s birthday. Even if the kid can read already, I doubt he’s looking at Facebook. And it ended with “Mommy, Daddy, and [little sister] love you so much!” But here’s the thing. Little sister is still in utero. I’m sorry, but your unborn daughter doesn’t love your son yet, she doesn’t know who he is. I’m fine with “we can’t wait to meet you!” or saying you love your unborn daughter, because I’m sure that’s true. But the other way around is weird. 

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I try my best not to judge because I know some people have nobody else to talk to, but its always odd when people air out all their dirty laundry in a facebook post. I have a cousin who posts about EVERY argument she gets in with her boyfriend, complete with screenshots. Like girl, I don’t need to see that!


I also have a friend who will post multiple times a day, every day if shes somewhere. Camping for 3 days? You can expect 10 different posts about how awesome it is… but if it was so awesome, why are you on your phone every 20 minutes? She’ll also post a TON about how awesome her boyfriend is and every time they do a “thai food and nintendo date night!” Blech. AND she steals memes from instagram accounts and posts them as her own! There was some super popular tweet on Buzzfeeds instagram that said something about packing a ton of underwear for no reason but if you pee your pants 10 times youll be set. She posted it as a status ver batim as if she made it up. And has done it multople other times. ERGH. Okay my rant is done lol. 


Another is when people post political things and then get mad when people respond to it… whatd you think would happen?!

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RobbieAndJuliahaha :  Facebook life wasn’t a great term, I admit that. I think of grief similar as to weddings. Post about as much as you want in the beginning, but by the 4th year, maybe only post on the anniversary.

This particular friend posted 1-2x a week about his death for the first few years, with it slowly declining. I should also mention she only posted two things. How much she loved her mom (with selfies) and the death of her dad. NOTHING ELSE.

I update my profile picure, not make paragraph long posts about how much I love my husband. I make one post per year, on our anniversary, like that. This is much less in comparison to this childhood friend.

I didn’t intend on being so insensitive about the subject, and can see how my post would read that way. In the context of my friend, it was truly annoying, and I did unfollow her over a year ago, because it was constantly depressing. 

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amilly435 :  Ughhh I hate joke thiefs so much. 

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I like to see my friends and family doing well. Family pics, vacation pics etc. 

I don’t like the current trend of asking me to donate to a charity in honor of your birthday. It is rude and presumptuous to ask for any type of gift.  

I can’t stand “So this happened”, “And just like that…” or “Screamimg Happy Birthday”. 

Why do people write messages to their young children that don’t even have social media? Lol

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somathemagical :  I can’t stop laughing at this one. Someone in my husband’s family does this, I sometimes wonder if she took pictures with every guest specifically for this purpose. 😂

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jayquellen :  In your reply explaining how you didn’t mean to come off as insensitive….you say “I think of grief similar as to weddings. Post as much you want in the beginning….” 

Jesus, no! You can’t possibly compare a grieving person’s need to talk about their deceased loved one to someone continuing to yap about their wedding. I’m truly appalled by this. 

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Facebook.  I notice I post way less now that I’m super duper happy in life!  

I share recipes I see as I want to be able to go back and cook them later.  I post vacation pics to share and so I have them saved somewhere besides my phone. The occasional selfie if I did something cool or it was an exceptional pic. Occasional cute kid pic. Mine are old now.  I’m guilty of the birthday message to my kids.  But I do show them the post.   They can all read. And the “then and now pic” for my enjoyment in the FB memories later.   I love memes. Birthday wishes.




excessive love posts

emotional pictures of your baby that died or was stillborn.  A trigger and private imo

wedding pics long after the day except in the anniversary month

selling stuff

game notifications

Animal cruelty

huge snakes spiders etc.  

your kids playing sports or doing gymnastics

i spend more time on the bee.




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jayquellen :  (comment deleted for personal attack violating TOS) 

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I have one girl on mine that literally posts about her husband daily, think love quotes and pics all the time. Anniversaries of literally everything too!! It’s sickening, just tell him all this, after all he’s the only one that needs to know.

 I have another girl who posts excessively about her life…but it’s all very extreme, not just the usual FB exaggeration but it’s exaggeration on steriods. 

I hate political posts, racist post and cruelty in any form.

on a side note it really bugs me when people use FB as a means to make things official…like some people think a relationship is not official unless it’s on there haha 

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How could I forget the attention seeking posts?! Like I’ll just check in at hospital with a sad face emoji and see the comments roll in so I can comment back that I’ll pm them cos it’s wayyyyyy too personal hahahaha 

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I am friends with this gal who used to take selfies CONSTANTLY. She even had an entire Facebook photo album labeled “my vanity” that contained hundreds of selfies. Hundreds. 


I had another “friend” (that I’m no longer friends with on social media or real life). She was the passive-aggressive Facebook communicator. When I was going through a break up, she told me that I was having “too much pity” for myself. Then she started posting all sorts of memes abd sayings about not feeling sorry for yourself and whatnot. She’d take pics of herself, looking all prettied up with some positivity saying. It was like, good god woman. I’ve got the point! Let me grieve the loss of a relationship without all this nonsense! When I started feeling better, those posts stopped. Low and behold, my life became boring to her because I was too happy🙄



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