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cclove :  This made me LOL! I dont know where you’re from but where I live…0df70835b3375feacd6fb7e2bdda2d1fd170eab5 (1)

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My FBIL’s wedding – another Future Brother-In-Law (brother of the groom/groomsman) got in a fight with his Girlfriend and they spent the whole reception alternating between fighting and obviously ignoring each other and refusing to even stand next to each other. At the end we all got a taxi back to FMIL’s house and they sat separately, continuing their fight via text message. Awkward.

At a friends wedding a guest got extremely drunk and was dirty dancing and hiked her dress up to the point you could see her G string.

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One friend (we’re not friends anymore :)) came into the bridal suite and hung out–she was not part of the wedding party. The same person had asked if she could get her hair/makeup done with us, even though my MUA/stylist was pressed for time doing 3 of us as it was (which I explained). Same person also asked to bring her 17 year old daughter (who I can’t stand for a variety of reasons) because her husband wouldn’t be a plus one–he never goes anywhere with her. I never intended on inviting her daughter (or son) and I didn’t end up doing so.

Yet another guest told me the signature cocktails weren’t strong enough. This guest was also invited to the rehearsal dinner since she was staying an extra night and I didn’t want her to feel left out. She had a ton of drinks at dinner ($12 cocktails), outdrank everyone else by far and then complained about those drinks too. 

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breatheandrelax :  I love that you had that picture to send! the way these people sound, I’d make sure it wound up in my wedding album too! So they are immortalized forever as the drunken asshats!

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DHs stepsister was wasted at dinner and spent the entire dinner (small destination wedding, dinner in a Michelin star restaurant) alternating between crying hysterically and making out with her boyfriend. She’s in her late 30s, bf is 50. Her siblings kept trying to get her to leave but nope. Then she made a dramatic exit right as cake was being served.

To add insult to injury, she was seated right in front of dinner music (2 harps) and the poor harpists had a front row view of the whole nightmare. It was so embarrassing.

No apology. Hate her.


Eta: then she emailed me demanding photos of her and her bf. I sent like 1 and posted one on Facebook that she didn’t look great in (group shot). Petty but worth it.

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We didn’t have any overly demanding guests but we did have a couple guests with unacceptable behavior.

  1. Darling Husband aunt and cousin. We sent out STD and invites and heard nothing back from them. We called and left a message with the cousin. She didn’t call us back. Instead, she called her mom, who in turn called Darling Husband mom (even though she is related to Darling Husband dad) and RSVP’d through her saying that she (the aunt) would be coming but not her daughter, DH’s cousin. I told Darling Husband that they needed to RSVP online, not through a game of telephone but Darling Husband insisted it was ok. A few days later we heard from the daughter who nonchalantly told us that she would be coming. I asked both aunt and cousin to RSVP online but neither did.

    To top it all off, we had a no children policy at the wedding. There were only 4 kids present and they were all a part of the actual wedding. Darling Husband cousin shows up with her 13 year old daughter who a) wasn’t invited, b) hadn’t RSVP’d so we had no seat for her, and c) was DRESSED IN TIE DYE! Our wedding was a formal event and the uninvited, nonRSVP’d KID shows up in TIE DYE! I honestly thought she was someone sneaking into the wedding until Darling Husband told me. 

  2. Darling Husband other cousin. Backstory: our online RSVP system had a max of 2 guests possible per RSVP because we only invited the two adult head-of-household (or +1 for singles) people per group. Another adult cousin of Darling Husband RSVP’d online. The invitation was to her and her husband. She RSVP’d for her and her 16 year old daughter then had the audacity to put in the comments that she was only able to enter one guest but that her husband would be coming to the wedding as well. We had to call her and let her know that only two people were allowed and that kids were not invited. Her response? She’ll bring her daughter, not her husband, which should be fine since her daughter is 16.

    Seriously? What did we just tell you?! (Un)fortunately, Darling Husband and his family are nonconfrontational so she ended up getting her way. 

  3.  Super drunk friend. We have a friend who turns into a WW2 veteran and the most patriotic person in the world when he drinks. No joking, he once told a navy seal that he understood him and that he too could kill someone with his bare hands. So, at the wedding he took full advantage of the open bar and was “buying” people shots which he would then consume all on his own. He got so drunk that he asked Darling Husband dad (who is a veteran) if he had ever been shot at and then proceeded to tell him that he had fought in the Vietnam War (for reference he turned 40 this year so, no he did not serve in that war). My mom and her siblings are navy brats and my dad and Darling Husband dad also served so he behavior was very unpopular as the night went on. We actually ended up ending the reception earlier than planned because this friend refused to leave the bar.

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