For fun–how did you tell your family/friends you were engaged?!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2019 - City, State

We got engaged on the beach in South Carolina while on vacation. After he proposed I wrote I said yes in the sand and posted it on FB. But before I posted it I called my kids and parents and he called his parents. It was perfect. We both love the beach.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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We got engaged on a camping trip and chose to wait to tell anyone until we were back. So we kept it to ourselves for 2 days. When we got back we told my in-laws in person as we lived in the same town as them. Then we called my parents and brother. Texted our best friends and after they responded we posted it on Facebook book for everyone else.

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Blushing bee

We were on a weekend trip, but my fiance had told his parents and mine the plan beforehand, so we facetimed them a couple hours after! We told our very closest friends that night over the phone but otherwise posted on FB once we were back from our trip πŸ™‚

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2018

We got engaged and bought a house around the same time. My parents live overseas so we usually chat via messages, and I told them we bought a house. And oh btw we also got engaged. This more or less was how we told everyone else through phone or conversations, and almost everyone reacted to the engagement and not so much the buying of the house. πŸ˜› 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2018

Everyone close to both of us already knew my husbands plan, but I still texted my closest friends and family to let them know. Then a day or so later I posted something on social media.

we were overseas so we weren’t going to run into any friends or family anytime soon so text was the only way to share the news since I couldn’t hold it in!

happybridetobe1 :  

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2018 - UK

We didn’t do a proposal, we just had a discussion then went out to buy the ring, so nobody knew ahead of time. Afterwards, I was really excited, so we went to a restaurant for lunch, and I called my mum – she didn’t answer. I called my stepdad – he didn’t answer. I called my best friend – she didn’t answer.

By this time I was fit to burst, but I didn’t want to tell other people before the immediate inner circle knew, so I texted them all and told them to call me back ASAP. About two hours later they finally called in rapid succession and I eventually got to tell them.

After that, I texted the rest of the family a picture of the ring, but my mum never received the picture so she called me back in a panic because my aunt saw the picture before she did.

It wasn’t really a magical experience!

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: February 2016

happybridetobe1 :  really awkwardly actually. It felt like a really weird conversation for me to have. We were away for the weekend, we called his parents first and I can’t remember what he said. Then I called my mum but she was out and I didn’t have a lot of signal so I was telling her in a really awakward like “we bought a ring today” but she couldn’t really hear properly and finally said “are you trying to tell me you’re engaged?” She was out with my grandma, so we tried to have that conversation again but it was too noisy so I could hear my mum over the phone yelling I’d gotten engaged before mum gave up and told grandma later (and then got in trouble for keeping it from her).

I texted some friends, with the “he bought me a ring for my left hand”. Which again was indirect and left a lot of people trying to work out what I meant. I asked my bridesmaid if she’d do me a favour and when she responded I asked if she’d be a bridesmaid. I texted my Maid/Matron of Honor and said “you called being MOH?” She’d gone to bed early, came down stairs the next morning reading my text and apparently nearly fell downstairs. Her husband also thought she was psychic because as she nearly fell she blurted out that she thought I was engaged. We then just updated the relationship status on Facebook rather than making a post.

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Busy bee
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We got engaged on a Wednesday and my parents were coming back from a holiday on the Thursday night. They thought we were coming to see them to catch up about their travels on the Saturday, but we actually booked the Friday off work and drove to theirs so we were at the house waiting for them as as a surprise when they got back from the airport on the Thursday night.

That part of the surprise failed, because my dad had installed a CCTV doorbell so got a notification when we turned up and he saw us on the camera stream on his phone πŸ˜‚ But they still were very happy to see us, and when my mum hugged me and said “I’m so happy you’re here!!!” I said “Do you want to be even happier?” and I held my hand up in front of her to show her the ring. THAT part of the surprise worked, she was hysterical and we were squeezed into oblivion in true Jewish mother style.

My dad was thrilled too, his reaction was “About bloody time!”

I told my best friends over WhatsApp whilst my mum made phonecalls to the immediate family. Everyone was so happy, it was actually really overwhelming.

We had a family gathering planned for the Saturday anyway, but it sort of turned into an enagagement celebration. The reason my mum made phonecalls is because I didn’t feel I could cope with everyone’s reactions in person as I knew it was going to be intense and I am very anxious about that level of attention. So despite everyone being so excited, it was a relief to not actually have to tell them all there and then and deal with the shock alongside the excitement.

And then after all of this, we put it on Facebook to tell our wider circle just by changing our relationship status to ‘engaged’.

I just remembered actually, on the Wednesday night after we got engaged I messaged my cousin who lives abroad to tell her. She is one of my best friends and I knew I had to wait another day to tell anyone in person, and I knew I didn’t want to tell anyone else before my parents knew. But I wanted to tell someone and she was the only person I wanted to share it with at that point. It was really nice having her to be excited with in secret for a little while as we are really close.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2018

A fair number of my friends and my sister knew I was going to propose to my boyfriend. After I did (Christmas Eve 2017), I skyped with my sister who was hosting my mum, because my mum doesn’t do social media and I wanted to make sure she knew before everybody else did. Then I posted a picture of the ring in its box on facebook with the comment “He said yes” (in German). 

My husband’s family found out the next day when we were at their place for Christmas lunch. Basically, he kept his hand in his pocket until everybody had sat down and then put his hand with the ring on the table for all to see.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2019 - City, State

happybridetobe1 :  My fiance proposed on our 10 year anniversary on vacation in Mexico.

He did it in the middle of the night, so I waited until the next morning and called my mom to tell her! Then, I sent a snap to my Future Sister-In-Law and one of my best friends with a picture of the ring saying: “Finally!” To this day it is one of my favorite pictures!

Apparently my fiance’s mum knew he was going to propose while down there, so we only had to tell his dad – which my fiance did in a phone call. Since we have been together so long – I think everyone saw it coming! LOL

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2019

We got engaged on vacation, with about 1 week left of being away. We didn’t tell anyone when we were still away, since we wanted to enjoy it by ourselves first. The day we got back we went to dinner with my family for my birthday. I took off my ring and put it in a pocket. They asked how our trip was and I went into an at least 10 minute explaination of what we did on our trip (2 week trip, 3 different countries). When I got to the day of the proposal I put on my ring under the table and kind of just casually mentioned that he asked me to marry him. They were so surprised! Other family members we just called because we wouldn’t be seeing them.

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Busy bee

Ours is boring, but we FaceTimed his family first beacuse there are exponentially less of them than mine lol We then FaceTimed my mom and told whoever was around (ended up being 3 of my 10 siblings). After that, I tried to call my other siblings which ended up taking forever to get ahold of! It was fun though chasing them around to tell the big news. SO had started texting his friends and at the same time I got to my best friend from college, she was with another of our friends who dates a friend of my SO (confusing sorry lol). Thank goodness I called when I did because literally as I was telling her, the other friend pulled up the picture my SO had sent to his friends and showed my bff! Small world and good timing. That was the most noteable thing that happened lol

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