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Busy bee
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My pet peeves mainly relate to people trying to tell me how to do my job. I work in marketing and just spent $40K on a masters degree, so while I may not know everything, I do have some idea of what I’m doing. I’m completely open to helpful suggestions or creative ideas, but most of the time it’s other employees saying what we should be doing and how we should be doing it when they just have absolutely no concept of all the extraneous details and factors that go into marketing intiatives, like geographical location, budget, industry, etc. Social media has really spoiled people into thinking that they’re marketing professionals. I imagine you probably run into similar situations with IT. You wouldn’t tell a doctor how to do his/her job, so don’t tell me how to do mine!

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Blushing bee

I’m an administrative assistant to only my boss and C level executives, so I do a lot of little or some times silly favors for them along with help on major projects. However, everyone else in the office thinks that I’m also their personal assistant, and will ask me to do things that are not my job such as clean dishes, their trash being full, etc. Sometimes it’s bad enough where they’ll complain the air conditioner is broken when all it is is the thermostat not being turned on.

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I’m still in college, so I haven’t started my fully-fledged professional career, but what annoys me most right now is when I work with others and lay out for them, a clear, conscise plan of what needs to be done and then they don’t do it. Drives me nuts!! It’s like “you had ONE job and you couldn’t do it!”

Frustrates me to no end.

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Helper bee

I work as a clinic nurse in a fairly highly-specialized doctor’s office. People don’t seem to get it isn’t primary care and I promise you don’t want the doctor who has done nothing but his highly specific field for 25 years managing your chronic health issues. That is what primary care is for. Or better, they call in with an issue (may or may not be relevant to our clinic) and get mad when I tell them if they actually think they are dying they should go to the ER, otherwise we can’t just prescribe medication or tests without actually being seen by the doctor. That just isn’t how it works!!!  

Not so specific to me now, but has been before and is a major pet peeve- No, the doctor will NOT write a prescription for an antibiotic based off your one day history of the sniffles. People like that are the reason we have MRSA and VRE! Gah. 

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i’m in software development and i hate when our customers (internal employees) say that they’d like program to do X but they know it can’t do it. 

i always tell them, tell me your requirements and i will make it happen. most of them are computer illiterate so they have no idea the capabilities.


our infrastructure and help desk team get a lot of PICNIC issues, and we know the repeat offenders.

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I work as an HR specialist. My only pet peeves really in my role now are meetings that should be emails and emails that should be meetings, because apparently some people I work with don’t know the diference LOL

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I work at a university mainly with faculty, and I get very irritated with some faculty and their lack of communication skills! After college I didn’t think I would have to deal with professors who didn’t email me back ever, but I’m still dealing with it now! There are some faculty members that I have literally had to track them down in their office across campus to get any response from them…and the worst part is, their head of department/dean/etc. just says “well, that’s just how Professor (insert one of many professor’s names here) is” and makes excuses for them! HOW HARD IS IT TO RESPOND TO AN EMAIL OR RETURN A VOICEMAIL OR ANSWER YOUR PHONE FOR ONCE. 

wow sorry for the rant, but I’ve dealt with a few of these just this morning. 😛 

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Bumble bee
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I have a pretty stress-free job that I love.  My only annoyances are related to issues with our remote systems.  When you log in and the system is down,  I get annoyed because then I have to physically go into the office. I also hate being lied to and it happens a lot with work,  but what can you do? 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’m an adjunct instructor at a university. My biggest pet peeves are:

– Students who email stupid questions that are clearly in the syllabus or posted online and they were too lazy to even look

– Students who email me to fix thier technical problems. I’m not IT. 

– Students who email me at the end of the semester asking for a grade bump, no you get the grade you earned. (Are we getting that I dislike getting emails from students?)

– Other instructors who can’t be bothered to do the simple task of wiping down the white board after thier class.

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Busy bee

I work for a branch of the provincial government. I love what I do and we do good work but we frequently end up the topic of newspaper articles or long fb rants when people who use our services aren’t happy with their experience. As a lot of people believe everything they read (especially when we can’t comment when a story is wildly exaggerated), I find I have to be cautious when meeting new people if they ask what I do for a living. It hasn’t happened very often, but when people find out what I do they either start asking all kinds of questions or they start raging about some friend of a friend of a friend who got completely screwed by “you people”. 

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I’m an analyst in the banking industry. I have to send out mass emails with monthly reports that give summaries of specific data metrics. My biggest pet peeve is when people reply to the emails I send out, and ask a question about something totally unrelated to the content and don’t clarify what they’re talking about!

For example, I just sent an email out about individual employees’ working hours. One lady responded complaining how “the data is wrong” and how I’m not calculating certain items that pertain to applying for loans. I’m like lady….please just write me a new email! I get so confused trying to relate what people are talking about back to the email I sent, and in reality they’re talking about something completely different.

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futuremrsmmm :  People not answering emails is one of my biggest pet peeves just in general everyday life, especially considering how amazingly convenient modern technology has made everything. Like, I’ve seen your iphone, Susan, I know you got that email I sent you!

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My managers like to cherry pick which of my emails they will respond to. I have sent requests for information for my customers and they will ignore about 75% of them, but then email me to criticize how I handled this or that, aka something I did not email them about or a situation I had under control and did not require their intervention/assitance with. I’ve pretty much stopped caring at this point and ignore them when they email me, unless their answers somehow benefit my customers.

Now I’m looking for a job where I deal with less people. People drive me nuts. #introvertlife

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