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knotyet :  I seriously can’t believe there is anyone patient enough to work in IT. I salute you!

I’m in the electric power industry and I get tired of people complaining about transmission lines and how ugly they are. “Why don’t they bury them underground?!?”….. Because it costs 5x as much and repairs take WAY longer, so your power outages will all last longer. And all of the costs come back to you, the consumer. So either deal with the lines, or pay an insane amount for your electricity. Mostly I just want to tell people that if they don’t like it, they can stop using electricity and we’ll take them down!

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I’m a self-employed graphic designer, and for the most part my clients are great and my job is great. But like anyone else who makes their living with a computer I find myself running into people who think they can do my job because anybody can download Photoshop/Illustrator/etc.

Like if your logo design skills are so great, Carol, why don’t you do your own market research/ideation/sketching/color proofing instead of trying to whittle my fee down to the change that’s in the bottom of your purse? 🙄

And why is this a thing anyway? I can hold a wrench in one hand and a scalpel in another but that does not make me a surgeon plumber.

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I’m a hotel sales manager. I handle group and corporate sales. My biggest pet peeve, is whiny team parents. They want the prepaid, non cancellable, non refundable rate for the cheapest day of the year that Google shows has available. But they don’t want to actually follow any of the rules of that day.

Then they want whine at me, when I refuse to price match the rate that shows up that they can give me zero details for. It’s like really this is the price everyone gets, unless they’re a volume producer for me.

I’m constantly close to sold out, because guess what I’m killer at my job. Your failure to plan is not my problem. Either say Yes and I’ll take your details and send your contract or say no and I can move along to the next customer who will say yes. Because guess what we offer the best value in team rates in this city and my ratings never ever dip below a 4.6 anywhere.


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marlamallow :  On the flip side, I used to work in PR and journalists not responding drove me crazy! Even a “no thanks” would let me cross that journalist off my list and made my job so much easier.  

I know PR folks are annoying af, but imagine getting shit from your client wanting more coverage (“get me on Oprah” used to be the signature client line) and also getting shit from journalists acting like god. Part of the reason I left the industry was never feeling appreciated. 

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knotyet :  lol.  At DH’s work one of his asshole coworkers (asshole for so so so so so so so many other reasons) recently messaged his entire team (including their higher ups) about an error message he got, to complain.  

Boss: “Right.  Like the error message says–you need to LOG IN to access the code. :|”

Asshole: “Well I didn’t USED to! This is a ridiculus change! 🙁 :(“

Boss: “I have no idea how you used to do any of this, but we haven’t changed the log in requirements since long before we even thought to interview you.”

Anyway, sorry, your rant reminded me of him.

My own work-related rants.. um.. honestly work is good, my only complaint is that we have so many fucking meetings.  I spent 2 hrs last a couple weeks ago in a meeting about an all day meeting the following week.  It was redundant to the extreme.  We have 2 hour meetings, WEEKLY, to talk about what we’ve done since the last meeting–and generally its NOT MUCH cus our projects are super long-term.  Every Thursday afternoon is non-stop meetings along this vein: one for each of the departments/projects I’m on.

Also in general HATE if someone says “as per my email” and what follows was NOT IN THE EMAIL.  “As per my email” is a universal “fuck you, you lazy idiot”.  If I receive it you had better be sure it was in fact in the email, or else you’re a massive dickwad.  So far I’ve never actually gotten this from a coworker, just from one or two faceless administrative assistants from other institutions whom I will never meet.  So kind of work related but not really.

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Well the guy that used to majorly annoy me has been gone for well over a year now, and I’m off to a new place. Working in the lab, my biggest pet peeve was when people wouldn’t schedule time on equipment. I’d check the schedule, see no one was using it, register myself to use it a certain time, walk across campus to the building and SURPRISE! some random person is using it! So annoying, especially with time senstive or temperature sensitive samples. Also, using the last of some chemical/reagent and not ordering more or even telling me we were out of it or low. I needed lab grade ethanol for an experiment and someone that wasn’t even in my lab used THE LAST DROP of my bottle labeled with my name on it. Set me back 2 days while I waited for a new shipment. 

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I’m a nurse in a small hospital….my biggest pet peeve afd the people who work in “quality” OMG THEY ARE SO ANNOYING. They sit in their tidy little offices and think of more shit we have to do and act like we aren’t so freaking busy on the floor! Oh I wanna smack them lol. 


CAREPLANS – let me let you in on a little secret…NO ONE EVEN THINKS ABOUY YHE NURSING CARE PLAN! What I care about is getting my shit done and keeping my patients safe and happy


PATIENT FAMILIES. Don’t get me wrong I’ve met so many lovely families, but omg some of them think they’re the frikkin prince of Egypt! 

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