For Fun! Ridiculous things you do for your pets that are really for you

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loveydove :  This is the best photo ever and it has cheered me up a great deal!

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Darling Husband and I eat very healthy and mostly organic. So when we got our cats we figured we had to do the same for them. So every month I go and buy these HUGE slabs of raw, organic meat for the cats. And then I spend an hour sectioning it off into little meal-sized Tupperware’s and refreezing it. Realistically the cats would be fine with us giving them regular canned food, but I figure if Darling Husband and I are eating healthy then so should they!! Haha 🙂 

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I leave random bags on the floor (a.k.a. cat traps). Part of me does it because I know how much she loves squeezing into them, but let’s be real, I mainly do it because she’s so beyond adorable when she does it. 🤗


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We are THOSE “dog people”. My whole family makes fun of us because they have been begging for a baby since we got married in July, and we called our parents to tell them we had “exciting news”… they thought we were announcing a pregnancy but then we told them we adopted our third dog. 

We do lots of weird and embarrassing things… they get their own home cooked meals and our shepherd is SO spoiled sometimes she won’t eat if she has the same thing a few days in a row. It’s ridiculous. We also bought them all matching fancy  food stands and rugs… pretty sure we’ve spent more on our dogs in the last few weeks than we have on ourselves. 

also on New Years, we had a “camp out” in our living room and watched movies with our dogs instead of celebrating with our friends…. lol. And we get them their own stockings for Christmas and actually wrap their presents…. 

This isn’t really something we do FOR our dogs but my husband and I always have “conversations” pretending we are our dogs, like if our dogs could talk what would they be saying in that moment? (Like that scene from “Date Night” where Tina Fey and Steve Carell are out for dinner and making up what they think people at other tables are saying). Most of the time we won’t even realize we’re doing it. My sister was FaceTiming me from her dorm and she kept telling me to show her roommates our dogs and “do the Elly voice!” (our one…. “special” dog.) It was so embarrassing lol… I was like DO I DO IT THAT OFTEN?!


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Darling Husband husband has the lights in our bedroom programmed to come on as the sun sets so they won’t be left in the dark.

I have placed electric heating pads covered with a blanket in their window perches so they don’t get cold in the winter months.

I recently placed a second water bowl in our bedroom in fear they haven’t been drinking enough because you know its a long journey down to the basement for their food station.

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TheGridMonster :  Ha, yes!  Last night I opened an Ulta box, took one look at my kitty and said I will just leave this right here.

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I have a dog bed in every room, just in case she decides to sleep  there . And a water  bowl .

Also we talk  to her as if she were  person ,  all the time,  and call her baby and sugar and angeldog and precious and so on . My h.  redeems a lot of his failings in my eyes by  not giving a rats ass who hears him do it too. When I’m walking her  ( she’s very old  ) I ask her which way and how far  she wants  to go and then I just  go where she says… 

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fur babies are Official Bee royalty. 

This is absolutely one of my all time favorite threads.  I’m picturing all of these happy fur babies around the world.  I feel like I need to get this. 

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We hung pictures of our old pup’s friends next to his bed… And we just threw a welcome home party for our new rescue, which really just consisted of us drinking champagne and telling her how cute she is. We are now in the process of planning her wedding to our officiant’s puppy because we’re pretty sure our officiant getting ordained on the internet gives her that power to do that.  But that’s all totally reasonable. We’re not obsessed or anything…   Totally reasonable. 

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gypsymermaid :  you mean, she prefers to be neked?? tongue-out hahaha

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Every time I leave the house, I tell my three cats, “Bye bye babies, be good!”  As if 1) cats can understand English and 2) cats EVER do what they’re told  😀

oh and I leave boxes (aka cat traps) all over the house so they can sit in them to their little hearts’ content. 

They also have an extreeeeeemely luxurious “catio” in the backyard so they can watch the squirrels and eat grass. 

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chrayray :  

This is my all time  favourite thread too and I love  your picture idea and am going to do it this minute. 

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KittyYogi :  

Oh lookit their sweet little faces! I just went to a house open inspection and  the two Ragdoll cats belonging to the house were there , clearly not bothered in the slightest by strangers trooping about .  One followed us about , the other  just lay on the ( master, obviously  ) bed. They had that  same ‘oh yes and what do you want , exactly?  ‘ expression . 

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