(Closed) *For Fun* Tell me your BIGGEST/Weirdest fear(s)/phobia(s)!

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@Birdi:  Our pup takes care of them too!

I have a weird thing about eyebrows. Also meat with bones. Not sure it’s a phobia, but it’s definitely a weird thing. 

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Oh you’ll love me for making you all feel sane.


I have a rational fear of spiders. I call it rational because once you hear my irrational ones, you’ll agree that spiders are something normal to be scared of.


*Plants that grow too fast – I watched Little Shop of Horrors when I was WAY too young, pair that with a weed that grew into a 6’+ tree over the course of the summer when I was younger and I understand this problem’s origin. Still, weeds freak me out, certain flowers freak me out and I hate walking through long grass. It gives me the heebie jeebies.

*Inaminate objects coming to life – It began with a picture in the movie The Witches where the portrait would change. Then Bloody Mary. Then ventriloquist dummies. Then pretty much encapsulates anything that is supposed to NOT move moving without explanation.


For the record, I’m functional, I know that those fears are all irrational and don’t let it affect my life. However it doesn’t stop me from being creeped out. I guess this makes up for not being scared of death, heights, ghosts, flying, small spaces, etc…

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My fears are super irrational (i.e. zombie attack, monsters in the closet, house being haunted, etc).  I think my only reality based fear is being abducted, but I don’t really consider that one to be irrational since it stems from an incident during my childhood.

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I have a really bad fear of needles. I ended up passing out last time I got a shot (ironically it was a valium shot to calm me down for blood work which freaks me out even more). I also have a fear of intense darkness. Like so black you can’t see your hand. It makes me feel like I’m in a coffin. Maybe it was that fear that caused me to have a panic attack when I came to from passing out last time (I woke up and I couldn’t see. Everything was pitch black, even though I knew my eyes were open, and I panicked. It took a few moments for my vision to come back)

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Oh my, I have several…

– The biggest one is probably needles/getting my blood drawn. People give me odd looks when I say this, becuase I have several tattoos and piercings, which obviously involve needles. But my rationale is that when getting a tattoo, the needle isn’t going in super deep, nor is it going into my vein and staying there for a long period of time. Last year at my physical I had to have blood drawn, and I almost passed out just sitting in the chair because I DID NOT want that needle anywhere near me…

Seriously, I dread the idea of needles going into my veins so much that when I had to get my wisdom teeth removed I opted for 10 Novocain shots instead of one IV. At least no one needs to worry about me every shooting up!

– I also hate velcro for the sound it makes. Just thinking about the sound right now makes me gag, no idea why.



My husband is terrified of drains in pools and hot tubs and will shriek like a small child and get away as fast as he can if he comes to close to them. He’s convinced he will get stuck to it and drown.

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Hi girls!

I’m actually packing for my honeymoon woo!  But quick story:

Mine started when I was about 8.  I just remember a school mate vomiting in morning chapel and crying his eyes out, and that’s when it occurred to me that 1) I did not want to ever vomit again and 2) I could do things to help prevent vomiting.  So my obsession started (I believe 3rd grade?) with avoiding it to the extreme.  The older I got, the more I learned, and I want to say it was the worst between high school and college, when I was also the most stressed out I’d ever been in life.

Now I’m a nurse, and I can deal quite well with non-contagious vomiting (surgery).  I hold the bucket for the patients, and the other day even got vomit on my face (lovely).  But when I don’t know if the vomiting is non-contagious, yes I will still high tail it out of there like I’ve seen a ghost, and be obsessed with the fact that I might get sick for the next week.  My fear is always the worst in winter (more bugs out there) and I’m scared to even have children.  But I don’t let me fear hold me back from life.  It used to, but I had to find the courage deep down to tell it no!  It won’t ruin my life!


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