For fun, things that annoy you on facebook…

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Busy bee
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missviolet92 :  right?! Put that on your fridge like a normal person my goddddd. 

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Helper bee
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When people ask for charity donations for their birthday like everyone on FB gets you a gift. “Instead of presents this year” ummm I wasn’t going to get you anything anyways 

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Blushing bee


 I HATE it when people post about how great their love/life is, and before you know it, you find out one of them has been cheating, they’re getting divorced, etc.

Don’t pretend. We can all see through it. 

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Busy bee
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111118b :  I always assume they’re overcompensating for something when I see those posts….

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Honey Beekeeper
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Another vote for the baby pictures oversharing.  I don’t mind a couple but there are people I’ve actually unfollowed because EVERY.SINGLE.POST is about their kid.

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Sugar bee
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The cryptic, attention seeking posts: “omg worse day ever” or “I’m done with this!” etc then.. radio silence when asked what’s going on….

The political posts as if igaf about your far sided opinions…

The sickening sweet, lovey dovey posts written to their s.o.who are also on Facebook. Especially if I know about the extra piece you’re looking for (or banging) on the side….

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Honey bee
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Some of these answers baffle me. I guess because my social media is only people who i actually care about, so i like seeing their kids, or hearing about their jobs…like, isn’t that the entire point? To keep up with the lives of people who you know? 

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Blushing bee
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Happy bday/ anniversary to my hubby followed by a million hashtags:  #my love…#my forever date…#love him so much….#you and me…#so handsome…..# lucky girl…. etc…… 🙄🤢🙄🤢….#Kslim13 :  

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Busy bee
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valencia247 :  Preeeeeach!!

MLMs are the worst and I have unfollowed everyone who keeps pushing them on me.

A woman I worked with did Arbonne – and I chose to support her and went to one of her parties – but the product made my eyes swell up, itch like mad, and crust over. Major allergic reaction, took about a month to fully recover. I told her this, and she STILL PUSHED HER MAKEUP ON ME, EVERY GODDAMN DAY. I had to literally tell her that if she didn’t stop pushing me, I would report her to HR. So damn awkward.

MLMs are the devil. Only 1% ever make anything, and these businesses prey on stay at home Mums.

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Sugar bee
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People that constantly proclaim their love for their new SO. Then they break up a few months later. A few weeks later, they’re blasting love about the new SO, then break up in a few months, etc. Maybe you should wait at least 3 months to make sure the relationship is going to last before you love bomb on social media??

Vaguebooking is really annoying too!!

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Honey bee
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coffeebean87 :  ugh… when you know them in real life and they are the most miserable person you’ve ever had the misfortune of knowing, they hate absolutely everything about their life, but they share those positivity and living for today and love what you have memes…

I had to actually work on myself to feel the things those memes say, so it’s a pet peeve to see completely miserable people in real life pretend to live like that for their fake Facebook world

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Helper bee
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Kids photo is fine by me, I find them cute lol. But daily breastpump milk? Yes I know you are proud and that’s great!! But we dont need to know how much you pump every.single.time.

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Helper bee
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Exactly. Especially this time of year. The whole “new year, new me” thing. Which is an okay mentality to have if people follow through with it.

Sansa85 :  

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Nothing about Facebook annoys me, apart from the adverts.

I have people on my facebook as ‘friends’ because I actually care about them, in some way, even if they are only aquaintances, and feel privelaged that they would share any part of their life with me.

Honestly, people who don’t like Facebook, or who sit back judging and critising what people post, should just get off it already.

Facebook is for sharing your personal views and personal life – anyone who takes offence to this or finds it unnessary just shouldn’t have it.

So tired of people complaining about it. Sometimes I’ll go into work and colleagues will be saying ‘omg did you see what so and so put on Facebook? Like so much overshare, what an idiot ‘ ect ect. I tell them perhaps they shouldn’t be friends with them on Facebook if they think so badly of them….

Also, I hate kids. No secret. In fact kid pics gross me out.
But yes – I have friends on facebook who post nothing but pictures of their children. And you know what? That is fine by me. It doesn’t annoy me. It makes them happy and they want to share that. I even comment and like the photos. Thanks to them, for sharing their happiness.

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Buzzing bee
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– Oversharing of relationships and/or children (we don’t need to see everytime you have a date night, and your child does not need to have 20 pics/vids posted of them on social media every day)

– Excessive hashtagging (#mancrushmonday, #mybaeishot, #soinlove) – it’s gross

– Drama posts (“Life has been hard this year with relationships, you know who you are. Here’s to a new year and a new start!”)

– Sharing those contest posts that are soooo obviously fake from a page with zero history, where the company claims that the original winner couldn’t accept the prize because they were under 16 or due to other personal reasons. I honestly don’t understand how people can be so gullible.


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