For fun, things that annoy you on facebook…

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– Vaugebooking. I’ve unfollowed anyone who’s done it. Can’t stand the “So-and-so is feeling upset” or “Just can’t handle today” attention seeking.

– MLMs – especially from those I don’t talk to normally. Just this week I was invited to a MLM party from a co-worker I knew two years ago. Like, lady – you know I moved 200+ miles away and haven’t talked to you since. Don’t add me to these things!!

– Anything extremely repetitive. I’m good with some politics, kids, etc., But if it’s the same stuff multiple times a day, I’m annoyed.

– People who updated their profile picture weekly, or daily, especially to pictures they’ve used for profile pictures before. Just stay committed to one for a month!

– Ultrasound pictures. Besides the one where the face is outlined, it doesn’t look pretty. Recently someone shared a 3D ultrasound picture that I saw right before bed and it gave me a nightmare! Announcement or newborn, sure. Just not the ultrasound.

– Game invites or requests. Thankfully, I don’t receive these much anymore!

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I LOATHE THOSE COPY/PASTE statuses that appear like instant solutions for cleaning up your feed or ensuring your privacy… copying and pasting some text isn’t going to block people or change your passwords dummy.

I also can’t stand those questionnaires about all of your personal facts, where you’ve been and what you like. News flash… those are answers to common security questions for your email and bank account lol

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Helper bee

Hahaha all of these are spot on! One that irritates me in general is the humble brag followed by #blessed specially when you know the person well in real life and know for fact that they are not that religious, going to church etc. 

also the vague booking, the anniversary/birthday/Valentine’s Day paragraph followed by multiple #. It’s something personal, tell your SO in person. 

Kids photo everyday is too much as well. 

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Busy bee

When someone has a party and takes 100 random crappy pictures of their guests and then posts ALL OF THEM on Facebook. Same thing with vacations. Like, “we know, Karen. You saw an iguana in Mazatlan. No need to post 17 different angles among the 83 other random and poorly composed snaps.” 

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Kslim13 :  fucking MLM spam…. 

And gross kid pictures (like the ones you know the kids will be horrified of when they’re older). 

Funny enough, tends to be some overlap between the people who post those things .. I have “unfollowed” many an old high school acquaintance…

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Any meme which has pictures of Minions, with a comment that has nothing to do with Minions.

Anything with the phrase “I bet this won’t even get one like”

Anything along the lines of “Facebook is trying to ban this picture, share to keep it going”. No! Facebook have that image stored in a location on their servers, sharing it isn’t going to hide it somewhere Facebook can’t see it! If they want to remove an image, they’ll remove it. The reason you’re still seeing it and sharing it is because nobody is trying to ban it!


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Sorry not sorry, but things like memorials, miss yous, or happy birthdays to people or animals that DO NOT HAVE FACEBOOK, ARE NOT ALIVE, or CANNOT READ!

Like, happy first birthday Son.

We miss you every day Mum in Heaven, please watch over us.

Miss you buddy (dead dog) or happy birthday buddy…

None of these creatures are reading your posts pal..


Im deleting my FB right away after reading this stream..

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daisy123 : Guilty! I share A LOT of travel photos. 😬😬 With that said; when creating my ‘Italy’ Facebook album, I did cut back from my original 500+ to about 100…? πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

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I’ve mentioned previously what I hate about Facebook/ social media.  

One thing I do appreciate is people’s travel photos. That’s probably the only thing I do love ❀❀❀😎😎. 

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Helper bee

Facebook? Just all of it…

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Sooo many things, I’m tired and cranky so apologies for the rant: 

-Wishing people who aren’t on Facebook happy birthday, why are you wishing your 92 year old grandma happy birthday on Facebook when she doesn’t use Facebook?! 

-People posting selfies with dying relatives

-People sharing obviously fake news without checking it first, especially fake medical advice and “news” 

-People sharing posts which show a picture of some poor kid with cancer saying “I bet I can’t get 1 share” 

-Braggy posts about how much useless sh*t people have bought their spoilt children for Xmas or birthdays

-People asking questions they could google the answer to in a few seconds like “Does anyone know what time Asda is open until today?” 

-People posting photos of their young (as in under 11) daughters in makeup pouting saying “How gorgeous is she! My mini me”. So inappropriate and bizarre. 

-Women who every time they go through a break up suddenly become mum of year who “don’t need no man”, and their 3 year old daughter is now their “best friend and all I need”. Cue posts of them in bed together because mum is lonely and “needs cuddles”. Then two weeks later they have a new boyfriend who they break up with in a few months and the cycle continues. (I actually think relying on your child for emotional support and to fill the gap of a partner every time you break up with a boyfriend is at best massively inappropriate and at worst borderline abusive). 

-People who check themselves in at hospital especially if accompanied by some dramatic caption like “Just want to know what’s wrong with me!” Or “Just want the pain to stop” then post cryptic answers when people ask what’s wrong or say “I’ll PM you hun x” 

-People who share memes of Harley Quinn which glamourise behaving like a psychopath in a relationship or in general 

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This is an intervention: you all need to delete your Facebook accounts. πŸ˜‚

It seems like most of you don’t have anything you DO like about it lol

Seriously, though: I hate MLM stalking, vaguebooking, and “I bet you won’t share…” memes. I like seeing people share their lives, though (even if they only show the good and not the bad stuff… why would they?). Bring on the baby, food, travel pics! I guess that’s why I’m more of an instagram girl. 

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