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About kids in posts: I do enjoy pictures of my friends’ kids on facebook. I care about them and find it fun to know what they’re up to, etc. It’s nice. However, I do roll my eyes at the (in my mind) overly demonstrative posts, like a picture of your kid as a baby with the caption “Oh my heart!” and then lots of hearts. But the worse offenders are the ones that post things like, “Happy birthday to Emmaline. She is fierce, kind, smart, loving, creative, and a badass. Watch out. She’s going to change the world.” Though I understand why a parent would think so, in all liklihood, she’s not going to change the world. The bragging is crazy on FB.

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I hate the one where there is a picture of some fabulous house that says, “Could you live here for a year with no phone, no internet, and you get a million dollars.” Well, fuck yes but that’s never going to happen.


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missviolet92 :  I do enjoy travel photos, but I’m not going to look at more than 15-30 photos. Don’t post every single picture you took – no one cares. Go through the photos when you get home and pick your favourites. Post those. 

ariesscientist :  “People asking questions they could google the answer to in a few seconds like “Does anyone know what time Asda is open until today?”

Oh my gahhhhd!! I’m in a facebook group for the community that I live in and for the most part it is helpful because people will post things that are going on in the community / at the community centre, or post safety warnings like if there are coyotes in the park where most of us walk our dogs, etc. But there are a handful of morons in the group who constantly use it to ask stupid questions like “do you know if the walmart on __ is open today and what time they close?” It’s fucking WALMART dumbass.. it’s open. And the hours of the nearest one are the very first fucking thing that comes up when you google walmart. 

There are also people in that group who, for some god knows reason, post pictures of their new hair colour saying “I wanted to try something new!” and dumb stuff like that… why the fuck are you posting that in a facebook neighbourhood group? Why would anyone give a fuck about your hair?? 

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People who update their status every hour. Also, grammar mistakes (I’m a bit of a grammar nazi). People who post about their kids wayyyy too often (I think a couple pics a week is fine).

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And people who post pics of their food/ travel photos

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I hate when people post pics of their kids with the face blurred out or covered. I get that you don’t want them on social media, but make a decision! They are either on or off social media!!! Why bother posting a pic of their face blurred!!!! 

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This might sound petty, but I’m in a ton of crafting groups because I own my own craft based business. I cannot stand it when people use those groups for personal attention. Like “omg I just got engaged!!!!!” with a ring pic does not belong in a private/secret group called “Crafting for Business” or whatever it’s called. I can’t stand it. 

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Share/Like bait. Example: ”This baby needs heart surgery. 1 like = 1 prayer!” (Especially when the post is 4 years old yet people are still sharing it)…”Share this if you love Jesus. Most people wont!”…”[Old man holding a handwritten sign which reads: ‘It’s my 100th birthday today, can I get 100 likes??]” oh yeah, he definitely wrote that himself and definitely cares about FB fame. I just don’t understand these kinds of posts, what’s the gain? 

People who bring their drama to public FB posts, which is also within the realm of “vaguebook” imo. Keep your confrontations to PMs, please….(except I shamelessly enjoy the free drama show, so maybe I don’t actually want people to stop, lol) 

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Kslim13 : 

-People taking a picture of themselves crying (if you can photgraph yourself the pain can’t be that great).

-Chain letters

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I hate the ultrasound pictures on FB. I always “hide” the post in the hopes that Facebook’s algorithm will get that I do not want to see that stuff.

Additionally, I’m tired of the facebook messenger notifying me that I can message my children any time I want. Message to fucking Facebook – I don’t have kids, you know it, I’m nearly 40, what are the chances that this constant fucking message is anything but heartbreaking to me or other women like me?

I have two screamers into the void – they are mother and daughter. It’s always the same thing with them.

The one girl who hashtags everything?

I’m part of a HIMYM group… recently, most of the posts seem to be gross, sexual, misogynistic. That’s 1000% why I’m not on that page. So…

And… “I bet I won’t even get one share” kind of posts. Go F* yourself. I’m not sharing now you dumb #$*&! – even if I liked the message before!

Basically everything annoys me. Why am I on facebook???

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Kslim13 :  If all your posts are about your kids even if they are crapping on the toilet to food all over their face, yeah I think you are oversharing a bit.  

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I can’t stand when people ‘address’ their post to things that can’t read/comprehend/respond etc.

’Dear Flu, We’ve had enough, now go away! The Smith Family’

’Dear Stove, Thanks for breaking down in the middle of my dinner party’

Like…your stove can’t read your Facebook post…and posting as though it can is obnoxious !


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Keyboard warriors!

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Oh I’m so glad I eschewed Facebook some years ago .  And nice to know  I’m not  the only one who is utterly turned off by food smeared faces,  no matter how cute it is under that sauce/chocolate/ puréed  pear ….. 

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