For fun, things that annoy you on facebook…

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I personally hate the birthday announcements. I dont care if it’s so and so’s birthday today. I wouldn’t know if it was if FB didnt tell me so I hate writing the empty post of “happy birthday” on their wall when we all know that I wouldn’t post on their wall any other day of the year.

I personally keep mine hidden because I remember someone wished me a happy birthday and saw me the night of my birthday and acted like they didnt know me 🙄

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People who put whiney memes or whatever… Like girls who keep dating d-bags. But post “relationship quotes/memes” that are all angsty and crap. 

People who constantly try to act like their life is great when its obviously terrible… just stop posting stuff… life isn’t perfect and never will be… so stop pretending. 

When parents post nude pics of their kids… kids can’t consent to anything being posted about them… so think about it. 

When parents write shout out to their kids or people not on facebook… as if the kid or person can even read it or see it. You are just trying to get attention through your kid or other people.

When people try to take a picture of one thing to subtely show off something else.. like an engagement ring.. their expensive car. their purses and bags.. 

People who project their issues onto other people. “I am tired of crappy friends… no one makes time for me… no one is a good friend to me”.

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There are two things I HATE on Facebook. 1) people who post photos or updates on their personal health or the health of a child/family member. No i don’t need to see a photo of how your child has a cold. No, its not normal to post a photo of yourself in the hospital…seriously people?!! It is so attention seeking and gross. (And no im not talking about a birth announcement, that doesn’t seem so strange)

2) Couples who post photo shoot photos when they aren’t even engaged, and or send Christmas cards when not even engaged yet. All that does is call attention to your relationship status and make people wonder why your doing couple photo shoots with the two of you alone for the hell of it. A friend did a whole Christmas photo shoot with her dog, and boyfriend for no reason whatsoever. Each time she posts about it, or updates her profile pic to a different photo from the shoot i am SHOCKED her friends and family dont comment on it asking her when she got engaged. Because that is what those photos look like they are for. Super awkward. 

I also second parents who post ENDLESS photos of their child, and or people who post spam amounts of photos of their pets. Heck when i go on vacation I pick the top 3 photos and post just that. WHy? Because i know no one cares!! There is a difference between sharing and spamming. 

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